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Wallet Chrome
Become an ATM for chrome - Literally!

Everybody hates getting their wallet dipped. So, maybe there could be some kind of implanted wallet in a person's forearm, that'd only be able to be "dipped" via the removal of said arm. For balance, it'll only be able to hold a small to medium amount of chy, though.
Imagine getting killed for your wallet chrome instead of being mugged for your wallet.
Ha, there was a recent chat on SIC about a body pocket... Amusing stuff. But I also love it, we already have quite a few on-skin utility implants like watch, so why not a small built-in wallet for your carry-on change?

This sounds really cool and like something an incredibly paranoid (and rich) corpie would get.

I share Necronex's stance on this. I think the only thing it'd do is make dips less viable than they already are (playing a dip is already hard as it is).
Just something else I thought of after posting - maybe, if the user has something to output to, they could use commands like /balance, to check how much chy's currently stored in the wallet without having to got though the trouble of opening it and looking.
Also the rich comment is a moot point considering there's only so much chy a wallet can hold. Especially if it's implanted into your body.
say 'scuze me while I unzip my KangaPouch(tm)

Open Kanga

You reach down and lift your shirt with one hand while drawing the long zipper across your abdomen.

say Five kay you said?

I think generally the staff has been against additional coded containers, but this sounds pretty cool. If it was obvious when you used it, then it has additional risk in that you might get glassed for it.

I'm honestly for pretty much all kinds of chrome. They always seem so CP to me.

This is probably taking it too far, but if there were different size and one of them could hold a gun to pass a weapons inspecting machine that would be fucking awesome. Pulling a gun out of your fake leg and blasting a choomba in a safe room.

Might be hard to balance, but a boy can dream!

Imagine the unending amount of lewd jokes of having a vagina in your arm.
You already store everything in your ass when you're naked and your hands are free...

And people can STILL dip all of it!

I thought this was already a thing, could also be used to take weapons where weapons may not be allowed.

It'd be interesting to see two tiers of this kind of thing -- sorta related to previous suggestions to tiers of chrome, dirtier more unreliable chrome you'd see in grungy mix clinics vs. topside 'good' chrome, etc.

But anyway -- maybe a cheaper 'pocket' kind of chrome where you can stuff chy in your arm or leg that's literally a doc just carving into you and installing a small container as well as a high-end implant for rich folks (or flashy mixers) that lets you insert your credchip and access your bank account and shift funds around, send transfers, etc. without having to access an ATM like some sad junior.

I would be in favor of chrome that was connected to your bank account and acted as a cred chip.

Use a the visual display chrome to check your balance and make transfers!

I like the idea of a credchip in the wrist or something like that.
A "smugglers pocket" chrome item could be quite cool if it let you smuggle small items about. I'd see that working like an implanted holster.

In terms of money though I definitely far prefer the idea of the implanted credchip. That sounds like a must have in any corporate/fixer arsenal. Only obstacle I can see here is what happens to the chrome if it is stolen? Does it stay locked to the same account or switch to the new owners account? If it stays on the same account is it really worth the convenience of the chrome if someone stealing it can then drain your entire bank account?