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Official: Grid 3.0 Feature Requests
A new grid is coming ...


A new grid is in development. Why? We declared the old grid too damn hard to work on years ago and you all suffer for it. So we're rewriting it in our new favorite language, JavaScript. Once complete, it will mean just about everything outside the MOO, Jira and the Lore section of the main website will be in JavaScript.

That's important because I don't work in the languages the Grid was written in any more. A lot of people don't. A lot of people didn't when it was hobbled together from various, largely off-the-shelf products (a discussion board and a wiki platform) and we made various hacks to it over the years. A lot of people are focused on JavaScript development. A lot of people want to learn it. This will give some of YOU an opportunity to contribute, to learn too. All this means that more brainpower and manpower will be available to contribute on making the grid better for everyone.

What's Already Done

- Grid-DB (where we store all the data that makes up the grid)

All tests Passing!

- Importer (will slurp up all the old grid data and put it into Grid-DB)

Slither did 110% of the amazing work on this, MUCH LOVE BROTHER!

- Grid App is ready for dev (what will become the new eventually)

Project is very well structured:

- Some of you helped pick out the primary font choices

- Quickterm Chrome is 2/3rds complete! Ads are already rotating!

I've got the Grid App developed to the point where we can begin to focus on the bits you care about. You can login and are presented with a completely useless Welcome node. It does all the right cookie and connection and device and signal checks like the real grid does.

What's Left to Do

- New Grid Account Signup

- Responsive Design (will be usable by mobile phone)

- Parity with existing Grid features

- Forums

- Withmore Globe

- The Feed

- NLM Mail

- Maps

- Activity

- Nodes

- Working Node Hacking

- Search

- Working Password Changing

Feature Requests





If you're worried that posting your idea will expose who your character is, or that you've got a Very Particular Set of Skills, email [email protected] and [email protected] (removing the EFF and SPAM, drr) instead.

I will post my ideas too.


A little panel slides in from off screen with a notification from one of the 'apps' your QT is running. Mail, The Feed, News Alerts, Watched Forum Posts, maybe that So and So has logged on.


Try to visually and functionally treat each different aspect of the grid as a distinct application within the grid's framework for such things.


My Example: Notifications can show up on your cyber eye.

What else?


Please use one fixed width font for both the editor and the posts. It's very frustrating trying to do ascii art and page alignment with multiple fonts and variable-width fonts are the devil.


Lets make it so I can make each paragraph a different font.


-Why offer access, for example, to all forums for free when you can pay for it? Make the grid modular!

-Faction specific apps! Corporations should have their unique gadgets :D


Set up a node to run a User Database, making it possible for real users to access their nodes via an in-node account (NOT their main Grid login).


Administrators (Probably a decker).

Read-write Users (Probably a real user that alter files/data on the node).

Write-only Users (Some schmuck you gets to watch shit but no touchy-touch).

I've got a more uhhh detailed write-up somewhere, but this'll do.


Let you upload avatar icons so you can share all that sweet character art ICly!


Add a widget to the main website and the grid that lets players easily select an image being displayed and make it their grid avatar.


re: coconut's user databases idea

We could implement this with our existing Grid-DB model for a User by adding a 'domain' attribute that's simply a Node name, Node name pattern or some other such.

Love this idea!


Fight to be first to find scraps of paydata and get some flash.


We all know our characters get targeted by television adverts and sic adverts like nothing else, a great fit to the theme of the game.

I'd suggest that get extended to the grid in the 3.0 version. Randomly generated gridmail send out to accounts from corporations and other businesses, yet another avenue where the citizens of Withmore cannot escape advertisements - unless, possibly, for a price (Johnny suggested premium grid accounts!).


Limit the size of the inbox and have new mail either get bounced or "helpfully" delete the oldest mail.

