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Verified Alias
pay to reserve!

I'd love to see the ability to have a 'premium' verified alias on sic. Perhaps they have a different color, perhaps the 'C' in the front is changed to a 'V'. or the >> turns into +> or whatever. Th long and short of it would be that, -that- particular alias is locked to your SIC iD for as long as you pay your (weekly?) subscription.

This would serve as a tool of information obfuscation as well as a neat little vanity money sink.

This would allow people to pay to eliminate a lot of social engineering possibilities that are fun and themely.
+1. Would be fun. Maybe be able to have that be hacked/stolen, so you could still steal alias' but it just requires more steps to get a verified one.
Ohhh, excellent addition Dawnshot!
I think having a corporate acronym is the closest thing you should have to verification which is punishable by law. Personal aliases are vanity and vanity costs more than chyen.
I've never once seen alias theft rise above the gameplay level of low effort nonsense, so I think it would make a long of sense for aliases to be reserved through some kind of mechanism or other.
When alias theft is done properly you don't notice it at all. The amount of disinformation that can be spread via alias theft over a short period of time can get a lot of people killed.

Don't know it until you've tried it.

It rises above that, yes, perhaps not often but it has a place. Even the low-effort nonsense has a place.

This should absolutely NOT become a thing unless it is also able to be subverted -- another item on the SIC hacking list for deckers, sounds great to me.

@Floki - Please review the BGBB rules. Do not +1 as your only response.

I am opposed to this idea, it has been floated before and as was already pointed out it removes social engineering possibilities. I understand the desire to have this, but it is not going to increase RP, or make the game more fun.

This idea is kind of based on modern social networks, which SIC is not. Part of the appeal of SIC is that is mostly anonymous.

If this was implemented you'd have mostly corpies with vanity aliases to show off their status. As mentioned previously, you can already incorporate yourself to make the law protect you from 'alias theft'.

You don't own an alias, its not yours really and things like that have lead to some unfortunate fourth wall breaks of immersion like 'alias hoppers' which is something I think shouldn't be acknowledge at all ICly because it contradicts the concept IMO.

-that- particular alias is locked to your SIC iD for as long as you pay

I get away with this for free already...