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Where's the party at? - Topside Edition
"I hear there's something going on at The Drome on Red..."

Because of how -I think- the chatter system works, when asked where the party is at, vendors usually only recommend Red sector bars, as that's just where the most players are.

While I don't think it will fix the problem of low Corp RP outright, It might be a good idea to help the process along by having Gold/Green sector bartenders/vendors/etc to only recommend places on Gold or Green. It might help players congregate more naturally topside.

Where the party is functions like some weird telepathy that all the tenders have in the dome. They tell you were some PC's have congrigated.

If no tenders are telling you there are parties topside, that is because there are no PC's gathered in those locations.

Be the change you want to be and encourage topside parties and gatherings at those spots :)


As far as I could tell from IG interaction, it usually only recommends the most populated bar in game at any given time.

At peak hours, even if there was a gathering in IC topside, the winner would almost always be a red sector bar. This change would just make the system consider what sector the bartender is in when giving this advice.

IC, it makes a lot of sense- a bartender on green typically wouldn't recommend that corporate employee should go down to Red sector to spend their evening.

I have seen bartenders report on Red and Gold/Green simultaneously.
I can tell you, that is not true. There is a thresh hold of PC's that need to be present for it to be considered a party by the tender NPCS

Alright, my mistake then!

It recommends all bars with a population above a certain threshold. If it is not functioning like that recently, I can almost guarantee that's an @bug.
I see!

Well, an argument could be made to have the threshold for topside bars to be lower, when asking npc's topside, but that's up to the admins to decide.

The threshold is already about as low as it could feasibly be to be considered a 'party'
The code should already be designed in such a way that if there's a top side party it will mention it even if there's a larger party going on in the mix. If that's not happening then submit a bug.