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Perform command
Nothing forced, just suggested

Moved this over to its own post.

To recap: the idea is for there to be a perform command wherein one types out their performance, whether it be dancing or stripping or singing, in typical paragraph format, and a skill roll adds a global message afterwards that looks like a think, informing whoever's watching of the OBJECTIVE CODED QUALITY of the performance. This can then be used to inform a PC's actions without forcing anyone to do anything. It will still look like a thought: You think to yourself . o O ( This is awful ); A voice in your head says, . o O ( This is pretty good ); etc. It will be a global room message though so that it still works through TV without complicated code hassle. I will underline this again: IT IS STILL UP TO THE PLAYER TO JUDGE HOW THEIR CHARACTER REACTS OR ACTUALLY THINKS, AND THE QUALITY OF THE WRITING ITSELF IS STILL IMPORTANT IN THAT. NOTHING IS FORCED ONLY SUGGESTED.

This sounds terrible. Thoughts are still IC.

Not to mention, a bad skill roll could ruin a great performance.

Bad bad not good.

Please, let's just leave it as is and leave the burden of content on the players themselves.

What Heliodor said.
I can see both sides of this. But I'd have to agree it wouldn't be worth coding if as you said it would be largely ignored because it's only a suggestion. Plus the players who take the time to write songs and epic performances could just get shit on by a bad roll. I think it would not be worth it to code or even look into.
A bad roll in an otherwise good performance could just mean a low point, it can be overlooked pretty easy. It's no different from GMs manually injecting thoughts into people's heads. It's a simple one-line thing that can be ignored if wanted. And because it's a spoof-type message rather than an actual thought, feel free to think . o O ( Actually it's pretty terrible, go away voice in my head. ) for the benefit of anyone with MindEyes.
Also I'd like to note that this little message would be after every paragraph, so a bad skill roll can be easily made up for later. How many one-paragraph performances have you seen in-game?
'And because it's a spoof-type message rather than an actual thought, feel free to think . o O ( Actually it's pretty terrible, go away voice in my head. ) for the benefit of anyone with MindEyes.'

Seems immersive and in-character.

Also I'd like to note that this little message would be after every paragraph, so a bad skill roll can be easily made up for later. How many one-paragraph performances have you seen in-game?

So everyone within the tile would be blasted with thoughts after each individual perform command?

As a performer-type PC, I wouldn't mind some version of a skill-check in certain things. So like, if you're one of those people who're RPing WAY ABOVE your talent threshold, we'll know because you suck and will judge accordingly, no matter how pretty you pose.
Something more immersive for you to think yourself would be along the lines of . o O ( I hate these lyrics and her style, but at least she's hitting the notes. ) The goal is to inform one's RP without controlling it.
That does control peoples' RP.

Thoughts are IC.

What about a command to sing/perform, whatever: you type 'sing La la la', it rolls a skill check to say 'LostSoul adequately sings 'La la la.' or LostSoul amazingly sings 'La la la.'

Which I believe is what the gist of the whole thought injection idea is, without the thought injection. And it incorporates a skillcheck, and showcases the result.

Roll to inspire courage.
We check every performer for their appropriate skill and slam the brakes on anyone doing it above their skill level, and reflect that with ambient crowd reaction, positively and negatively.
It's the performers responsibility to RP their skill. GMs will handle people who meta. I don't support coded responses to people's performances, I EXPECT players to not be meta.

Coded responses are okay for NPCs but NPCs tend to be bland and boring unless puppetted so you know, why would we ever want to force bland coded responses on players?

That fucks with the content of the performance, which fucks over the performer.
And for the record, I have every intention of replacing those annoying coded responses on drugs with RP indicators on mood changes and such. So adding something like this is counter to the removal of this sort of crap from other areas of the game.
Thanks, Cerb.
There's not a prayer of enhancing "performance" with artistry code.

Unless maybe the problem isn't about people over-roleplaying an IC performance when they have an artistry skill level which fails to justify the flowery RP they're spreading? Is this really about wanting a way to have a player who can't RP an OOCly entertaining performance entertain ICly by scoring good rolls?

Honestly, I don't get it.

It doesn't have to be a roll tho'.

Just a vague assessment like when you look excellent/spectacular/magnificent etc.

I would be curious to know how one can best gauge how good their character's performance should be? This is especially difficult for new players to do as they don't really have a good idea of the scales. I am sure this is easier for experienced players who have a pretty good idea of what a high and low stat or kill really is but many lack this knowledge.

My guess is that before "performing" players should xhelp and ask for guidelines until they are experienced enough to gauge this better for themselves? Maybe check in with the GMs every so often to get a new assessment concerning how they should describe their efforts?

This is a case where we are told we should "play to our stats" while many of us lack the knowledge to know how good our stats really are. I am not saying that this lack of knowledge or the need to gain it through play should change just wondering how new players can best deal with it!

Sorry to intrude, as someone who does not really know many of the specifics to performing in RP, but from my perspective the only purpose performance would require skill-checks for would be how much attention it draws, kind of like the opposite of perception for communicating it 'loud' areas.


Player1 is new to the game and has a poor performance skill (whether it be from artistry or if it is made its own skill). Player1 tries to perform in a big club, however their mediocre skills mean that they don't stand out very much, only drawing attention from those who are interested in watching. Maybe Player1 should try getting a job somewhere less busy until they can improve.

Meanwhile, Player2 has a great performance skill, and has no problem performing in these noisy areas (which could be represented by the poses and such being shown to every player in the room, similar to shouting).

Apart from this, I can't really see any reason for performance to require any skill-checks, and even this implementation would be quite unforgiving for newer players trying to get into performing, as they might struggle to find a suitable place for it.

If any of that makes sense to you guys?

So, I'd like to revive this thread, as I've noticed a lot of new players performing, but having NO IDEA that there is a skill associated with it. The character's in the audience obviously have to take it on good faith that the performing character has at least invested some UE in the associated skill, but without any way of knowing, there's inevitably a semi-retcon situation that will happen down the road as soon as a GM notices.

Having a command to 'perform' that checks the performer's skill, and simultaneously broadcasts it to the room with an annotation of the quality (I.e. , or Bubba spits out a rapid fire series of lyrical rhymes, a man in the crowd yells out "You suck!") would alleviate this, and help keep continuity.

Staff already does this.
They don't have a 100% catch rate. I myself have fallen into something very similar to this, and it wasn't caught until months later.
Make climbing on stage echo an OOC message to the player climbing onto it about playing to your stats

[ OOC: Remember to roleplay to your skill level when performing. To get an idea of your artistic ability and general charismatic appeal, type @stats or xhelp for clarification. ]