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A new combat command

This is borrowed from Lensmoor, a MUD I used to play. It works like this:

You're walking around with your bata, they get attacked and are about to die, you're doing just fine not having taken any damage, so you rescue them from danger and the attackers start hitting you instead. It is essentially you grabbing your buddy and throwing them behind you so that you can act as the new tank.

In that game, it was a specific skill, but perhaps for SD it could be a roll based on your unarmed combat and str/agil/perc? Not sure about the details there. I'm sure staff could come up with a reasonable roll calculation.

Syntax: rescue

If successful, you absorb the attacks from whoever was attacking your target. If more than one attacker is present, you basically roll for each attacker, so there's a chance you don't take all the heat off of your ally. If you completely fail, your buddy is still getting pwnt and you've wasted valuable fighting time!

It adds a layer of complexity to combat that currently doesn't exist and could mix things up in a fun way.

Some details to hash out would be:

1) If rescued, does the rescue-ee maintain their target? Do they stop attacking all together? (I'd say no, they fight on)

2) When attempting a rescue, is it automatic like disarm or does it happen more like posture changing and take a round or so to accomplish?(my suggestion would be it takes a round)

3) When rescuing, should you lose a round of combat all together whether you fail or succeed? (probably)

fuck yeah sounds good I do wanna white knight some cute monas who are under attack
I suggest the syntax being whiteknight instead
Ha ha.
I'm all down for whiteknight command to save my dying chummer from another chummer.
I've created code like this is the past for Straylight Run, a fun little cp mud Saedan and I were developing in our spare time before we were coders in Sindome. I always forget we don't really have this now.

The thing is, we added a Bodyguarding skill to support it. You got a roll on that skill to decide if you could then roll for the person you were trying to protect, instead of them, and you took the damage or dodged like normal.

We don't have a Bodyguarding skill, and I don't think we have anything that would fit that skill check currently. We also has a solo/assassian skill so if you were very skilled at that you could get through the defenses. It's definitely something that would require a skill though. Otherwise you could just pay newbs to meat sheild for you while you bust off shots unimpeded which would be very unbalanced.

I'm open to suggestions on how we could approach this that do not involve adding new skills

Have it roll a stat check against the existing SPECIAL stats we already have. I can see one or two glaringly obvious stats that could roll for it, those being AGI (are you fast enough to get in and bodyguard) and STR (Are you strong enough to yeet your chummer outta there to take the blows for him)
I've really enjoyed the lack of this feature over the years, honestly. It makes bodyguarding a complicated task and abducting/assassinating guarded people difficult but possible with the correct tactics.

I agree there is room for this in-game but I'm also sensitive to it really disrupting the current flow and imminent danger of combat.

@Ryuzaki4Days We don't typically roll stats without skills. In real life, a task like lifting something still takes a skill-- it's something you learn as you grow. You weren't born with the ability to pick things up, for instance. Now in game, we don't get that granular with skills, a lot of stuff you are assumed to have, ya know?

Using your body to protect another human being as a job, is not a skill everyone should be assumed to have. A star athlete might be fast or strong, a marksmen might be the best shot ever, but that doesn't mean they have the ability to physically move someone out of harms way while at the same time putting themselves in harms way and possibly still avoiding physical harm.

I could imagine something like this:

'A' and 'B' are fighting '1' and '2'. 'A' is attacking '1' and 'B' is attacking '2'. Everything works as is for now.

Along the way '1' decides to soak damage for '2'. What changes? A few things. 'A' still attacks '1' but '1' now has a penalty to parrying and dodging. '1' still attacks 'A' but he has a penalty to his attack. Most importantly, whenever 'B' tries to attack '2', '1' first makes a dodge check against 'B''s attack and, if successful, takes that damage full on. If '1' fails the dodge check 'B''s attack is applied to '2' like normal with '2' having the usual defenses.

What skill if any does the Guard command use? They strike me as similar activities only instead of obstructing a direction you are obstructing access to a particular person.