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Photo Editing on E-Notes
Copy & Paste

Photos are the lifeblood of paydata but they're difficult to fabricate. The ability to edit and otherwise alter photos on an e-note then save/print a copy would be amazing. Key features would be:

Lighten: Over expose the photo to reveal possibly hidden people in the photograph.

Darken: Purposefully obfuscate individuals in the photograph to make them unseen.

Copy + Paste: Insert someone from a "portrait" style photo into a "landscape" style photo.

Alter: Change the description of someone or an object in a photo. This can be their description or look_place.


Cover up the corporate traitors in your office holiday photo...

Love it. Also, printing photos in general would be amazing! I feel like the photo scanner is so rarely used. It destroys the photo when you scan it in, and then you can't even print out any photos from the e-note. Another reason why the photo scanner could use an upgrade is that large photos with a bunch of people take up SO much memory in the e-mem module. I vaguely remember that the previous coder was trying to discourage people from keeping so many photographs around, so they purposefully didn't code in the ability to print photos from the scanner, but I feel like physical photos are everything. Especially for paydata purposes.

I've made it so the scanner doesn't recycle the photo after it is scanned.
On the topic of e-notes and photographs, is it possible to 'compress' or change the way the photos are being stored?

Currently photographs containing more than a person or two, or photographs containing a person with a very detailed appearance totally hog storage space. I did some napkin math and IIRC, the biggest storage solution even available can only hold between 13-18 photos, depending on the contents of the photo.

If not possible to archive or compress photo sizes, would it be possible to get one tier higher of storage for photos? I.e. a 1meg e-mem? As it is now it costs a not-insignificant amount of chyen to store pictures digitally as opposed to just dumping out 10 copies of a photo to distribute, if that makes sense.

Just some food for thought while on the topic of photo editing!

Instead of making a separate thread, I wanted to add this idea since it's in the same general vein:

I'd like to see us be able to doctor the date of an entry on an e-note. Add any ability to see the actual date as a means of digital forensics, whether that's part of forensics as a whole or into the tech skills. It'd be a way to fudge history, events and spread false stuff.