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Photograph Names
Should they be made IC?

The 'name' of a photo like 'photograph of Seven' are OOC info and not IC info. You don't know someones name just because you see it in a photo, same as not knowing it just because you see it when they walk into a room.

Should we make photo names in character moving forward? A couple ways we could do this:


1. When you snap a photo it asks for a photo name, instead of just using the room or character name.

2. When you snap a photo it names it something like 'photo12345' and then your camera has the ability to rename it. If you do not rename it and try to print it you are prompted to rename it before printing-- thus ensuring all photos are named when printed.

3. Your idea here.


1. I don't think the prompt when you take the photo is good because it would prevent folks from running away quickly after snapping a candid of someone.

2. How do we handle OLD photos? Like, old photos would remain OOC-- so we would need some indicator of the new IC photo style. This could be hard to convey, even if we renamed all old photos some how.

We would need a way to present the new photo names so people know they are IC, and we would need a way to educate folks on what is/is not an IC photo name.

Perhaps we could add an OOC warning to all old photos when you look at them that say the photo name is OOC and not to use it?

Looking for feedback on this and ideas.

As avid photo colector I would LOVE being able to rename them, OOC/IC issues notwithstanding. If then someone calls the photo "SIC: iLovePhotos" then, well, that's IC way to pass around ID of someone.

I also think that generic photo number as name, as it is now, would be more than enough - just remove the label that follows with location/name etc. So when you are out of hot action you can in peace browse, edit and develop the photos.

As for old photos, why not auto-rename them to random strings and offer a one-off rename on them? So who finds the photo, can rename it into whatever they deem most sensible.

How about, when you print a photo, prompt it for an IC title that prints off with the photo? This way you can remove the room location and replace it with the title.

Give a title for this photo.

> Jane Baka

Your photograph (Jane Baka) comes out of your camera.

> L photo

A photograph, marked as Jane Baka

Jaka (average mona wearing a liberty purple jumpsuit)

With this, I'm imagining we can (optionally) title photos with additional markings allowed, such as...

> Drome, Jane Baka, with an arrow pointing to Jaka

> Jane Baka, autographed by Jane Baka with a heart

> Jane Baka, with devil's horns scribbled on her head

That would make printing multiples a massive OOC chore, while doing a rename in-camera action handles it for good, and for your own organization sake.
Prompt for a number of copies to be printed?

Basically make it like an e-note's prompts.

But whats the upside of the prompt at all? It spreads something that comfortably can be a single command, to one requiring prompt filling.
I like the idea of renaming a photo on the camera but -not- being required to rename the photo before saving.

Photos could initially be assigned a randomly generated name or be sequential and 'saved' as such. The character could see a menu option to rename a photo on the camera or maybe a verb added to the camera itself?

Any solution should also be applicable to the eye-camera module from if that is ever implemented.

I'm not sure how renaming of old photos would or should work.

To reduce the amount of Meta around photos, could $charactername be replaced with $character_short_description so that when a character looks at a photo instead of seeing 'Joe Baka' they see 'A hulking mano wearing an olive-green t-shirt'?

@marleen: Why not both? Can rename on camera and print it out with a caption title. Just like an e-note.
Throwing my support behind the ideas for having random (or just generic, rather) photo filenames the moment they're taken (avoiding the awkward prompt in the moment of taking them) and being able to rename them on the camera -- that way whatever object name a photo has after being printed, it was named by a player, and therefore is IC'ly justified and knowable by anyone who finds it / steals it / whatever.

There's always a meta ripple effect possible where the person naming a photo names it using meta info (like someone's name or a location they shouldn't be able to know) and the the photo falls into someone else's hands and that knowledge spreads, but....I mean you can only fight that kind of thing so much. This would be a really good change.

I like that this also opens up a can of dogmeat for misinformation, like taking photos of someone and labeling them with someone else's name on purpose, that kind of thing -- it now lets you fudge IC info in a themely and interesting way. Maybe it would create a niche but possibly interesting market for a more expensive class of cameras that are lockable like enotes, but hackable by deckers/electro_tech folks....could get interesting, no?

I like the direction this is moving. It was always a bit odd that it snapped their username. It did make it easy to navigate them when scrolling through stored photos though. My thoughts:

I'm against the name-prompt when taking a photo. Whether you're photographing mixers or even dangerous wildlife, the last thing you want to get caught up in is a prompt! You'll get creased.

Naming them after would be a lot better. Especially since you end up deleting some photos anyway.

As for the old/ooc warning, that's probably a good idea. It's a big shift, and it could be very confusing if we plowed ahead without regard for what's already out there. And there's A LOT of photos out there.

Other photo thoughts:

Writing on photos! It would be AWESOME to be able to sharpie some text (small character limit) onto a photo permanently. Such as: His name's JOE. Crease this bakka. Who is this? Find this. Etc. It would really bump up the utility of photos in a way that would make them even more utilized. As it stands, for a go-to or something, you'd need to add a letter with some kind of index with multiple photos. Writing on them would be sweet. Could be a small character limit (60-100) to prevent them from becoming novels.

QOL Changes:

These may be hard to add, or easy, but I wanted to bring them up as a heavy camera user.

Truncated file names: As it stands, photos are preceeded by a large number of 0's. Ex: 00000013.img. I know that photos go up in ascending order, but I've never seen anything close to that. If the photos could default to the lowest number of 'active digits' that would make printing or deleting them easier. Maybe another digit could be added only when needed? Also, I know it's for immersion, but if you could leave off the .img when targeting photos that would be amazing. So instead of print 00000013.img from photoplus you'd get print 13 from photoplus. I usually end up copy/pasting anyway because of the way this currently works.

view all/Print all/delete all: Sometimes you want to trash everything, or print everything, or look at all your photos. In those cases you end up typing a lot of commands, or copy/pasting a lot. Three new commands here would be amazing time-savers in a lot of situations.

If these are big coding projects I can understand if they aren't a priority. If I had to choose one I'd go with writing on photos.

Always pumped that the admin team is actively examining things like this. Thanks!

I like the idea of naming photos (especially if those names are IC info and usable for the sort of filthy misinformation campaigns you underhanded people like to get involved in... hang on, yeah, sounds like fun...)...

Ahem, anyway, problem I see is all the millions of photos that are likely to already exist would have to have the same rule applied, unless there was some way to distinguish new from old in a very obvious way.