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Prohibit use of @OOC when hiding
Hello Abuse Town

What it says on the tin. We already prohibit it for sitting/knocked out/restrained/subdued/etc. Disable going @ooc for people in hiding. They need to unhide first.
Why? This is possible massive nerf for stealthy characters vs combative characters. If you are a bruiser, you are still as capable when returning from @OOC. If you are a sneak, you are now made vulnerable for everyone before and after @OOC.
Why would this nerf characters? Going @ooc should not be considered a skill in your arsenal, and prohibiting this would not nerf anything, unless you use @ooc as a tool when sneaking.
+1 Op's suggestion.
Because a sneak character in the open is unable to use it's skill. By same token you could say that for XX seconds after stepping out of @OOC all characters should have their combat skills reduced to 0. We don't want people to exit OOC and beat people, right? It's ripe for abuse.
I'm pretty sure if someone was waiting for someone to return IC in a room just to jump them, they'd get their proverbial balls nailed to the wall already.
Going OOC and using it to your advantage is some real heavy meta/cheating in my book. You're using a tool meant for emergencies as an advantage to take care of you. I think it's abuse to remove the messages as you said in your post, as people will DEFINITELY start using @OOC as a tool in that manner.
Doesn't have to be planned, but bruiser you may just return from @OOC randomly and see someone to beat up. Why should you be able to then beat them up? That's kinda equivalent to as exposed as stealthy characters are if forced to un-hide before @ooc.
Considering how many people already presumed it worked this way for obvious reasons, +1
Then XHelp it if you think they were metagaming using the OOC notification.
Doesn't have to be metagame, just blind luck. Just as stealh character can randomly step out of @OOC into an ambush - not by camping the OOC message, just bad luck. The difference is that bruiser stepping into it is at 100% ability, and stealth character is without its core skill.
That's just bad luck, then. Bad luck applies to everyone.
Well, not quite as that bruiser has all his skills to fight back, and sneak is now boned. That is not equal result from bad luck.
withmore is dangerous. you can walk into the next room into an ambush. same shit, different rimrag. deal with it like you would any other time
Prohibit @OOC period
Hard disagree w/that one.
Bring back neck snapping sleepers

Treating hiding like 'sitting' for purposes of going @ooc. In other words, no @ooc if you are hidden.

Any scenario in which a player is avoiding negative circumstances they can reasonably foresee with @ooc, it is in my mind abuse. Using @ooc while stealthed, especially in the presence of other players, is avoiding spot and search checks.

Clearly the system is too lenient as is if it's spawning the perception that @ooc is somehow too severe an IC detriment.

I still find amazing that people approach this topic like this has been abused, and yet, despite this being a thing for, I don't know how long, it wasn't. But yes, let's remove it so the abuse that didn't happen, won't suddenly start happening :D.
Marleen you've basically admitted to avoiding something you shouldn't be avoiding, getting into issues for it, and are attacking other players for saying 'Maybe don't do that so?'. Like I don't know what you expected, but this entire track was ill-advised on multiple levels.
I haven't lol, but thanks for shoving stuff I haven't said in my mouth :D.
I am honestly baffled at how much of a shitstorm all of this became. If it has not been a problem before, it does not need to be fixed.
Probably because before this can of worms was opened, most of us had no idea you could walk one room, hide, then @ooc and then have plausible deniability to just poof out of whatever the fuck you wanted barring staff catching it.

And since we now know that's a thing, we're asking that it NOT be a thing because it's clearly asking for trouble. Simple, right?

I don't really understand what you're trying to say, Talon. I just want going @ooc to be held to the same restrictions as other things that block it, like sitting, incapacitation, and restraints.
I like the idea of players not idling while using a skill. Would you idle during combat or while driving? Well, you shouldn't! And neither while hiding.


Marleen, no one should be ambushing you when you come out of @ooc. Some points:

1. Knowing that someone is @ooc in a room and waiting there to see who returns is meta. If you saw them go @ooc from that location, it's one thing; but--

2. You shouldn't be going @ooc to escape ramifications to begin with. It should be used when you're already basically safe.

