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RP recommendations
Just a nice thing

We used to have RP awards in Town Halls a few years back. But those were just two times a year.

Why don't we allow a mechanic to give an anonymous RP recommendation, with no mechanical bonus or rewards attached? Just something like

"Someone has recommended your RP style for: for being a badass motherfucker and not hesitating for OOC morals. Being a stone cold killer is tough! And you pull it with grace."

and make it no more than one award per person for a specific target per week

+1 It's would be pretty cool.
In light of SD's PR with greater discussions about the game to outsiders, this might read as a 'clique' thing and end up backfiring on us.
Don't we have RP awards though?
We do... I like this idea but how do we make it so it protects itself as much as possible from that outside view?
I agree with Supermarket.

The intention here is good, but anytime you have a system where players are rewarding and acknowledging each other, it has the potential to create or further re-enforce cliques.

I think that's exactly why this would be an anonymous system, it is a good way to acknowledge other person's RP in a way that doesn't scream favoritism.
Sorry about that, I missed the 'anon' part. That is actually a sweet gesture.
I'm worried that I'd still have a pretty good chance of knowing who recommended me for what, and I'm more likely to continue to play with people who think my shit don't stink. Not only that, but now I'm building up an OOC friendship, I know who they play, I'll probably be able to line up what name they use on OOC based on play times...

Idk, seems like it's more trouble than it's worth just so we can pat our friends on the back.

I do know where this feeling comes from though, we want to thank each other for roleplay that's great. I want to thank a lot of people, because this game's taught me a better, more subtle way to play than what I was thought possible. It's also taught me better sportsmanship, and to despise ooc talks where people hype up their characters as if they have nothing else to discuss.

So while I really like the idea and intent, Leech's point is good too. We can probably guess where the kudos come from and then it makes us want to stick with those people.

and to despise ooc talks where people hype up their characters as if they have nothing else to discuss.

THIS is a great point brought up by Supermarket.

THIS is what breeds Reddit posts by people who thought they were gods in a game where they were just slightly better then average.

Perhaps the alert could be delayed. Instead of instantly getting a notification, it could be a weekly digest with no time or date attached. Still anonymous, of course.

"You received 4 kudos this week! Type @kudos to review them."

If this does become a thing, there should be some pretty strong messaging to indicate that specifics should be avoided at all costs when writing one, too.

If this were to be a thing, I wouldn't want the receiver to be notified in any way when praised. I would prefer it be silently tracked in the background, ready to looked over by staff when it was time to pick winners. Pretty much the same way it's done now but in moo and with you being able to vote at any time (with limits) instead of just before the awards are given out.
Also a possibility, although I think the idea was to create a positive feedback loop, so players can lean in to a particular style of RP that's already worked for their character. It might be helpful for people not entirely familiar with CP and the mindset that accompanies it, too. I didn't get the impression that this information would go to anyone but the recipient (and admin, in case of abuse), so all this would really do is just give a little feel-good reward.
I like where this is coming from but we have to think about another angle. If a player is trying to RP a certain way but doesn't get any @kudos will simply discourage them from RPing, or may even get them to stop as well. Not saying this -will- happen, just saying that it's a heavy possibilty that it will.
I think this would be a nice thing to have and that anonymising and delaying it should eliminate many of the risks that have been mentioned.

As for kudos discouraging players who don't get any? We all play now just fine without any OOC pat on the back for above par rp when it happens. I suspect that the majority of characters wouldn't receive kudos the majority of the time, it'd effectively just become a little acknowledgement when something noteworthy is done.

To clarify:

We do have RP awards. They are only done once a year during the January Town Hall. We solicit anonymous feedback from players and we compile that into a list of 'best of' for various categories.

To comment on the idea:

I think it's an interesting idea but I, like several others, worry about the inherent issues that could arise from this. I'm interested in hearing further discussion on it before I weigh in though.

Oh, seems this developed over the weekend.

I don't see the problem with people congratulating each other? They'll do it on local OOC anyways, cliques or no cliques. I was aiming this to people who can't meet ICly. Like that Judge who fines me for my loud SIC banters or that mixer who always has a sassy diss when I complain over hot thai noodles and toss them over the skywalk.

I've read your points but... I don't see this as problematic as you people do. I know that in my first year or so I would have loved some anonymous, clear feedback on what I was doing (SD is my first MUD, my current PC is my first too). I'd have probably RP'ed better from that point on, too!

That's a fair point, and an anonymous pat on the shoulder can be nice. The question becomes, is it just 'Someone just awarded you for your excellent RP' and you can do that once? Or does everyone start with 5 and you can only give out as much as you've gotten? So if you give out 5 and no one gives you any you can't give it out anymore? Is it once a day? is it once a week?
I feel like one per character for x amount of time would work. One reward a week for someone's exceptional RP from you.


Joe thinks Jill is top-tier this week, so they +1 them. Now, Joe can't reward Jill again for a week, to prevent a clique grind. However, Steve could reward both Joe and Jill, Joe could reward Steve, Jill could reward both.

