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Varied appearance presentation

I propose there be categories you can choose to have your appearance change your shortdesc with, like @appearance change or something.


1. intimidating

2. attractive

3. slumdog

4. corporate

etc, etc, with appropriate adjectives for each category based on your appearance.

The current system makes it so the shortdesc is generated automatically based on your most eye-catching features. You can already choose your shortdesc, this sounds like a request for more options. Attractive is determined by charisma. What would intimidating even be determined by? That sounds even more subjective.
I mean the way you always end up "beautiful" or whatever if you have high appearance could instead present you as intimidating, a slumdog, a corpie corp corpie from your high appearance instead.
I would like it if we could choose the first part of our shortdesc, but higher Charisma and maybe other things unlocked different options to choose from.
I disagree.

I think it should be the highest outlier of your physical stats and you shouldn't get a choice in it. If you have average charisma and huge strength then it should list you as intimidating, but if you are repulsive you shouldn't have a choice of hiding that behind your strength. In real life you don't get to choose how you look to other people unless you improve the way you look, which is equivalent to increasing your charisma in the game.

Perhaps if you're average on all physical accounts it could replace 'tall' for instance with 'corporate' if you're wearing a suit and I think that would be fine, but can only be changed with an IC item, not a command.

Inked or Tattooed could go here, if you have enough tattoo slots filled!
People in the Mix sometimes wear suits. Most people with money get suits tailored. How would the game be able to check for any of that? The attractiveness adjectives are the only hint to a character's charisma and are used to clue you in to how you should be treating them. You already can choose what you get - raise or lower your stats or change your build.

I don't understand the thought process behind this thread.

If you are walking around the Mix wearing a suit, why wouldn't anyone there assume you're a corpie unless they know otherwise?
I understand the thought process, but I agree with Vera. If what we're saying is, "I want more descriptors to make my character look interesting," isn't that what charisma is for? There's a stat that makes your character objectively more interesting.

Don't forget that your look_place is a thing. Tom is intimidation itself, his muscular arms covered in ink. Jane is a graceful waif. It's your world.

Appearance (APR) is a look, be it low like a street

urchin or high like a CEO of a corp.

I propose that you be able to choose your 'look'. That is this thread.

Appearance (APR) is a look, be it low like a street

urchin or high like a CEO of a corp.

I propose that you be able to choose your 'look'. That is this thread.

Appearance (APR) is a look, be it low like a street

urchin or high like a CEO of a corp.

I propose that you be able to choose your 'look'. That is this thread.

I'm sorry about that.
The combination of charisma, clothes, disguises, @holdback and look_place have consistently allowed me to choose my look through various characters and social standings. I don't think is necessary.
Who broke Metekillot?

Also, you can choose your appearance already. It's called a description, @nakeds and tailored clothing, hairstyle me and biomods and who knows what else.

You already can. That's what build and height and hair and eyes and clothing and shortdesc are for, and like Crooknose said, @lp and @tp. The adjective is there to tell me something specific that I need to know to roleplay with you fairly.
I agree with Vera, I feel like the various sytems to communicate your character's general air and appearance are working pretty well as-is. And remember that things like 'intimidating' are meta-ish and should be avoided, because you have to presume a lot of factors, about anyone who might be perceiving your character, to state that.

@shortdesc, @title, and @look_place do a lot of work already.

How is 'intimidating' metaish but good-looking and attractive aren't?
Attractiveness, well not entirely objective, is at least based on convention. Most people find the same softs of appearances attractive, and even if you don't, you at least know that other people do.

Meanwhile, your character may look intimidating to an immy but not to an Inquisitor.

People can be objectively attractive and no amount of long blade skill on my end will change that fact. They're attractive when they're sleeping, when they're dead, when they're begging me not to kill them.

Intimidation isn't the same thing at all.

I have to agree with Vera and Crook here.

My character started the game intimidated by everyone, now there's significantly less people that he'd be intimidated by. You can't imply I'd be intimidated by you, because maybe I could whoop your ass and I know that.