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Rigging Augmented Topside Restaurant
Rig in and dig in? Rig out and pig out?

Name says it all, but I think this would be a fantastic "entry level" position to give players a chance to utilize an amazing skill.

Two real options:

1) Building onto an existent restaurant and slapping a drone console in a back room.

2) A complete ground up build of a restaurant with a new menu and new corpie themed food items as suggested in my other thread.

Obviously, I lean towards the second.

The drones themselves would be low functionality but ideally have the following qualities:

>Full flight

>The ability to take cash and 'dropm' to retrieve payment, but the inability to purchase from stores. (Bonus points if they can take chip)

>Grabbing/dropping capabilities but with severely low strength so they're not grabbing bodies. Enough to carry something like pizzas and some drinks.

>Zero to low stealth to prevent overlap with [REDACTED]

Essentially, they'd be able to grab whatever food was made and fly it somewhere. Let's see all those corpie balconies put to use. It'd also be a desirable position with few rigging jobs out there, incentivize players to be service, and I won't spoil the kind of shady things you can still get up to with the limited capabilities.

Rad idea.
In the same line of thought if you want to incentivize rigging, make these amb pop WJF surveillance drones an actual thing (just a clone of the ORB basically) and controllable by characters in Operations. I see them all the time in room descriptions but they serve no real purpose.
That is a job, villa!
Ah, silly me. That's awesome. WJF operations scouting Gold, Green for crime using rigging is really themely.
Also, the hilarious mental image of having this pristine idyllic meal delivered to you in a neat crisp corporate container for a few thousand chy... by some gnarly dude with yellow teeth and sweat stained clothes, chain smoking in a damp console room. Bags under his eyes as he grumbles about corpies.
Extremely great idea!
I too would like to drop scalding hot coffee on the corpie that didn't tip me last week from the comfort of a back office.
+1 for anything that involves more rigging! I saw an orb zooming around yesterday and got so excited! Hurray for riggers!
Door dash for topside?
Here's your grenade-filled-subsandwhich sir. *ding*
Super cool idea!

I know that this kind of gear is typically out of reach price-wise for mixers, but it would be cool if there was a mix analog. Maybe the device is really crappy and needs constant repair or something.

I think rigging is cool oocly and am always trying to figure out ways to plot it in but the hardware is expensive (as far as I'm aware). It's been discussed before but some pirate offshoot of nlm would be sick for psa type stuff and filming of mix events. There are some "mobile" events I've wanted to do that seem to be good candidates for some kind of roving broadcast unit.

Might not be themely but a boy can dream!

Will it also deliver coochie
More rigging, more riggers. +1
Walmart, Zipline team up to bring drone delivery service to US

Walmart escalates Amazon battle with drone delivery tests

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Fleet Hits Milestone With FAA Clearance

UK’s Camile Thai Delivering by Drones in Ireland

South Korea Tests Food Delivery by Drones

Good bump 0x1mm. With Grid 3.0 out now, I suspect riggers are probably amongst the three skillsets that have the least amount to do and easily narrowest hiring potential. Riggers need more opportunity!
Always gonna stan for rigging.

It's such a fantastic and deep coded system that doesn't see much player exposure, I think it would be great for positive impressions of the game itself if it was more accessible.


Just wanted to say that Grid 3.0 being out hasn't addressed issues with decking. By admission of staff themselves, it's basically a reskin with the tools present to build things for future content.

That content still very much Pending™.

Bump for the OP, more rigging jobs would be cool. Just need to make sure that there's ways to punish drones/drone users.

I will say that I figured I'd use coded skills WAY more than emote and pose as a newbie, it would be cool to have something that actually took a skill to do for a newb.
This is an excellent idea.