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Traffic in the Mix
Respecting that huge, poor, pedestrian dominant population!

I think it would be great if driving in Red Sector was a similar experience to driving in the Express Tubes, though with more pedestrian blockers and, perhaps, greater chances of delay (given that the mix is crowded ALL the time, not just during rush hours).

We all know that Red Sector is an insanely overcrowded place with incredibly low average income. This, combined with relatively high price of cars makes me think that the Mix is pedestrian dominant to an extreme level. And because of this I would expect that traffic in the mix would be terrible.

I can easily imagine cars having to frequently slow down as crowds of people cross the street without notice. I also think that, given the low level of legal enforcement in the mix, traffic laws are more suggestions then hard rules. The crowded conditions might also encourage smaller vehicles like motorcycles and pedicabs.

I simply envision it as a more extreme version of what I experienced in Ahmedabad, India and similar cities (for those who have the opportunity to visit such places). Cars and cabs zooming through the streets just doesn't feel right to me in a place like the mix.

I think staff has said they want to do this at some point. In any case, I agree.
I am strongly against anything that encourages people to buy motorcycles over cars.
I think the traffic sounds themely and great, but it might also put a dampener on taxi fares if it's faster to walk, or better to buy a bike. Maybe some streets could be more crowded and others not - maybe it encourages back routes and 'the long way around' or 'shortcuts to bypass traffic' or something.
I definitely agree that it would add a more realistic way of going about it and is definitely to theme, but maybe something that would just add to frustration than add to the game. I think how traffic stops your path and you have to retype your route is already something that makes driving a little off putting.

I suggest changing how traffic works and instead of stopping you outright, it just makes you change areas slower, and if your car can accelerate, you're still going better than vehicles that are slower. Maybe have a command that allows you to try to push through traffic, which would get you through traffic, but much more demanding of the driving skill and adds risk for messing up. I would think it would be interesting to have more difficulty of driving through Red as well as the tubes.

Oh I love the skill check for getting through traffic! Being able to weave and take advantage of opportunities to get ahead compared to less skilled or slower drivers.
Then have the traffic apply to both equally. Fine with me. But my experience is that in heavily populated places with lower levels of regulation, smaller vehicles are far more common then in places with higher regulation and lower population density. I would expect the vehicle mix to vary by level in the Dome.

Regardless, as I have stressed in other places, game balance and theme is more important to me then mimicking our real world - so go with whatever works. I would just like driving in the mix to be a painful experience compared to driving on upper levels.

I do not think traffic of any form should be applied to the main areas of any district. Vehicles are already kind of underutilized, this would just make it worse.
Well, I get the taxi bit but I would expect clever solutions to arise. Maybe as simple as meeting the taxi at the express tube. And taking a cab can be about more then just speed. It might take me just as long or longer to take a cab then it would take me to travel on foot but I would be a harder target along the way.

I also like the idea of driving skill impacting how well you can deal with traffic as you drive - assuming that it is not already factored in.

No that sucks. I should want to drive from Chinatown to San Mayo instead of walking because that should be faster safer and more convienient, because I spent three hundred thousand chyen on my car.
Well, I think that we just have to disagree here Vera. I think that characters should adapt to be effective in their environment, not that the world should be bent to accommodate a player's purchase.

I mean, we already have ares in the game that limit what vehicles can be used there. Do you want those restrictions removed too because you bought a 300,000c car? In my opinion, if you want to speed about in your 300,000c car, then do so where it makes sense. You get no guarantee that it can be used equally well everywhere.

If you attended one of our live streams you may have heard that we already intend to make intersections in the Mix function like the express tubes, so people cannot get from 1 end to the mix in 1.2 seconds from the other.

It needs a lot of changes in code though since the current traffic code was built with a specific generic hierarchy in mind, separate from streets.

Can you introduce the brush guards to mount on the front of your vehicle if you don’t care about pedestrians?
Any mechanics working? I need these bakas scraped off my brush guard.
I think this would be a nice feature if the timers were reduced with relevant driving skill, not favoring bikes over cars, but in general. We don't want to force players decisions for simplicity.

This timer could be reduced with tiers in driving (much like repairing vehicle parts damage requires certain tiers) and encourage investment in the skill, allowing those who do invest in driving to shine because they're your faster renowned cabbie. I'm not sure how hard that would be to code though, but it's a positive mechanic if done that way for several reasons, I just gave one.

Would it help if the Driving skill mitigated or even removed traffic delays to an extent based on the skill level?
Proposing it in this thread because it's relevant enough, but I was thinking how there could possibly be traffic lights in intersections. I have no idea what kind of coding it would take, if it's even possible, but have green and red lights that change every once in awhile on each intersection.

They'd have a few different uses. Maybe have it where it increases your chance to get into a wreck if you blow through a red. And it's just another law to potentially break and enforce. It'd add more risk to the usual just bursting through the roads like it is.

Plus it has a lot of use for street racing. Once the light goes green, then zoom. It's creating a sense of danger for each intersection and of course, the higher your driving skill and stats, the better you can blow through a light without having to worry about cross traffic, causing a good divide between good drivers and excellent drivers.