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Pause for Puppets

I was thinking a pause option for a puppet request could be nice. Sometimes we might be on but not fully active. During this time we might need to cancel a puppet request and then recreate it later. It might be nice if we had an option to suspend the request for a time.
You could also log off.
We can do that?
If you're on the game, you're on the game. Most of the time GMs are understanding that your attention might be split for a moment, but if you're logged in, your character is live. Canceling and logging off are really the only two options.
I'm not talking about idling, but when we might need to AFK on a whim. I know a lot of us play during work and such.
If you have the time to go through a process of requesting a puppet pause, wouldn't it be easier - and shorter - to simply go @ooc?
Cool idea. I don't get why people are saying that you should just log off, when it's perfectly fine to idle for hours. Sometimes you want to remain logged in but there's some things taking your attention in your real life.
If you're not available for your puppet request, are you available if someone were to suddenly enter the room you're in? Your apartments are not safe.
This seems something @ooc should cover.
You really need to either log off or just @OOC if you have to go away for a few minutes to an extended period of time. As a chronic idler, I'm definitely never pressed when I miss the GMs like 50% of the time and have to come scurrying back around trying to catch them the next go around.
On the gm side, GM's are made aware of if you are idle when they see pending puppet requests. Adding a marker for ooc characters could be useful though! Good idea!