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Voluntary moveout
Freeing up apartments when leaving

Simple idea to help free up resources for characters who need them.

Every now and then I spot properties listed as having evicted residents when in fact those residents have just moved out and no longer have a need for that property. That property is empty and unrentable to players who may want it, despite the fact there is no chance of the evictee wanting the property back.

It would be helpful if when players were voluntarily moving out they could use a moveout command on the door to make the property available without delay, perhaps with a partial rent return to incentivise this.

I like this! What do others think?
I second it
I too like this idea. Good suggestion Mong! 👍
I feel they should use the NPC landlord at the location to move out as if it is on the door, anyone with the code MAY be able to maliciously move people out. I wanna see landlords used more in their offices!
Will this allow some dick that gets hold of your code to use the command and force you out of your living situation?

Then yes.

If not, then I'd rather have the blanket intrigue of what the deal is.

I don't see why this would be anything but positive. You would think the landlords want a paying tenant in ASAP instead of that two week gap.
Please, yes. There's been an epidemic of people playing 'cube lotto' and leaving places unrentable for weeks.
I definitely want to use the landlords more at least. Like players have to tell them they are moving out and all. Or actually.. I think it should be on the door. It will make you need to be careful of who you give your code to!
Hey don't hate on cube lotto.
No hate on cube lotto if people are trying to get at some goodies.

Problem is its a bust 99% of the time and new players are getting left hanging.

It's nice to see this idea is being so well received.

I agree that being able to handle more of your renting issues direct with your landlord would be cool, but as a tier 0 implementation I feel a door command similar to payrent would be more functional, particularly for apartments where the landlord is not readily apparent or available.

As for the risks associated with this I don't see that it will change anything. Anyone with the right code can already drag you out of your apartment, steal everything you own and change the door codes anyway. This would just be a slightly different twist on that.

+1, helps keeps apartments occupied by paying renters.
An idea so brilliant, it's hard to imagine why it isn't in the game already. A very hearty +1.
Bumping with a +1
I second this.

Additionally, the idea of evicting people whose code you have is just hilarious.