Like, you're in a bar, you have to go afk, so you go @ooc. Acceptable. If you're in a bar and someone's coming to kill you, going @ooc isn't really acceptable, it's trying to use a coded system to avoid other players.

In other words, if you're staking out someone's apartment stealthily and you want to go @ooc, go somewhere else to do it. Walk one room over. Anything but the most direst emergencies would give you time for that. But it's not a tool to stay safe in dangerous situations, it's a tool to stay safe when you're already safe, but need to be afk.


I don't want to get into the weeds with details. We're in agreement.

In all cases and all matters regarding metagaming or other oddities, should be xhelped and reported on.

I don't think that there is a point to starting with that, because, let's say someone is being chased, targeted but the other does not know because person was stealthed and goes OOC because the doorbell rang or someone just broke into their very real real life house. They would not know and think they were safe and this is something that could be argued about, because is really, anywhere, truly safe in Red?

The issue I have with this entire conversation is, that a lot of claims are being put up and out there, concerns are raised, but the last info given, back on the Cityhall council, was that it was not being abused?

Hence why xhelp if it happens, because admins cannot work if there are only claims being made and no complaints filed.

I think being able to go @ooc while hiding is silly. There's very few scenarios I can envision where it's a super big hindrance to type go n, unhide, @ooc if you have to leave the game.
Adding on from the previous thread, if you're hiding from someone and then just go @ooc, that's just bad mojo, man. It should not work like that. It's way too open for abuse.

Ooc isn't a free disappear from the scene card. It's there if you suddenly have an emergency or you're in a safe situation already and wanna get out of IC for a bit.

+1 to OP's suggestion. Bigtime. No contest.
This isn't already a thing?



I am so confused by this thread. How should using an OOC command have any usage for an IC context? This is the definition of meta to me, on a very basic level. Please fix.

For people having a hard time understanding this...

Think of it as going to catch the lev. You're in game, you've got to wait for it. There's no other way around getting out of Green as a Mixer but to wait. It definitely sucks because sometimes life takes precedent, but thems the breaks.

If you're stealthed somewhere you shouldn't be? It's the same sort of investment in time.

You're somewhere, you're caught up in things, and no amount of going @ooc is going to solve that.

Not to mention, removing that message will still have (One player is OOC here) still present in the room.

Why should you deny the person you're ninja'd up on the chance to search and spot you as well, when you could just hang out @ooc for five hours?

All of this talk against the notion is just ridiculouv and silly.

+1 to the idea

Yes, because the only time you use @ooc while hidden is to abuse it and circumvent IC consequences. Lol.
I use @ooc when the phone rings or I need a bathroom break. I just assumed I was knocked out of stealth on return. I don't really care whether stealth remains on return but can we not talk about getting rid of the thing that lets people handle basic life things when they pop up? I think people have said it but I'll add it, as well. If you believe someone is using mechanics like this to give an IC advantage, let the staff know, if they don't already.
You do not need to use stealth to go @ooc, and you stay stealthed on return as it is now. I think you can hold your bathroom needs long enough to type "go n - unhide - @ooc" and phones ring pretty long too. You already stand before going @ooc as it is, as it prevents during sitting. No need for stealth to act any different than sitting/being detained/etc.

It is looking like your only purpose of posting on Bgbb is to argue and troll people.

I will play along for now.

You just wrote:

Yes, because the only time you use @ooc while hidden is to abuse it and circumvent IC consequences. Lol.

This is yet another example of you going back to the point you want to make. There have been nearly a dozen people who have told you that whatever your specific reason for going ooc is will never trump the potential abuses of the change that you suggested to enable your ooc edge case.

Then this gets even better with the way you turn it into a personal attack. And you've done that by playing the victim, and saying "But, but I would never exploit the system that way." ( that is the gist of what I just quoted from your previous post as part of this response I am writing to you)

But you didn't even stop there. You then went on to suggest that anyone who cannot be trusted to not exploit the system is somehow broken or otherwise morally deficient.

