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Palming Items
For That Smooth Slight of Hand

I think it would be cool to implement a 'palm ' command. Little slight of hand tricks, secret transactions in broad daylight, and of course, slipping stolen drek or whatever into your pockets all stealthy like.

I'm looking at it being useful in a few ways.

1. It seems odd that a dip can stealthily take something, but then has to mechanically reveal themselves to put it away. Having a pocket command that doesn't break stealth, and uses similar stat checks to be noticed would be cool. Again, 'palm '

2. It could promote public transactions that might otherwise be done only in private, or add an element of measured caution to generally public transactions. Ex. Joe Baka has some drugs he wants moved, and he doesn't want his errand girl walking around with a target on her back. 'palm on .'

3. Street Magic. That is all.

Just some thoughts. What're yours?

I could have sworn there was an idea thread about this a while back... I can't find it on a brief search.
Oh, because it's the exact same title, lol.

Sorry for the double post. Didn't realize the brackets would be dropped from the post.

Stash it on yourself: palm -item-

Slip it into someone's hand: palm -item- on -person-

So there'd be multiple skill checks. A dip would dip and then palm. Two checks. An exchange would check the person palming it to someone, and then the receiver would have a check to palm it out of sight from their own hands.

These are the commands I was thinking of as examples.

There are definitely some sleight of hand mechanics already in the game, but I don't know how extensive they are.
Oh cool! I see it now. Sorry I missed it already being there.
Unless I am not completely comprehending what you are asking for, I think all of this is already in the game.

help pickpocket

You can plant things on other players, but I think the request here is for a skill-checked self-plant. As far as I know Staff has said no previously to this.

It's a fun idea. All about balance though. Stealing is pretty strong already.

I suggested a while ago a "bump" command that performed a harder theft skill-check for a partial or full peek into another PC's inventory. Still think that would be fun too.

It seems odd that a dip can stealthily take something, but then has to mechanically reveal themselves to put it away.

It's a part of the checks and balances of the game system. If they take my stuff, I have a chance to see it in their hand.


Remember that scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie? The one where Jack Sparrow filches a gold piece from the chest right in front of Barbossa and then does some slight of hand to make it disappear up his sleeve? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.


That makes sense. I tend to lean more to realism when I have a thought. Game balance doesn't always factor in when I'm considering a thing. Good call.