Idea: Servers[\b]

Companies and people can purchase their own grid servers. Existing grid data is kept on the NLM servers but anyone can purchase their own server. Server's can run various apps like databases to store information, serving nodes, serving email. Accessto servers can be locked down.

IDEA:Merger of E-Note and Terms

New generation of quickterms that can have removable storage for holding Apps, ICE Breakers, Emails, Documents and the like. Maybe even make E-Prints stand alone devices and you can use a print app to print to them.

IDEA: Term's are accessable

If a Term is on and has SIC signal (or is otherwise wired into the grid) it can be accessed by other terms if it's security can be overridden.

IDEA: Electronic and Securty devices can be Linked to the Grid

Once the hub and devices are on the grid apps can be used to view, check on, enable and disable cameras, motion detectors, firearm detectors, locks ect... This would allow great convenience and flexibility for users and an attack path for deckers

IDEA: Banking App

Using a banking app you can check your account balance and make transfers.

IDEA: Location Limited Networks

If private servers become possible make it so that one must wire on or at least be located at certain locations to access some servers. Like one must be at the ViriiSoma campus to access their servers or somehow get some kind relay device installed to connect their network to the public Grid.


On the same vein as the e-note/term merger, an expensive smartphone capable of accessing the Grid would be neat.

RESPONSE - IDEA: Electronic and Securty devices can be Linked to the Grid

I suggest we take Replay Camera events and move them off moo to the grid DB and store them there, we'd be able to increase capacity of recorded events by maybe 100x or more and make those events hackable to be used in support of crime, or to fight crime as evidence.

Fits the game for Law Enforcement, Intel gathering, and Criminal activity.

This was as true of the original/current grid as it will be of the new one, but it's a nut I still want to crack, and that is:

Make there be a REASON for people (NPCs, PCs, whoever) to PUT their valuable secret pay data on the grid.

"Coded seeding of payday a into random sources" still needs an IC reason/explanation.

If it happens, codedly or deliberately, the hackers tend to disbelieve it and regard it as a false plant because "why the hell did this get put HERE".

Grid hacking as payday a mining, or thievery, is an awesome idea, it is one which I think a lot of people people pre-conceive and are disappointed when they find extremely little potential there.

All it needs is a c

A compelling mechanical and in-character reason.

I understand breaking and entering is still being worked on, but for things like public building lifts, or cameras so on and so forth, might be good fun to crack into the building, heist style, to cover your buddies as they storm the building/kidnap the person, etc.

As Cerb mentioned, being able to steal recorded footage sounds aces.

I agree with Linekin's point, just tossing random paydata (which can be real stuff fetched from other nodes) into nodes for no apparent reason rather than just random odds seems a bit forced. I think a good solution to this problem would be merging e-notes with Grid content. I'm not sure how you'd structure the data but I think that maybe if you had enough info like the device's ID or something like that, you could allocate it to a specific node in the Grid and with enough skill, crack it, and steal the text in the e-note documents. Much like how it's happening IRL right now.

ICE should be available for purchase and installation on any grid connected device. This could take the form of Apps, chips, or whatever. ICE should come in a variety of strengths and be somewhat easy to install.

Additionally it would be great if deckers could create custom ICE to sell. This custom ICE could potentially be stronger than the generic stuff.

IDEA: Data Transfers

Should it become possible to store ICE, ICE Breakers, Apps and other data it would be good to have a data transfer mechanism in place. Maybe just have two memory slots. One that could be used as a devices main memory and another that could be used for data transfers. Or create data sharing apps that allow one to upload and download data to and from the grid (wouldn't it be cool if you managed to gain access to some decker's trove of ICE, ICE breakers and Apps?).

@villa, @Linekin Since we've been talking apps, how about creating a somewhat expensive journaling app with storage fees that turns the Lite into an e-note itself? This would delegate the e-note to those less fortunate and give corpies something more to lord over one another while giving efficient hackers something to mine.

