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Super Happy Fun Land
Demolition Derby/AV racing

A recent comment about tutorials made me think it would be absolutely awesome if Super Happy Fun Land re-opened with new games like a Demolition derby and an AV race course. It would provide great entertainment value as well as serve as an IC tutorial for driving/piloting.
Great idea. This could in all honesty replace any driving (car and bike) and aero tutorial.

It could be a relatively small race track , a few different drivers with their own style and skill and the player, perma locked in a vehicle. You could even have different cars with different parts on it. If you pay more flash , you get a better vehicle. (Call it micro transactions). Maybe, just maybe, ramming could be implemented inside the simulator. It could provide good data for crashing and ramming. New players can learn how vehicles handle and the races from red and gold can show how ace they are. With the people from gold being able to pay to win.

The simulator could have a small tutorial (start vehicle , drive command , accelerate command , decelerate , shutdown.) built into it, thus allowing players to learn by doing instead of learn by reading. Make It small tutorial depending on the vehicle (car , bike , aero) you are driving and you are good to go.

I would however make it a single player only sim. I know , from an IC perspective , it would be greater to have it multiplayer. But having a race course where you don’t have any negative effect from crashing your car would destroy anybody’s chance from making an in game , outside of simulator racing event. There would be no reason for players to try to organize a racing event with their own cars if you can just race in the simulator and not have to pay for crashing the car. Same thing how a large part of the dome population was doing combat training in the sims instead of in real life. Not that this is a good or bad thing , but the UMC fights would probably lose appeal if done in the sims.

I just had two idle thoughts about enhancements to SHFL that I think would be fun. Instead of starting a new thread I decided to just append the ideas to this one.

1. Make it possible to use more fighting skills/gear in the single player variant of Riot Gear. One the plus side it would make this a viable alternative for characters to test and experiment if gym targets aren't their thing or not readily available. (Of course, it might be that this is already possible and I just don't know it. If so, ignore me :-P).

2. Allow characters to crack the games and use their programming skills to enhance their avatar's skills and stats. How to be good in Riot Gear? Train your ass of in combat skills or just cheat as a decker! Maybe this might be a way for a decker to make other players think he is a combat monster when he is actually not. Or a driving master (if the suggested driving games ever make it in) or whatever.

Yes, please!
I agree! It'd be fun and themely for there to be some kind of decker skillset interaction at SHFL, there are a ton of different ways it could be applied.
Then it should be illegal and obvious if a player has broken into the consoles frame to rewrite the code. Remember that just because a decker/cracker is good at what they do it doesn't make them ace at everything related to that.
Yes. I agree. There should defiantly be some kind of risk involved. I mean, they are hacking into a company's systems in a public place (presumably). Might be there are means of mitigating the risks to some extent too. Lot's of possibilities there should the staff ever decide that this is something they want to work on.
To be clear, cheating at current/future games isn't the only idea. Simulated matrix interfacing / hacking / competing / cyber 'combat' type games by themselves, or even as a team role in more advanced versions of Riot Gear, etc. Just throwing out ideas.
Putting things in a simulation cheapens the value of actually learning it on the street. Obviously corporate characters have fewer opportunities than Mixers to do this with combat, so it's a useful tool for them, but if you want to pilot an AV you should get a job where there's an AV to fool around with, or save up and splurge sight unseen, or make friends with a pilot. That all involves a lot more RP than just putting 200c in a thing and dicking around in a VR pod.

As for hacking the thing - why? CP is hacking bank accounts, breaking into data nodes, blackmailing, framing, and spying on people, not cheating at video games.

SHFL should have a deathball VR, 1v1 or 2v2 optional, sim. The players can choose to be part of the "real teams" and see each other as alt characters (aka- actual deathball players) or as themselves in deathball uniforms.
Like with the idea of corporate combat, I think the notion is less to offer ways to do what you can already, more or less (and thus diminish RP opportunities) than to fill in some of the gaps and offer an area to play with skills (or play with them in ways) that aren't as readily available. And VR / simstim is pretty CP.

I personally like the SHFL/decking idea so much because I like spreading skillset interaction out as much as possible.

I just think ideas that encourage an enable elaborate forms of theft/murder/backstabbing/control/plotting should be the focus, not ones that help people play The Simsdome while avoiding the real game.
I think I have to disagree as far as cheating in video games not being CP. I think that if a decker can give themselves an advantage in something they're going to do it, that is CP.

A decker who has no real combat ability but can make it appear like they have great combat ability in VR through cheating, sounds pretty CP. Especially as a way to hide the fact that their UE is dumped somewhere else. It just makes sense.

Sure, they'd hack other things too... but to be a hacker in CyberPunk is to hack anything and everything possible in my opinion. Not just a narrow field.

Or cheating to help someone else, even better and more manipulative. Or screwing with someone's stats. Or just doing it for the damn lulz because they're being a troll because they're a 15-year-old mixer scum jockey whizkid messing with some corporate sec team trying to train in their off hours, and they get busted and fined by the WJF.

Bam, RP. Very themely, very 'real game', IMO.

Agreed, this would be good fun for a hacker.
Building off what others have mentioned about "cheating," I'd like to mention an idea I had a little bit ago for SHFL micro-transactions, where people could input a not-insignificant amount of chyen before their session starts in order to start with more RiotCash (or maybe just to pick a specific starting weapon?)

Could be another (themely imo) way to grant unfair advantages to non-deckers if VR-hacking becomes a thing

Woosh woosh, necro'd, because I want a racing sim.