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Tonfa and Nunchaku?

Would these not make real good martial arts weapons? Or are we not gonna add anymore MA weapons?



I would so love tonfa or something like them. I mean, even if all it did was allow you to parry weapons without getting all messed up I'd be happy. Kind of like half a staff (gaining the defensive benefit without the offensive benefit).
Martial arts weapons?! WHAT?! Your hands are your weapons!!

But aye, I think those Tonfa things would be cool <3

Aren't those basically ancient police batons?
They are, Mephisto. Used by Japanese and other asian culture police forces for centuries
Ahem. I foresee full grown, corpie men, playing Street Sam in their cubicals...

If we are talking about non-lethals like this, can we also bring up the lack of a decent short-blade alternative to the Bokken? They make the same thing in wood and hard rubber, and it would be great for sparring without carving people up.
I'm thinking that some folk would argue that one could simply spar RP, ICly (may aswell nit that in the budd first). Would you be suggesting, like, wooden versions of most weapons for stat-sparring purposes?

Also called a bokutō, btw...

Is there that much wood, or material available, to craft Nerf Weapons under the Dome?

Nerf foam, yes?

You can't RP sparring, there are mechanics in place for a reason, and without knowing the opponents stats there would be no way to RP the spar accurately, even.
If you want to test how good you are with a knife and are lacking for nonlethal options, a good idea is to carve people up, because then you can also take their stuff.
There are plenty of different ways to beat someone into the dirt with Martial Arts, and their upsides and downsides make it an interesting weapon category that isn't so cut and dry as "spend the most money" in a way that makes combat more complex.

The only real difficulty as far as I can tell is that there doesn't seem to be a way to alter the way you approach Martial Arts after you make your choice, making it one of the very few major character choices you lock into before you necessarily know what's up. This might contribute to a perception that Martial Arts is limited, I guess?

That all went over my head... :-P
[@Quote - Vera: a good idea is to carve people up, then you can also take their stuff.]

The heck Vera...You think you know someone...

Now, if you mean martial arts being limited, as in the fact that non of us are going to be leaping across buildings, or warding off hoards of corpie clones with metal pipes, then I say to you, good sir, that you've partaken many Wachowski movies, yah...

Realistically, now a days you're not going to see anyone get into Martial Arts for any reason other then 'losing weight', or 'exercise', or just 'something for my kid to do over the summer break'...

Um. I dunno. Instead, why not just add a non-lethal combat command called Spar?

I think having more choice in terms of weapons in general would be nifty. Sai that help parry and disarm, chains that help with grappling, etc.
@Honesty, you can spar in-game, there are several commands than can help with it such as @lethal and @holdback. However, even if you carefully stab someone, you still stab someone; and death might be a result.
Sindome is a game about killing people, and taking their stuff.
For training purposes, a short blade version of the bokken would be good.

There are already a ton of ways to practice weapon classes that don't have nonlethal options.
[Quote - Vera] Sindome is a game about killing people, and taking their stuff.]

Shtap. You're a terrible lab-rat, and you are misleading my fragile newbie mind...

And I'm aware of the @lethal and @holdback commands (at least NOW I remember them, after reading helpfiles for days and forgetting everything I read already). Though, I'm really just suggesting to add a command that ties it all together in a package. People can be quite forgetful...

BTW, if you're sparring with sharp must be all kinds of cray-cray.

Sindome is a game about killing people, and taking their stuff.

"Killing people to see if you can" is like the immy who comes through the gates and tries to fight a ganger, thinking this is a hack and slash game. Not every character is going to be a murderer or a sociopath.

How do people train with knives in real life? Do they ever know for certain what their skill level is? I think there's a lot of RL uncertainty about things like that as well; people train and practice but until you put the pedal to the metal, you don't really know what's going to happen.

I didn't say this was a hack and slash game, I said it was a game about killing people and taking their stuff.
Not always.
I'm not sure why this seems to be a controversial topic. There are other less than lethal weapons for various classes in the game. You can still kill people with them, just fine. It seems odd that there is an exclusion here, especially when they are used heavily in hand-to-hand training. It would not be as big of an issue if it were not for the blood loss. I apologize for derailing this thread. I just think it would be nice to see another option for short blades. And maybe a weapon like a tonfa, for martial arts.
We'll just have to agree to disagree, Vera. To me, it's a roleplaying game.
It's a PvP cyberpunk game set in a crime-ridden dystopian hellhole where the strong thrive and the weak suffer for them. The intent of the game is that players are anti-heroes competing to hold on to what they have and that the nastiest people always win in the end. No one is safe, ever, and even in corporate circles, you are expected to kill people and take their stuff. Whether you do so personally or by proxy is up to your RP, but being CP means that someone's always getting the short end of the stick.