Corporate Gridmail

Speaking of hacking into things. Why not give corps (or any business for that matter) their own gridmail servers.Players inside corps could access their work gridmail and their personal accounts outside the corporate email servers. Also narrows down and gives a better targets for deckers and hackers wanting to mine to focus on. We could also have email scandals like in the real world!

ugh...i'm repeating both of those. I should have read through better :/

+1 to both ideas i unintentionally plagiarized instead.

RE: Corporate Gridmail

That is one of the things I had in mind when I suggested servers. ViriiSoma and other corps could buy their own servers and serve Gridmail, Nodes, Forums or whatever else themselves.


Why would the wealthy opt to chose a more vulnerable platform over an 'offline' e-note where their secret paydata is much safer? You have to give them a very good reason to use Grid-based information storage platforms. The solution is to merge all the content to the Grid altogether -or- make the Grid-based methods marginally better than the conventional methods (i.e. e-notes) so characters will have reasons to use one over the other.

@villa "The solution is to merge all the content to the Grid altogether -or- make the Grid-based methods marginally better than the conventional methods"

How are these not reasons for making notes on the grid better than on the e-note? Notes on the grid means you lose the clunky device. You lose the forever draining e-memory modules plus having to keep them somewhere and sift through them when you want them.If the notes are on the grid, you can access it through your lite (I'm assuming quickterms won't have the same access to the new cool stuff that lites will) and have basically unlimited storage if you can pay for it. Its like the difference between taking your bike to the bank or waiting for the lev. Convenience.

"Why would the wealthy opt to chose a more vulnerable platform over an 'offline' e-note where their secret paydata is much safer?"

Why do you think an offline e-note is so much safer? Its not like e-notes are bolted down to your apartment. They aren't -that- safe. I don't know what Grid 3.0 is capable of...but who's to say SHI doesn't start that app as an extension of its e-note and run it behind its corporate firewall? Progress in the 22nd! Hacking that would be a feat...and it'd be pretty awesome, too. I don't think we can preemptively declare things as more or less vulnerable until we know what 3.0 is capable of, right? Hence this thread.

"Your e-note has received a firmware update. Please decrypt as usual then enter your Grid account information."

With a highly skilled decker having a chance to spoof this message and launch a man-in-the-middle attack? Then they would have access to the device and the grid account they just got the info for.

The hacker would have to know the target had the e-note and be very close to it for this to work.


Basically, anything that isn't supposed to be visible shouldn't be accessible from the client side, or searched by the search engine. This means, unfortunately, parsing the source to strip out hidden shit, like secret paydata.

IDEA: PUT THE "C" IN "ICE" (Countermeasures, yo)

Make ICE actually sting, or be costly/harmful/inconvenient in some other way.

Traditionally within the genre, ICE doesn't JUST defend some asset, it counteracts and attacks back, leaving the attacker with brain fry, slagged hardware, viruses and trojans, or worse. Even dead.

Without direct neural interfaces, some of that's a little far fetched for the Grid, but flubbing a penetration attempt should be more risky than just "Oh, I blew it, better try again when I get better."

Make the attacker pay, or make them regret trying.


Each term would have it's own ID to track the session. This would 1) Let you choose which term you're using, 2) Make it possible to hijack someone's account if they forget to log out, and 3) Simplify showing someone something on your term. Accessing the session would require having direct physical access to the term the ID belongs to.

[bold]Idea: Real security work and exploits. I.E. Phishing, Cracking, Patching, etc.[/b]
IDEA: Integration with other in-game databased

WJF Tac-Comp tie in.

Permit Query Tie-In

Corporate Payroll Tie-In

WCS SIC Tie-in

Building Security System and Blueprinter (maps) Tie-Ins

The goal being to use current in-game data as pay-data that can be retrieved by deckers.

Re: Integration

I agree with this and it has been mentioned repeatedly in various posts. I think that any and all systems that COULD be tied to the grid SHOULD be tied to the grid. Databases, Security devices, Electric Devices, Locks, Phones, Banking and most everything else. At the same time, I have some reservations...

