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Temporary Digital/Electronic Posters
For the Corporate Propagandist

So obviously we have e-notes which print out a variety of paper options. For me this always seems rather tacky if you're a corporate character who wants to spread propaganda or announcements topside; especially since you cannot pin these like you can a photograph, so it's like you're just tossing paper down on the streets. Yes, there's always the grid of course, but I feel like for targeted purposes it just doesn't have the same oomph.

My suggestion is the introduction of a temporary item bought in cartons with a stack of twenty or so for corporate characters to hang up via the pin command. The canvases in game for art I don't feel is a natural use here because they require staff members to remove from a location once installed.

Basically, just what the title says: digital/electronic posters.

How these would work:

*Similar to letters and e-notes, you would enter a message to be displayed.

*They could be hung/pinned up like photographs.

*Be removed by any individuals like photographs.

*So to reduce bloat, I'd suggest a decay system of either two to five days; at the end of the determined amount of time after being hung up the game would delete them.

*Purchased as a bulk item in cartons for an appropriate corporate purchase price.

Let corporate people shame and dictate in style (with any consequences which come from those acts)!

I think we already have corporate posters. I've actually wanted something like what you've described. There nay be code that would support this already. What do other folks think? Is this useful or no?
I love the idea, both from a corporate standpoint, and a way to have good posters for other jobs that can be hung up. Various groups could hang propoganda and advertise events.
I think this would be useful for both corporate and mixer characters (like if you're a mix club organizer and want to advertise a big party), doubly so if we can deface them like other sorts of artwork in game.

One really cool example that comes to mind in the Mix is putting up old fashioned 'Wanted' posters for enemies of gangers/syndicates, when just posting up a bounty at the usual facility just isn't good enough.

I like this idea. Propaganda posters, anti-corporate posters, pro-Media star posters. "Come be the better you at (fill in Corporation)" spread out on levs and such. Maybe make them stack-able or able to be tagged on? So, someone else can come along and plop theirs over yours or tag it up with graffiti if they disagree?
I want these to work kinda like the holo grenade in Cowboy Bebop you can see here...

I think we should -replace- the NitoKodak holographic clock with a NitoKodak Holo (insert better name here) that plugs into an e-note and can programmed similiar to tailored items along with projecting a holographic $cript. Once committed they could be activated and even thrown like grenades but would have a limited lifespan like flyers.

It's a lot more involved than the original ideal but I'd like something more cyberpunk than plain old digital signage and this might be a great use of the underused programming skill, no?

In light of the thread over on the complaint forums, I'm bumping my suggestion from a couple years ago and amending:

Besides corporate poster options we could also have propaganda digital posters, which could have a longer decay period for Mix placement purposes - one to two weeks unless brought down by solvent/other tools or the original owner.

Digital posters for all!