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Refresh perception of someone's @voice
For high-pcp characters

Someone with high perception might unlock a refresh ability, so they can re-perceive the @voice message of another character at will.

Since the @voice message only appears once in however-long period of time, sometimes not in the same scene or even the next one, then willfully listening for the tone, quality, gender and accent of someone's @voice seems like a thing which should be possible.

Maybe it could be an argument to "speaking".

> speaking NinjaBob

could either immediately tell you that Bob "*speaks English, in a mall-ninja poseur voice*" or else just cue up the voice message next time Bob speaks out loud within your immediate earshot.

I remember there was a more recent thread about a similar issue but I couldn't find it so I'm just gonna bring back this one.

Phone calls should show the person's voice the first time they speak on the phone. It makes no sense to have to wait for a conversation partner to speak 3 or 4 times over the phone before I can perceive that yes, they're speaking with a 'deep gruff Russian accent' and not with a 'chipper feminine Italian cadence' or whatever.

I'm tired of saying 'Who's this?' to chums whose voices I should immediately recognize just because the game doesn't show me their voice until halfway through the convo.

In summary, please show the person's voice message the first time they speak at the beginning of a phone call.

I can get behind this for "the next time someone speaks", but not immediately. Not everyone can speak, and not everyone that can speak chooses to. No reason to get a voice confirmation of they don't talk.

I believe this is in a similar vein to a recurring issue with languages. I.E. It's frustrating not to recieve a prompt at the very least that, "a shrouded curvy star is speaking Mixmash/Euro/etc."

The voice message should show the first time somebody talks. Not while they are silent. But always the first time they talk.
Something occured to me just now.

At present I'm aware of at least one IC means to accomplish what's being asked for in this post, and if it doesn't currently do exactly what the people want here (I'll have to check a thing or two), it can probably be easily altered so it does.

Unless I'm misremembering past discussions, @voice messages were at least supposed to trigger the first time you hear someone speak on the phone, or hear them speak a different language, but they don't and never have.

I have no idea if it's just a bug or the implementation just didn't end up quite working out.