If a decker can remotely unlock doors, disable security, access paydata and all that, how will this impact characters that specialize in security and electro tech and, to a lesser extent, physical infiltration?

Is it worth the delay? Honestly I am not sure if I would rather have a slightly evolved Grid 3.0 in three months than the perfect Grid 3.0 in a year. Maybe there is a compromise that can be reached like a slow rollout but I fear that the more we ask (I am guilty of this) the harder it will be to get even a modes improvement in place.

That being said, I would LOVE having everything receiving current be connected to the grid and capable of being manipulated by Deckers.


I agree that it is important for there to be an IC reason why people start storing data in a way that potentially makes it more vulnerable to being breached. In many cases I think that this can be a simple as ease of use and convenience. Look how much people and corporations in today world place online for the sake of convenience.

On the flip side I would suggest an alternate way of looking at it. Perhaps people start putting their data on grid accessible devices because there is no other choice. Perhaps SHI stops making the current generation of e-notes and starts releasing e-notes that ONLY support remote storage. Perhaps Skywatch does the same thing with their security devices. Perhaps, as has been suggested it is a firmware upgrade and no one is given the option to opt-out.

Why? I think that this can best be left to speculation and the truth evolved over time. It would be clear that the powers that be have decided that this is in their best interests (despite them advertising it being for our benefit). Characters will talk, gossip, speculate and dig. As they do the hard truth will reveal itself.

Just a thought!

Withmore would logically never integrate everything because that's what fucked them over last time they brought the Matrix in. It's a good idea, but it also renders a bunch of skills next to useless.
IDEA: Grids 3.0[/]

This is mostly a refinement of many of my prior suggestions. The idea is to make the Grid plural. As has been pointed out is is unlikely that Withmore would want to fully integrate things as much as many here might like it to be otherwise. But perhaps there is a way to increase integration that doesn't quite result in total integration.

The idea is that there would be multiple Grids in Withmore. The one we know today would be the Withmore City Public Grid. Then there would be the NLM Prvate Grid and the ViriiSoma Private Grid, and the Skywatch Private Grid and the WCS Private grid and Bob's Private Grid and My Private Grid.

Every grid starts as a Server. The server is can have modules installed to enable support for certain Apps. A Node App, a Mail App, a Feed App, a Security Camera App and all that. Servers come in various sizes and might vary on how many users/apps/whatever they support.

By default a term has to be in the same room as the server to access it. One can, however, enable Limited SIC access. Something like Wifi. This would allow access to a corps Servers from anywhere the corp wants (Typically the 'Employees Only' parts of their campuses). The only Grid available more or less city wide is the Withmore City Pulic Grid (Though this could change). Even f multiple grids have been extended to be city wide they are still separate grids. Perhaps, when one logs in they have to select which Grid they are logging into.

With this separation of Grids you might be able to have all the things connected to a grid. All the things on the ViriiSoma campus connected to the ViriiSoma Grid. If you want to hack in to it you have to first gain physical access to somewhere their Grid is accessible from.

Just another thought!

RE: Grids 3.0

Expanding on this, we could then have term mods to make hidden or 'dark' grids visible. This could be for things like a city-wide grid for the WJF, or regional grids for criminal elements.

IDEA: Grid shopping

Businesses with their own shops (specially those owned by players) should be able to be linked to a grid node so players can view the current stock and the description of the items for sale.

IDEA: Accound Administration

It should be possible for people to administer accounts. Some basics would be allowing users to change their own passwords and for admins (legally) or deckers (not-so-legally) to help users recover accounts and the like.

re: Account Administration

As a part of a node? IE: A business allowing some employees access to their node and internal grid based operations? Different access levels for different employees?

This could leave RP possibilities open if a former employee discovers their access wasn't revoked after they left a business.

