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Shooting at orbs.
Don' fire til ya see the reds of their cams!

If this isn't already a thing, please make it so we can aim at and attempt to shoot down orbs with guns. PEW PEW PEW!
At the moment there isn't really anything you can do about these things in most cases and they should absolutely be smashable and people should absolutely get in trouble for getting them smashed.
I thought you could snipe at them?
When they go to the mix, something like this:
Already doable, difficult for a reason.

Also smashing them if they're low flyers.

Home run!

I’ve shot at them before and they fucked off. Pretty sure it’s a thing, just hard
Ah, if it's already thing that's great.
I've seen them destroyed before, albeit by a superpowered NPC. I assume you can 'shoot them with ' even if you can't attack them.
'Shoot them with gun', I mean. I think my carrot brackets got eaten.
I still think they should be smashable up close if you're good enough. Like yeah they're quick but they already have access to a lot of mechanics for avoiding attacks.
Repeating it again: they're slippery and hard to get to for a reason.
Can confirm that this is a thing, but not really a thing. Basically, they're even more invincible than vehicles.
I can't really get into IC nuance here, but I'm just going to say ORBs are vulnerable, just difficult and this is by design.

Relax. There are plenty of obstacles and ways to fuck with them as it is.

I literally saw one blown up with a Mark 23. They're not indestructible.
I think it's the fact that only one faction in the game really has access to them that really just rubs it in. Mix expansions please.
I never said they were invincible. I said they were harder to destroy than vehicles.
Yeah not everyone uses a gun. I get that they're valuable but don't fly one into my crime base and we won't have a problem.

The real issue is that there are a lot more of them than there used to be. Previously they were rare enough that they didn't feel super invasive. Now they're annoying and everywhere and most people can't do a single thing about them.

Not to be pro-drone but I have a lot of experience with them and honestly, I wish that people thought of them as being more normalized. Like yeah, we noticed them sometimes, but you should probably feel like they're an ambient part of things anyway. Maybe this is something that could be incorporated in outside descriptions.

Also totally agree that there should be options for their use in the Mix. This sounds to me like something that could live in the Park with coded jobs and maybe even interface with the chatter system, or else sell the equipment and the syndicates can all buy a set.

Timebombs on drones /threadjack
heh. anti-drone warfare?
I've often thought that a crazy park-rigger economy/job would be amazing. It seems the logical place for there to be some wild low-tech equivalent to an Orb. Of course it would have to be absolute dogshit compared to the real thing.

Mix-rigger, in the current economical model, seems like an oxymoron currently. If it could be pulled off somehow, it would be amazing though.


There are some outside descriptions that mention ACDs.

This thread from back in 2002 also alludes to them.

+1 for a "low-tech" Mix equivalent.