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Personality Analyser
'Socializing is hard', Saedor-Krupp says.

So, during a recent replay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I really enjoyed how the personality analyser augmentation worked, and started thinking how Sindome needs more non-combat related chrome.

Here's how I figured it could work:

- Mid-tier in pricing, low PDS load.

- Installed somewhere around the eyes or head, probably not shown in nakeds unless the player fluffs it themselves.

- Players are given a new command to write a few lines of information about their character's personality, behaviours, etc. This could also appear in character creation and possibly replace the Briggs-Myers thing.

- Whenever you have the cyberware installed and someone speaks directly at you, the game rolls behind the scenes (perhaps a skill/stat check, not entirely random) to determine whether one line of that character's personality is revealed. This way, the longer you talk to someone, the more of their personality it reveals to you. This also means that you should write the more base elements of the personality first, and leave the vulnerabilities and really telling stuff for the last sentences you write.

-To prevent spam, the personality stuff could appear at the bottom of the character's description when you look at them, and when you unlock a line, you could get a flavorful message like 'You feel your cognitive functions sharpen as you listen to %o. %o's psyche is a little clearer to you now.'

-Perhaps the pheromones nanogenic disrupts this cyberware's usage or makes it not work entirely, which would also give a relatively unpopular nano more of a reason to be used.

I feel like this would have a ton of potential for really cool social and manipulation RP, and even offer a bit of an edge for non-combat characters to have their own power over people. It would even be helpful for GMs to quickly understand player characters better without having to dive into a possibly very long backstory and notes and all that.

I love it, but I also fear that this just gives even more mechanical power to older vs new players, and really really a lot of power. But on the other hand it moves the manipulations game from player skill more into the character skill realm.
Players would have to actually play according to this coded character "personality" too.
This honestly seems like something should be doing in RP and not needing a device for.

There's already a "mind reader" device.

I am sort of against hardcoding character personalities. Unrealistic RP/tendencies can still be called out, but I think it's on us as players to analyze RP and pick out what we think are noteworthy traits from other characters for our characters to pursue.

This would also likely require Disguise to be expanded and tweaked to shield your coded personality, and it just has the possibility to get very messy. There are several pieces of cyberware in game already to glean the hidden motivations of people, it just takes some coaxing as opposed to having it dumped on you like a sack of bricks.

I don't love this idea.

One of the few ways newer characters can get an edge on older characters is by outmaneuvering them socially. By reading someone well, understanding their personality, and playing to it during your interactions with them (or their enemies), you can sometimes overcome large skill and money differences. It's amazing to see.

Let's try to keep that the way it is.


The power difference between an old character and a new one is already absolute unless the older character willingly lets the younger character win. This is true in terms of stats, contacts, resources, and everything.


Which, without going into detail, is used for something entirely different and the 'intended' usage is very niche. Nevertheless, these are two very different things.

As for other complaints, I don't see this as being any more 'hardcoded' than your history. This doesn't mean your character has to be 'angry/brooding about corpos' or 'self-conscious about their image' all the time, it's just one of their traits. And this doesn't take away player skill, it compliments it. It reads the other character, but it's still up to you to make use of that information. It's not jedi mind tricks. It just helps what Rhicora said, happen.

The "intended" use also includes glimpses into this. Hands down.

If people are using the functionality it picks up, then they'll get insight. Easy.

I understand that not everyone can read a room and gather personality data about folks. It's a learned social skill.

That being said, codifying this ability sounds like an RP workaround. If you want to know someone, spend the time to know them, or pay someone for this data.

While this seems interesting, my character acts differently depending on how he/she's feeling, what he/she's going through, and who he/she's talking to. Sometimes the personality is wildly split. There are some aspects of personality unknown to everyone but my char. I think this kind of thing is potentially limiting to the complexity of a character? That's my only real fear.
I was quite dismayed to find that my socially awkward tendencies followed me into a game that I very much enjoy, and without any kind of sugar coating, I suck hard at engaging this skill organically.

That being said, I still wouldn't want see this chrome in play - and for the same reason some of the others voiced. Good at it or not, it's an rp element and rather core to the theme at that. I wouldn't want to see that cheapened with chrome.