Personally I have been thinking of account admin as a separate thing. What you're describing is, in my opinion, the single most important thing for a new grid. The ability for people to manipulate nodes as a user. There as a suggestion regarding this earlier in this thread and in a separate post that talks about being able to give various users different level of access to nodes (think Read/Write/Admin permissions possibly with the creator of the node being an admin by default).

Similar Idea in this thread: IDEA: USER DATABASES

Similar Idea in another thread:

IDEA: Image Uploads

Allow grid users to upload and use images with nodes/mail/forum. Perhaps with certain limitations (size, format, ect...). Perhaps have the uploaded images be unavailable for use until a staff member (or approved grid admins) approves it to ensure it is not inappropriate. The danger of course is that someone manages to get an image in game that is offensive or does not fit the theme. There is also the storage cost. Though I think this would be nice I totally understand if it was deemed that it's contribution to the game was not worth the resources.

RE: IDEA: Grid shopping

I both like and dislike this idea. I think it would be a cool addition but I also think it would mean less reason to get out of your cube. Why risk leaving your cube to go to the store to see if they have what you need when you can check the grid?

How can we get around that and both promote RP and offer cool features?

One thing I thought of would be letting you see what the store SELLS but not what they have IN STOCK. So you'd still need to go there and check.

Thoughts? Improvements? Counterarguments?

RE: Grid Shopping


I like the idea of being able to see what something sells. Perhaps being able to request something? Not a custom order, that's for tailors, but requesting that Epoch Wearables carry umbrellas or something. If enough requests go in, or it sounds logical, add that item to the rotation for them to sell.

RE: Grid Shopping


Maybe have a list of things they sell and whenever a thing is stocked it gets bumped to the top? That way you know that $dongle got in lately, maybe it's there, maybe it isn't.

RE: Grid Shopping

Additionally, you could let deckers mess with it. Oh, your enemy is looking for a widget? Let me send him over to Death Trap Outfitters for you.


I know it's a total stretch but no harm in throwing it out there. Cracking could be a flappy-bird-esque minigame where the speed and control is modified by the attacker's skills and the density of obstacles (white/black ICE) is controlled by the defender's skill. Then when modding terms with ICE-breakers or more ICE you could easily modify those parameters or give the decker's "ghost" a little ICE-breaker gun or something?


Simple idea to make Grid usage more costly.

Certain features (more inbox space etc etc) of the Grid can be behind IC paywalls.

Make this available for player nodes as well. Have log-in screen show up on an accessed node with a 'pay for account' button (lets you set up an account in the node's User Database) that wires the sum to a specified bank account from your own. It can be a weekly transfer, or a one-time transfer.

Could be used for shitloads of things. Pictures with paywall access, articles, whatever.


Similar to how the updates work on the SIC-network. Have a node with a subscription fee, allow characters to subscribe to it for a weekly fee. Then they can access the trades, match results etc without having to tune into the SIC-network or watch television... but, it'll cost them!

IDEA: Link to The Mind and Sindome History content

From what I have seen we have a variety of IC knowledge/content on the sindome webpage. It would be cool if this content was also presented on the grid.

Nodes are 'Websites' with Pages!!!

Don't know if its mentioned but it would be nice for a node to be a full blown 'website' like we have. Thus making hacking interesting by going through the code. Could potentially be a no go though :( but I know of a person who did something like that in current grid (attaching multiple nodes like pages) would be nice to see it done. I'd totaly learn the code for it too :)

Ooooh on that note:

ICE really hurts you!

Make it so the ice causes electricity to crackle through the deck potentially damaging you and possibly killing you. (Hey matrix runs are deadly as fuck...)

IDEA: GridMail Headers

A function for hackers and "tech workers" to be able to breakdown gridmails which show pertinent information such as SIC ID that sent gridmail, Grid Login, etc. Usual e-mail forensic stuff just Sindome-ized.