These rewards should notify a GM when they go out, similar to notes, so it can be monitored. If someone truly is giving good RP, they should know, and the GMs should know they're putting in that effort. And if not, and someone's just back and forth rewarding each other, that should also be known.

That's my idea on this, anyway.

Double post, I apologize, this occurred to me after I clicked away.

If this is implemented, can we also allow for folks to add a line or two as to why they're rewarding someone. If I'm doing something the community feels is right, and themely, I'd like to know, so I can develop habits around that kind of RP.

Combining this thread with the other one that was created recently to keep it orderly.

From Marleen:

"I think that while we all appreciate the self-destructive/stupid/enemy-of-the-world characters, there is a problem - playing those can be very draining and detrimental, but besides providing good RP, there isn't even a way to give that specific person kudos and personal appreciation for how they just threw under the bus. Not because they had to, but because it made sense.

So here I suggest a system I found in another of my RP avenues - a system of OOC RP recommendations.

How it works is that a player writes up a recommendation with "recommend PlayerName" and then describes the recommendation. For example: "For taking the ballsy stance, and despite facing a big motherfucka with a gun, you did best to stand and hold your ground. But also when it was clear, you may die, showing the realism of wanting to live, and eventually bending! Fantastic stuff, keep it going!".

That then goes into staff queue for review and is either approved or rejected - akin to how character history system works. Once approved, the recommended player will receive a notification about it, and can read his recommendation with "recommend list" or something like that.

I think that this alone would help a lot to show people that while we may battle and kill each other ICly, OOCly we appreciate and respect one another. This recommendations list is also something I love to review whenever feeling a bit worse, under the weather. I always find it as a fantastic pick-me-up to see how other people enjoy my RP, and that's much needed when going gets tough now and then.

On top of that, maybe people who get recommendations for doing impactful stuff, like doing severe harm to their characters, or providing wide-reaching storytelling, they could be rewarded. I am not suggesting any IC rewards, and what worked in a few other RP games was that it added to the amount of experience would carry over into your next character. Together with a limit on funneling UE, I think this wouldn't be imbalanced. It would also reward people whose RP is outreaching and appreciated (you only get those rewards for this type of recommendations), allowing them to grow new character just a bit faster if they wish so.

Let me know what you think!"

From Ynk:

"I personally would love to write notes to characters that they can only see after they're permed / sunsetted. 😁"

I'm still into this idea, but not with the following criteria:

1. It has to be anonymous

2. It has to not add to the GM workload (no writing something akin to a history or a review that has to be approved by a GM)

3. It has to be feedback that is delivered in a 'wrap up' report, not directly after RP, as then it's easy to identify who provided the feedback and when. So once a week or month you get an OOC message with your recent feedback.

I'm not super into people writing actual reviews of someone elses behavior because I think it becomes an avenue to offer destructive criticism or say things that are detrimental if you get effed over, and thus it requires review-- which could be done by other players, but even that could be meh. I'm not totally unsold on that as an option, we've had good success with crowd sourcing things to players like the clothing review and game-help.

However, it might be better if we offered a list of options you could pick from like:

1. You ran a good plot

2. You did a good betrayal

3. You made a death fun


Thoughts? Alternatives? Concerns? Like the idea?


I think that my thoughts mostly aligned with where you are coming from. It seems like the potential downside and detrimental effects of such a system how it weigh the few potentially positive up sides.

As much as I hate to trot out the cliche that good RP is its own reward, it absolutely fits here. On a long enough timeline, the good role players will naturally be drawn to and reward each other based on the quality of the role-play and interactions.

My biggest concern or hesitation with a system like what has been proposed, is that it reeks of meta and crossover. If an interaction is memorable enough for the parties involved, they are absolutely going to be able to identify where the feedback came from. And then you find yourself in a situation where people are choosing to interact with others based on their out of character feelings or thoughts about the player.

I will wrap it up by saying that the intention here is a good one. Acknowledging good roleplay from other players is an excellent and healthy thing to do. My suggestion is, do it in an in character manner. Have your character make it clear to the other character that there was a strong response to a previous interaction.

Even in situations where the role play might have been detrimental to one of the parties, and that party who was disadvantaged in The Encounter may not want to directly interact with the person who came out on top, there is still room for acknowledgement roleplay. The taken advantage of party can talk to other characters about the intensity of the situation and how the other character affected them.


What message would you like to send to that player?

1. You ran a good plot

2. You did a good betrayal

3. You made a death fun

4. I had good casual RP with you

5. etc.

> 5

Your kudo has been added! / You may only kudo this player once per week(?)


Here are your kudos from the past three months. Note that this month's kudos won't be revealed until next month.

July 2019: You ran a good plot.

July 2019: You ran a good plot

July 2019: Thanks for the moosex

June 2019: I saw what you did and it was hilarious, keep it up!

I... also kinda agree with Hek.

But also, sometimes, I just don't get a chance to see players again.