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Specializing in hand-to-hand

I propose to allow players to specialize in unarmed fighting styles the way you can specialize in weapon fighting styles. That's it. That's the idea.
Hand-to-hand is already pretty powerful and you can specialize in the weapons that use those skills. This would have to be part of a more general revision of the hand-to-hand system.
How would you do that, though?

If you're a brawler, you brawl. Kicks and punches, headbutts and middle fingers with no flare.

If you're a martial artist, you already choose between 4 different martial arts...

How do you specialize in a katana when you already assign ue to long blade, Revex?
Because the Katana is a specific weapon under that skill.

The whole point of hand-to-hand is there is no weapon. Ergo, how would you SPECIALIZE in a skill if the skill is straight forward?

The weapon is your hands, and I don't see why you wouldn't be able to specialize specifically in using unarmed strikes on top of the general ability to use martial arts/brawling weapons/attacks?
Agreed with Revex. Investing in martial arts is already a specialization in itself. For long blades you have machetes, heavy bolo machetes, ceramic composite katanas, katanas, wakizashis, bokkens... for pistols, the list gets too long for me too remember. Specialization in those weapon skills makes sense.
Also, reminder, if you're a brawler you can specialize with the brass knuckles, and martials can do that with the bo staff.
Easy. Player A devotes months even years to said MA that they are so good at it and the style they use that the moves are simple yet devastating through secrets/methods learnt.
In a pure balancing issue, any weapon you can specialize in can also be taken away from you. You martial arts cannot.
Yeah, but you can't parry another weapon with your martial arts/brawling, either, without taking damage, unless it is someone else using martial arts/brawling.
Yeah. If you spend and extra 500 UE and dump it into your katana, you'll be fucking amazing with that katana. Take it away, and you're fucked.

BUT, how do you take away somebody's hands? Cut them off? Then they can't fight anyways. There's no penalty for specialization in HTOH like there is with a weapon.

You already specialize in martial arts by selecting a style. It unlocks better attacks, does better damage than base martial arts and ultimately you're considered a martial artist with a specialization in Krav Maga, etc.

Seems like this is already coded. Isn't that great?!

I think this is a reasonable request.
What about being able to specialize in a particular 'move' that you then have a certain chance to perform after training into that specialization, or specializing in offense or defense, gaining an edge in certain postures?

I think the general idea is that people like choices, people like specialization, and encouraging that is understandable and healthy.

I get the confusion though. It hit me too at first. I mean, I can aim my "tai jutsu" at someone just like I can aim my "staf"f so why can I only specialize in my "staff"? But after thinking about it I assumed it wasn't possible for Ballance reasons.

I think that if you specialize in something, it should be possible to deprive you of that thing. In this context it doesn't make sense to let someone specialize in their "krav maga".

Its balanced because you come out with your hands right out of the vats. Weapons can be stolen, disarmed, and lost, meaning you would have to invest more chyen in getting them back. Making them advantageous in combat is only reasonable and fair, weapons are superior than hands in real life.
Weapon Specialization is for weapons, it requires a weapon with specific weight and length in order to match that particular type.

It's not built for hand to hand, and this would require all new code, code which we don't have time for right now, and I don't think it's needed. Martial Arts and Brawling are already strong, and likely need a nerf to spread around the consistency of high end attacks being hit rather than given a method to be made stronger or even still, a nerf needs to happen before new code is invested in to allow further UE investment to strength it.

See, the thing is, if we go with my idea, I will be able to kill more players. I've provided a chart. More dead players is good for cooperative competition. Prove me wrong.

If you actually played the game more than 2 hours a week then I might be willing to entertain the idea that you have any idea about what you're talking about. :P
Also ue specialisation in weapons makes them harder to disarm + deal more damage so you can't really say hand fighters have it better.
SmexyCucumber, I'd love to see your sources.

Cause, you clearly have no idea how that works >.>

Amazing, the ideas that players come up with, on how weapons, damage, and skills work. Please, tell us more.
Hand-to-hand fighters do have it better on the lower tier. And I don't mean that as you progress you're inherently worse, I mean there's a balance. Hand-to-hand fighters never need worry about being truly without a weapon. They can take their 'weapons' with them to places that people with other sorts of weapons cannot. Their weapon cannot be unarmed or stolen. They are always equipped and out in the open without any IC consequence. If you want the bonuses and benefits of being able to fully parry actual weapons then you need to make the investment with the risk for loss like other players do.

Hand-to-hand fighters are perfectly free to specialise in their choice of actual weapon. Maybe one day there'll be more physical options instead of just the two or maybe they'll be customisation options for styles beyond what's available now. Those aren't pressing issues, though.

Martial Arts and Brawling are without a doubt one of the most powerful methods of combat in the game. Know how and when to use it is vital though.

If anyone wants to talk about fixing disarm though...I'm all ears.

I think if you know how disarm works, you have a lot better time utilizing it...

Common sense would tell you that if you're using your most skilled tool of the trade, that you're likely going to be better at disarming someone, especially if you're more skilled than they are in the weapon they're holding that you want to make them drop.

Rather than make a new topic, I'd like clarification on the specialization system. I'm confused as to how far specializing in a certain weapon extends. i.e. Does specializing in a glock 20 also count as specialization or partial specialization in a H&K autopistol since they're similar weapons or does it not?
oh my god unarmed does not need to be any better than it already is
Given that eventually some martial arts and brawling skills can become different kinds of damage (piercing and blunt depending on the skill used), and can cause extra debuffs such as bleeding, they don't need -any- specialization. For all purposes, one with a good dodge, or good endurance to take hits while dishing them out could beat people with a sword or gun or any other weapon without any need of specialization. Its crazy. I'm not complaining, but they don't need a boost either. Get better at the skill and don't always try to punch someone who is wielding a 4 foot blade.
If a glock 20 is the same caliber and weight of a MK23-s, Yes, they'd count as the same.
Oh! I meant the 10mm H&K tho. :P

Thanks, Cerb.