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Stat check - PvP

So in a lot of instances violence isn't always necessary. Yet determining who would win in an arm wrestling match or who could jump the highest in an emote/soc/pose situation can be difficult. I don't know their stats. I don't know how much RNG/luck should play in.

Yet this could be done. And in such a way that doesn't ruin anything or give away too much information.

Statcheck (Stat)

Sends message to player: %player wants to do a %stat check with you. This is completely OOC and for determining a roll for RP. Do you accept?

Would allow players in instances where conflicting poses or unknown ability for the sake of competition could be settled in a fair way with some +RNG. I especially like this idea when it comes to bartering player to player. Charisma checks could be invaluable in haggling.

What do you think? Do you think players being able to stat check each other with consent could be helpful to maintaining balance in RP?

Staff has stated multiple times in the past that ways to gauge each other's stats and size up for a fight aren't going to happen.

Gotta take the risk and find out the fun way. ;o

Not talking about for a fight. Talking about for things like charming a player.

Cigarette game where you put cigarette on each others arms and see who gives out could be a Endurance check.

The focus of this concept is not to be able to gauge someone before battle. But to be able to resolve .pose RP opportunities in a way that allows us to determine roll winners without knowing exactly how much better or worse I am.

This is clearly laid out in the fact that the player has to accept the check. If someone is just trying to size you up. Don't accept the check.

I know, but the problem is that anything that pits stats against stats is going to be used as a method to safely and securely find out who you can beat up without a hitch and then do it. There might also something to be said that the game would absolutely prefer you *do* solve things violently. Conflict!
The best haggling method is putting the barrel of a gun on someone's temple. They'll take the deal!
Eh. I don't really see that being an issue given that the command I propose requires the other player to accept the check. You don't want to be sized up.. don't type yes.

I do see your point though. I just think that it won't be used to size each other up nearly as often as all that. Also.. because the nature of the command is rare staff could even set u a small echo for when it is used to watch how it goes the first few weeks and determine if people are likely to abuse it or not.

Staff has repeatedly said no to this and for very good reasons.

Outside of sex, Sindome is not a game where it's intended that PCs are consenting or not consenting to certain forms of roleplay. The game is what it is and what happens happens. Asking behind the scenes for contested stat checks brings in a form of metagaming where players collaborate OOC to decide things.

High charisma characters are easy to spot and should be roleplayed and roleplayed with accordingly.