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Easier/lazier solution, now with more spam

Current situation: cwho shows a list of only the players and SIC bits that are connected.

Proposed solution: Each time cwho is called, add 10-20 additional alias' to the list, ranging from proper names, to abbreviated names, to uninitialized alias', to propagate a massively bigger pool on filtered lists, and to increase the total pool size on a full cwho.

Effects: Greatly confuses who may or may not be an active player. While also increasing the amount of false information the command generates. Possible that you could do this just within the printing code for the cwho, but may or may not be likely. Could generate lag, if it's gotta iterate over a large list of things. Really speaking from a development standpoint this is the lazy slow solution compared to creating a system that discourages people from suspecting alias hoppers, like my previous one. However this one changes less from the status quo. Which might be more to other peoples tastes.


Nah, thanks.

And also there already are rando aliases.

SIC is pretty fine the way it is
I'm trying to find out who's online so I can go RP. I don't need 10 lines of nobody.
You need to stop posting meaningless ideas to fix issues that aren't there.
You need to stop posting meaningless ideas to fix issues that aren't there.
You seem to have a perception that this isn't an issue,

When the devs have admitted that this is an issue.

You need to stop complaining, meaninglessly, about what is and isn't an issue.

You should stop calling people fucking trolls when you post ideas and we disagree so you post new ideas of the same nature, while asking "Am I really?" when you're accused of things.

But hey.

Except this wasn't thought out at all. What if I want to disguise myself in the WHO list by setting myself a random alias and a Futuroma quote in my SIC tag? Well, now everyone knows I'm not a memento NPC because every time you cycle the 'who', my name stays there instead of recycling itself like the rest of the mementos. Excerberating the issue of small worlding.
cwho is already populated by random names/tags when staff use the SIC for banter or random streams of consciousness to add to the white noise. these names remain on the who list for a very long period of time. adding a command that would call up instanced random names for each player in each instance of them using the 'who' command strikes me as a colossal waste of system resources.
Villa says it all. Leave SIC alone. she’s been through enough.
Make every alias change cost 10 creds B)
+1 to Stiza's idea

As long as we're throwing out ideas for fixing what isn't broken, let's tack a tax onto alias changes.

Oooo ooooo, I have another one. Let's proactively filter out all common dictionary words and most slang. Because with ~70 million people you know that someone already has the alias that you want.

I have an even BETTER idea. Let's make it a Thing that the WJF is cracking down on alias hopping. So not only do you have to pay 10c for it, you have to go to a terminal and stand in line to do it, kind of like non-corporate citizens have to do when exiting the lev stations on Green. Imagine the chaos that ensues when the person right in front of you takes YOUR alias. This just keeps getting better. The machine has a SICPuppy like feature that tells everyone around, "Thank you for becoming NEEDLESS. Have a nice day."

"Beat that bitch Mixer until their alias is your alias!"

I love it.

We should have more threads like this.

I... agree with Hek?

Never thought I'd type that out.

Well done!

I actually like Hek's post too. I agree, beat that bitch mixer till his alias is your alias, or the WJF puts a bullet in both of your brains...

Hell maybe make your SIC alias reinit on vat death, so that you've gotta go there and reset it every time.

OOOH OOOH, A company perk for NLM and maybe WCS Immigration, that lets them have access to the alias change command as it exists now.