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Shortening Eviction Periods
Get pads available sooner

What do you guys think about shortening the eviction period on pads?

If you're not familiar with the process, your pad becomes 'evicted' if you don't pay your rent in time. It then sits in this state for a while (two weeks I think?) so that the renter can payrent (with a late fee) and get their pad back. If they don't the apartment gets cleared out and put up for rent again.

On the plus side, this will mean that we would have fewer pads sitting in the eviction state and unrentable. On the other hand, this gives a character less time to fix things and get their pad back should they miss a payment.

This kind of goes together with the Voluntary moveout idea. I think that they could play well together.

A week max.
A week max, two weeks /w notice/note. When over half the rooms in an apartment complex have an eviction status we have a problem, especially with all the newbie traffic we've been getting.
Eviction is automated. It's either two weeks or one week or a specific period of time. There can't be if/elseif based on notes.

What do others think?

I think it should stay two weeks. On the basis that it's making people suffer.

It should be annoying and difficult to get a place to live in the Mix. Make people make deals and room up with one another because there just aren't other options. Put people in the situation where their room mate steals all their stuff.

That being said, a moveout command so when you're giving up one place to get another would be great. This way evictions are actually evictions, and not just someone who isn't living in a spot any more.

That could even open up a situation where you can keep track of evictions as being a totally 100% IC situation where you failed to pay when you were required to, so the next time you want to rent from said area you have to pay fees.

A week would suffice.
What about a move out command that refunds you some of your rent if you have days left. Not much, but enough to make people use the command.
Me: Hey buddy, I want to move out early, can I have some rent back, pretty please?

Grumpy Mixer Landlord: Fuck off, you paid for a week, don't want it? Not my problem, baka.

I don't agree with rent rebates (time your move better, if it's that big a deal), but a 'moveout' command would be a nice OOC way to open up spots for new prospective tennants to fight over.

Also agree with a week on the eviction times.

I don't think two weeks is so bad, especially in comparison to how it was prior to this two week system. One week would be pretty optimal though.
Is this mainly a problem at Westinghaus? I wonder if we should have a Westinghaus specific solution. The rent's so cheap that even a casual player should realistically be able to pay a few weeks in advance if they won't be around. You may have immies renting an open room and then perming, trying them up for excessive amounts of time.
xooc if you wanna have a moveout command just ask staff to set your pad up to be immediately moved into like they do with membership pad transfers
We really don't want people xhelping about it if we can help it. An automated solution would be the best. A moveout command might be a lot of work and might not be super themely, unless you've paid a LOT in advance. I am leaning toward a week eviction, as I think that would solve the problem, or help solve it.
A week sounds good to me.
To clarify, I meant a moveout command that causes the unit to bypass the eviction status and become available immediately. Not a command that gives you money back for unused time.

Example - Joe Baka has 2 weeks left on his Westinghouse pad, but he's shacking up with his new lover behind Blitz Laundry and doesn't need it any more. He packs up his things and uses the moveout command.

He still has 2 weeks left on his pad. When those two weeks end, the unit is available for rent from someone else immediately. Alternatively, the command terminates his two weeks immediately and makes the unit available for someone else at once. In neither situation is there a refund for unused time.


Now, with something like that implemented, evictions can actually have negative consequences beyond the short term too, since there would technically be a way to avoid them now.

In an alternate reality, Joe Baka does not use the moveout command when he shacks up with his new sweet heart. The two weeks passes and his unit goes into eviction status. The two weeks of eviction go by, someone else moves into the new place.

A month down the line a solo takes out Joe Baka, and while he's recovering from the vat goo the solo makes Joe Baka's girl his girl. Joe Baka comes back to an apartment and finds the codes have changed and he's left with nothing. Poor Joe Baka. He turns to the only real home he's ever known.

But Westinghaus is not happy with him. He owes them money because his apartment was in eviction status and two weeks went by where Westinghaus didn't get paid. Joe Baka now has to make amends for his failure to notify the place that he was leaving and that his pad should be available for other people.

Consequences. That's my dream.

The eviction grace period is defined on the door, so we can make certain apartment buildings have shorter or longer grace periods. Possibly westy should be one week?
IRL the minimum for non payment of rent in the US is three days eviction. Westing could be four days, The slightly better ones a full seven days. And premiere spots like on Green could be the full two weeks. Since those renters know that they will more than likely get their money eventually.
Mentioned elsewhere, but wrapping up here, this is done for Westinghaus and possibly a few others.