Anyway I personally think there shouldn't be rubber knives because the uncertainty involved in lethal weapon use creates a motivation to get out there and get your hands dirty.

From my end, the point of the rubber knife isn't to give a non-lethal short blade option to run around abusing immies with. It's for training with a short blade when a weapon is desirable, but bleeding isn't. It would be a functional weapon, most likely, but you can beat someone to death with a calzone in this game, as well. If you deliberately go out looking for a fight with a hard rubber knife, you deserve the beat down you will likely end up with.

IMO, there are themely ways to deal with other characters that don't involve killing them. Violence most definitely has a place, but I feel it's to often used as a lazy option. Anyone can play a thug, but it takes an artist to move past just beating people over the head with something.

Why does everyone assume that nunchakus and tonfas are non-lethal weapons? (That is the reason why this entire topic derailed anyway). You can kill someone with a slice of pizza if you're good enough at it. A little more variety in weapons wouldn't hurt no one but I think the real reason why we won't see this in the short-term is the unavailability of the coders as they tackle on bigger projects.
Because Tonfas, by definition are a non-lethal weapon. They've been used that way for centuries. The point is to either cause incapacitating pain or to break bones to remove people from combat.
Then it just sounds like a shittier version of extendable batons, if you propose it that way. I am not saying it's a bad idea. It's not a bad idea. But in my opinion, I think we shouldn't worry about making an entire new array of non lethal weapons to soften combat because weapons are only lethal if you make them be, with the exception of firearms.

And, what would you prefer?

"I need to test my skills, I'll find someone and we'll spar in a gym with previously agreed terms then we'll be sparring BFFs and nobody gets hurt!"

-- OR --

"I need to test my skills, I'll find someone to get upset with and beat them up in a dark alley, creating conflict in a creative way that will create more roleplay for more people by driving people into problems.

I mean, cricket bats are meant to be used to swing them at cricket balls during cricket games, but you see how that's working out...

Villa for president
Ok Casey Jones.~♫

No one is suggesting the removal of conflict, or otherwise, lacking creativity, or an inability to provoke excitement...

While this may be a Cyberpunk genre, everyone has their methods and are allowed to RP as they see fit, so long as RP is involved. RP is always involved. Some people want to plan their next attack, or collaborate with someone to see how well they'll pull off that bank heist. SOME people aren't going to stalk the streets of Newyork City playing vigilante.

You might. But some people aren't.

Just for the sake of argument, even though it has nothing to do with the original suggestion:

That's totally understandable and it's actually fine to play the way you feel the most comfortable playing. This is why admin don't hand out punishments to "passive" players that aren't actively involved in backstabbing chemes and other malicious plots, because everyone has a different playstyle, and I respect that, and actively try to bring roleplay to those playstyles too. It's totally fine if you like playing that way! But one thing is true, you should stay cyberpunk at all times (read: if you want to get the most out of Sindome.

Don't get me wrong: I love new content, and new features, and new mechanics to explore and things to do. However, I don't think adding shittier, less efficient versions of weapons that already have shittier, less efficient versions of them (there are a lot of shitty melee weapons already) is a good investment of available manpower, not under the pretext of "we need more non lethal weapons" because that is a very good way to drive conflict out of the streets and right into a gym under friendlier terms. In my opinion, conflict is the main way to progress in Sindome and any actions that may remove conflict from the game and its effects on the playerbase one way or another, may not be a good thing for the game!

holy shit guys i just wanted nunchucks or tonfa because long blade, short blade, and others besides brawling all have multiple forms

that's it

calm down

To that I say martial arts already has 5 whole weapons. I'd rather see expanded brawling with styles, not items. If you want to hit people with blunt objects, go melee.
Well, Nunchucks if not Tonfa would make a logical addition I think. But yeah, Brawling could use some more forms as well.