IDEA: Threaded Conversations

Maybe I am an idiot and just haven't figured it out, but I scanned this list and didn't see it mentioned, I'd like it if when you hit reply in a grid mail it worked like a reply in normal email and contained the previous message, rather than having to copy and paste and mess up the titles.


Does this for forwarding too. (this is basically all reply and forward do)

I figured it was low hanging fruit, but I wanted to throw it out there. Thanks for the changes to this!
IDEA: Multiple Recipients for Gridmails

I'd love it if I could send a gridmail to multiple gridmail addresses at the same time. Might also be nice if you could somehow make a message group or mailing list kind of thing.

IDEA: Photo emailing, scanning, printing, editing

It might require a little too much game-grid interaction and maybe it's beyond the scope of this thread, but I'd love to be able to use a scanner (or a higher end camera) to send photographs (as in the in-game objects that currently exist) over the Grid that could similarly be printed out as in-game objects with the right equipment.

Photo editing software to doctor images could be interesting, too. A nice use of artistry and computer skills that would go outside of fluff/clothing, with a skill check to figure out whether a printed photograph had been doctored or not. That way while it would become very easy to anonymously distribute information, that information would become less reliable.

IDEA: Date last edited

The name of the last editor shows up in the scroll while hacking, it'd be ace if the date last edited did too (maybe depending on skill?)

IDEA: git diff

It would be really wiz if a skilled enough decker could see all the changes throughout the life of a node in a git diff like fashion. Maybe going back longer dependent on skill.


It would be great if we could bookmark some of our favorite nodes.

IDEA: Pay Nodes

Make it possible to put up a node and require payment to view it. I would propose three payment methods would be possible:

1. Pay in cash on StreetTerms.

2. Bill to SIC account (would bill the SIC account linked to the grid account being used)

3. Provide Bank Account number (or name) and it get's withdrawn.

This would make it possible for deckers to get paid for useful information they post on the grid and opens people up to scams.

IDEA: What if there was an android (or apple) app for our RL smartphones to login to the Grid? I use my phones web browser already, but a dedicated app would be awesome!
A very simple request: Make it possible to attach links to forum posts and nodes in Gridmails.
Yes. Being able to link to forum posts and nodes from mails, the feed, the forum and nodes would be great. All the links!
Hackable forum and/or limited forum post lifespan

I think that it is too easy for people to use long lived forum posts in place of nodes. They require no special skills, do not appear to be hackable, do not require hiring a decker, can be easily bumped up all on your own. It would be great if there was a reason to use a node rather than a forum. Making forum posts hackable and/or making forum posts disappear over time might do this?

IDEA: Grid video streaming.

Missing out on dope player content is not a good feeling, and not all of us have the free time to stick around for that one particular episode of a show we'd like our characters to watch, so I figured something like a Grid streaming service would be beneficial.

You'd need a terminal + a television or similar technology to make it work. The streaming service uses a 'watch on demand'-model probably hosted by NLM itself bound to your account, and charges a sum from your bank account per episode watched.

It'd work like this:

Log onto the Grid using your terminal, pick a show/episode from a list, and any television-like device in the room will now have a custom channel like '0001' that you can flip it to and voila, you may now enjoy the content without waiting around for hours.

NLMflix. I love it!
Echoing the desire for NLMflix - it'd be great to let people watch the episodes they specifically want at the time they want.
I think content creators would appreciate the ability to have their work viewed on the fly. Probably some players out there who never picked up a show they would've enjoyed simply due to time constraints or they just didn't feel like going through a couple re-runs to catch up on a program they were interested in.
And combine the content streaming with the pay nodes idea maybe. :-P
This is lofty as fuck BUT if we could migrate SIC ad purchasing to the grid, hacking said ads, and also editing by incorporating the long since abandoned Jave editor - I will love you forever, Johnny.

