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Suggestion: Increase Locker Availability
Allow for more, with growing playerbase

I'm not sure when the max locker number was set for The Rose, but I'm wondering if more would be helpful since the player base is growing. They get used a lot for dead drops and other temporary things, which occupy them for a full week. Would it be possible to nudge up the max number, or perhaps add another bank at another location? Maybe it could be a sketchy location like the levs? Or perhaps at the Freedom Hotel?

I've seen them full up nearly every day of the week lately.

For a lot of immie characters locker security can be an affordable way to claw out of destitution because of the security it provides at a cost. Just wondering if a small nudge higher would be possible.

Yes please, it is a bit disheartening to see immies unable to protect their goods because they were late to the locker party.
I have made some adjustments in the game world while we evaluate the need for further lockers.
Lev lockers would be cool.
Yeah, I've noticed it being super hard to get them lately.


Another bank at the fallout station would probably be a good idea. Centralize them near the markets.

Maybe also have a hidden one in the park somewhere. And so on.

What would be the possibility of someone in game setting up a storage business just like you see on street corners now days? They would not need to provide any other services just own or rent a space on any of the three levels and be the owner or manager of the lockers just like someone owning a bar or other business? Is it feasible to make this a possible business venture for someone who could afford it and has the inclination?
Maybe? But that is something to find out ICly.
Please keep topics relevant to the original post. There are some good ideas in here that no one is likely to see because of the topic. Glitch said he added more locker availability already. So if you have ideas for other stuff relating to lockers, you should search for a relevant thread, or create a new one :)