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Posing helper
Additional help with Posing on the fly..

I propose adding an option to have your .poses mirrored back to you after you do them, as if you were in the tutorial room. I find that a lot of situations push my understanding of the pose system organically as I am trying new things, things I never think about trying while in the tutorial room. I think it would help new players get the hang of things faster were there a mode you could toggle that would show you your pose from the other perspective. Interested to hear your ideas on this. Thanks!
I really like this idea, being able to toggle on an echo of this to yourself. +1

I -love- both the original idea and Jameson's suggestion.

Yes please!
I think this idea is great! There are a lot of times (specifically with ch/gh/ verbs) where I'm wondering if I biffing it, and having a way to check without having to have another player tell me would be great. I loud-pose a lot, and knowing on the spot if I need to fix it would be dope.

I actually see a moderate amount of local OOC usage for this, so this would act as a crutch(e) in those situations.

Toggle-able would be great. I'd guess that the POV would be like a camera, in that it wouldn't be targeted by any poses, and would just show you whatever is happening in the room as an "uninvolved/untargeted" party would.

Yup, Floored, that is exactly what I am talking about. I don't think you would need to use it for long either, being able to see your errors on the fly would help you tighten up pretty quickly.
Pretty please this, desperately. As it is the only way I can practice my posing is at the expense of playing time and by occupying the tutorial room. And even that is not perfect, as there are no targets there.
Just to throw this out there though, if you are new to posing and are afraid of posing in groups, please don't be, especially in low-stakes situations like bars. Start out small with some simple ones, and ask on local OOC if you biffed it. I've never seen anyone be a dick about feedback for poses. Not sure if this will get implemented, but in the meantime, just try and roll with it.

A good place to start is to pose instead of using regular emotes:

nod bakka

.nod at bakka.

Start getting a feel for that stuff, then maybe pick a few more complicated ones (like the ch ones) and keep trying. Once you get the basic idea I'd steer clear of the tutorial room unless you're a performer of some kind ICly and want a flawless performance.

Posing has me a little confused. It only works when started with a social in the game right? or have I missed something?
You can absolutely use socials for simple interactions, such as nods, laughs, claps, etc.

Posing is a whole different method that allows you a lot more creativity. You will write in first person but when done correctly, it will show in third person to the room.

Using floored's example:

floored writes: .nod at bakka.

floored sees: You nod at Bakka.

Bakka sees: Floored nods at you.

Everyone else sees: Floored nods at Bakka.

The use of periods is the magic of posing. You use it on verbs and can multiple times a sentence. It takes some practice, but it allows for real character flavor without worrying about tenses for whomever you're RPing with.

There's a helpfile on this and there's a posing tutorial. It's helpful! Also, it takes some practice. I was constantly screwing it up at first, so seriously don't sweat. You'll get the hang of it!

Cool idea. Done.

@options pose

I didn't know how much I needed this, thanks so much for suggesting and thanks Slither for implementing!
This is so awesome! Thanks so much!

Amazing! Could we by chance be able to customize the color for it?
Slither, you the man! <3
This is very helpful. Thanks!
Slither, I turned on this option yesterday and it is outstanding. Helped my roleplay so much now that I understand posing a little better.
Just gotta say thanks one more time for this. Absolutely awesome.
Thank you so much for this. It is already helping me immensely.