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Project Jukebox
We are the music makers...

Slither recently introduced a nice little Google Drive folder that we can all post too via the Script Development board. I am proposing we utilize that for Project Jukebox. This would effectively be a series of scripts that are activated via a Jukebox in a bar or Radio in a car.

These items would have a catalog of music which we would backfill with non-Withmore Celebrity bands and then continue to be actively updated with new music generated by PC musicians . The backfilled stuff would be the "Classics" and the new stuff would

The Jukebox item itself would have a few functions...

Play: Plays Music, duh.

Stop: Stops Music -dead-.

Pause: Pauses Music.

Volume: HIGH (Gratuitous amount of verbose emotes and you would hear pounding bass along with lyrics a room away.) Medium (Occasional verbose emotes you would only hear in-room.) Low (Occasional room-filler with only the title chorus of the song so you're not bombarbed with automated music).

There would be a jukebox version that fits in Cars, Aeros, and Motorcycles. This would be easily stolen and resold. Deal with it.


Love this!
Hell yes.
Yes pleaaaase!
I'd vote on this more if I could. Hell yeah.
Thumbs up.
I want this in my home and my car yesterday, and I have gobs of original lyrics and musical ideas I never used for songs that are ready to go immediately and fit Withmore perfectly.
This is a fantastic idea.
Go ahead and start some scripts for it in the drive! I'd really prefer new music or music that was in the public domain though, or IC musics.
Which template is best to work from for scripting music? I don't know if there's a way to flag certain lines as the chorus of a song or the parts that will be shown no matter the volume level if we're still working from the OP's premise.
For those of you discussing cassettes...if you want to do some light scripting for it - here's your chance.
Reefer, where's this Google Drive? Sorry, I didn't see a link in the thread.