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Variable ODs
Based on the drug!

Hello! Currently ODing is a uniform experience no matter whether you smoked too much weed or shoot too many combat stims. I submit that it should vary!

The weeds should make you get dizzy and nauseous, maybe black out if it was a bad overdose.

Endo and Dezraldin should make you pass out and maybe stop breathing and start dying if it was a bad overdose.

mRc and Nevadone should cause chest pains and psychosis, possibly leading into cardiac arrest if you took way too much.

LnA-3z and nA-3z should make you trip so hard you can't walk properly (as if drunk) and possibly make you black out and go into a passed out/dissociative state if you took too much.

The combat stims should drive you into a rage where you start attacking random characters in the room, and they should definitely kill you if you took too much.

In all cases the auto-SICing should probably go away, it doesn't quite make sense given what SIC is. This might seem tricky to code given how ODs seem to work, but you could have the system just look at whatever the last drug you took was if you wanted to implement this without doing a bunch of math.

I also think that the scaling for ODing could be looked at. It seems like it's way too easy to OD early on, and then as your stats improve it becomes way too difficult very quickly.

This would be a significant improvement.

ODing currently is basically treated like a joke IC and doesn't really have any relationship with how an overdose would function. It's more or less food poisoning played for laughs rather than a traumatic near-death experience.

Big agree.

Everyone just shitting themselves and it being something of a laugh doesn't really represent what kind of terrible stuff some of these drugs should do to you when you take too much.

Yes, totally. Variable ODs would be great. Some

ODs come way too fast, too, like with TH-2c.

I might be alone in this as a big drug user, but I think it would be cool if you got debuffed if you OD'd. I'm fairly certain this isn't happening, but I can't be sure due to some IC things.

I think this is a great idea Vera. I'd be happy to pitch in on some scripts.

Yes to this.

(Maybe?) if a drug makes you black out, you'll seem unconscious to yourself, but you're actually wandering around saying/doing shit? Not sure if that's actually possible, but it's a neat idea.

I wholeheartedly agree this needs to be revamped. New players joining the game like myself seem to be wary of drugs when they first start playing. This wariness, for me at least stemmed from real-world consequences of drug use until I got a better feel for the game. As others have said taking too many drugs is treated as a joke. An OD on strong painkillers should be very serious compared to smoking too much weed.
I love the idea of making ODs custom and I think it could help develop a better understanding of how to rp them. BUT I really enjoy the SIC messages. I want to advocate for keeping those. They have generated rp for me quite a lot. They're a way to shame and judge someone for losing control. While Mixers laugh and pat the back, Corpies might turn up their nose. Less jaded people might reach out to help. When I first started, those messages also helped me understand the world a bit better (drugs are rampant and such). It also makes me laugh, so there's that. I like the comic relief this game offers. It's a heavy game.