And to put the cherry on top of this fucked up cake that you've been icing with your bullshit and trying to make the rest of us eat, you go on to argue with anyone who suggests that they do not want to further a mechanic that could lead to abuse. Abuse that makes the game worse for everyone.

To sum it up for you. The argument you're putting forth is that you don't like the way the game currently works. You want to break the game so that it works for you. You don't care about all of the feedback you're getting from people telling you that breaking the game to make you happy is going to make their play experience worse.

For everyone else who has a read this far, my suggestion is that as a community we just start ignoring Marleen. They're showing a lot of damage psychological traits, the least of which is narcissism. Well I realize that the game is all about a dark and fucked up future. That's an in character reality. I don't think we need to cultivate relationships with people who are oocly dark and fucked up.

I'll be the first one and start by showing myself out of this thread, then summing up the willpower to avoid the low speed train wreck that every single one of this person's post seems to turn into. Your mileage may vary.

Everyone just take a deep breath.
@Dani After rereading what was said, I misunderstood what people meant. But, I feel like I was pretty clear with the part about not caring if stealth stays through coming back out of OOC. I already assumed it didn't. And if I'm doing something where I'm hiding or waiting for someone I usually go a few blocks away out of the area and @ooc there. I'm not sure how you thought I was arguing against this point, but I wasn't. I was skimming through the posts and thought people wanted to get rid of @ooc entirely.

I didn't bother reading past 2nd line. Move on. You want to make personal attacks, start a diary.


Just goes on to prove how unreceptive you are to anything that doesn't agree with you. You're no longer contributing, and it's clear none of this is getting through to you, or that you simply don't care because it's not what you want.

We are adults here, maybe some people should start acting like them and listen to valid, coherent criticisms of bad ideas.

Ah yes, every valuable response starts with "It is looking like your only purpose of posting on Bgbb is to argue and troll people.". Nothing of value was missed, I can assure you.
Maybe if you get over yourself and realize it's true, and read the rest, you'd get some respectful replies for once. That's all.
I agree with Marleen here, While they can appear more argumentative than others or less receptive to changing their own opinion based on the feedback of others, there's no need for the personal attacks, If you disagree with an idea, give your opinion and your reason then move on.

If you agree +1 it and expand on how you think the suggestion could be improved.

This is an Idea's thread, not an 'argue for the winning point' thread to see who's the biggest twat thread.

Stop being a dick to each other, give feedback on the idea and move on with your life. Stop trying to grow your e-peen with some cool comeback.

Just so we all remember what we're arguing about here, I've proposed we stop people from going @ooc while hidden, just as you do when sitting/detained/unconscious

Let's get back on track.

Theres a lot of information here that we can look at and consider moving forward. I'd suggest if you aren't adding NEW information, or your unheard opinion, you move back to gaming.

I'm not sure why you thought it was okay to post something like that the first time around, much less the second. As someone who's faced rather harsh repercussions in the past for being a shitbird to others in the community -- take stock.

To the shitbirds in OOC-Chat yesterday trashing people in the thread by name who couldn't even be bothered to post much in the actual thread other than snide trolling, we have a memes thread for you to live in, please stay there if you can't grow up. I don't know if staff just weren't around at the time or just don't care that much but this game doesn't need an OOC-Chat and you're why.

If someone posts something you don't like, and the community responds overwhelmingly negatively, and you find yourself unable to respond without dogpiling in a shitbird way to score points with your IC/OOC coterie, you're sad.

I didn't read this entire post, too much stuff. I thought this was already a thing. I distinctly remember adding it so if it isn't there it's a bug. NBD. I will fix it. You should have to unhide to @ooc for coded reasons.

However, I have never seen @ooc abused in any way literally ever. So I don't think anyone needs to worry. We get a message on admin side Everytime someone uses the command.

This has been resolved.
Love u slither