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Random Riot Gear Players
XXXtacy enters the game.

We have memento's, how about Riot Gear players, They enter the game, buy a weapon based on a random pool of flash, and then after a random period of time walk forwards and attack the first thing they see on the opposite team.

Would keep the riot gear channel active, and prevent meta by people to troll those in riot gear.

Could dedicate maybe 4 to 6 memento's at a time to it?

It is funny. I thought this the other day. It would give players who maybe don't have a party to go with a choice at SHFL that lets them use their own personal taste in weapons too.

Less good for people looking for those 1v1s though

Have NPCs be a selectable option inside the pod, and when there's multiple players, it'll use a vote
I'm for this if it is optional like Stiza suggested. Options for 1-2 per team, none, or one wildcard NPC that will attack any team.
I support this.
Good upgrade for RiotGear, might even be possible without having to update the game grid memento (is a PITA to do.) Like it!