Probably one of the biggest QoL updates to the Grid from a decking point of view:


It's long felt just ridiculous that one has to break into one's own node to make changes, or just re-save it to up security if one has been upping one's skill and it's been a while. On top of this, a particular decker's skill at securing nodes might be much better than their skill at breaking them, making getting back in later a challenge. This becomes especially tedious in shared nodes (say, at a corporation) where multiple people may need legitimate non-cracked access. A long-term goal would be to have a built-in mechanism to grant specific grid accounts a way to bypass the need to crack their way in to make changes, regardless of skill, grantable by the 'owner' of the node. The immediate backdoor idea is to at least allow this for the node 'owner'. The node 'owner' should of course be hackable.

Could a band-aid for this be some kind of bonus to the cracking skill roll where the last user to save changes to a node gets a bonus to that roll when cracking that node again, simulating ownership for as long as they hold it? This might help pave over some grid skill interaction weirdness I've noticed but can't detail further, because IC. :)

Recapping the Townhall question:

-HTTPS connections for the grid.

-Ability to toggle off NSFW banner ads.

Thanks again!

IDEA: Mail scripts, spambots, junkmail.

Have deckers put their programming skill to use for ad-related spam, phishing or just annoying the living shit out of someone. A decker writes a script/bot/whatever that periodically sends mails to Gridmail users.

If there's ever going to be malware of any kind, perhaps a user visited a shady node that infected their account with malicious software that adds their Gridmail to the bot's database.

For further integration with potential features (node links in mails, malware infection on node-visits) imagine this junkmail with a link attached that leads to an infected node, potentially compromizing the user's account.

Deckers can also remove Gridmails from the bot's database, so if someone wants to stop waking up to ten new Gridmails about penis enlargement everyday, they can flash out for it.

I am worried that there is another Coconut themed person out there.

IDEA: Factor Time/Tries/Numbers/Software into Cracks

On GRID 2.0 there is a bit of an Alpha Decker syndrome. If an Alpha Decker touches something, you don't have much chance to participate in that "content". If they are active enough, your skills become essentially invalidated as they can touch all the content you might wish to access. It would be like a thief who could prevent anyone else from stealing from a mark after they have. In many cases a Decker can't find another mark or there's nothing useful on unprotected nodes.

Perhaps, unlike current skills, ICE could be something that could be damaged and could rarely damage the Decker, their software or rig back. This way, if I really want to get into a node, but an "Alpha" decker has sealed it I have some options. I can now toss money by buying software that could be used/destoryed in the attempt, time in trying over and over (limits per day), or numbers of less skilled deckers being used to overwhelm the ICE. Additionally, the defending ICE should get chances to log who's attacking to make some interesting RP.

IDEA: Give the ability to make nodes user or password secure

I love some of the prior ideas of having GRIDs for different organizations. However, if that is too challenging, then what about just allowing Deckers to secure a node with a password or "ICE" that prevents access.

A step up would be a user access list to a node.

This would let you control access to who can see your paydata and would be something that infobrokers would want. It gives a reason for a decker to be used and something that they can target to try and get past it.


Considering not all corps want to risk NLM seeing all their plots, all corporations not being fond of NLM and all.

This is rather far-fetched, but there's too many ideas here for me to read them all, so I thought I'd mention something I doubt anyone mentioned. If anyone did mention it, my apologies. ._.

IDEA: Encryption keys for gridmails

Bouncing off Evie's idea, why not set up an encryption key for emails that you need to put in to unlock the data sent. Could be sending the key to a burner account and copied over into the mailbox you normally use, have it written down on your E-Note, whatever. I think encrypted mail is the way to go!

IDEA: Skill-dependent Node formatting

Basically, when formatting text or links on nodes, I think it'd be a good idea if certain, more """"""advanced"""""" formatting was restricted to certain skill levels. This means that if a less experienced decker tried to make their nodes look flash as fuck with high-level formatting, they'd risk looking like a baka when it doesn't format and everyone can see their tags.


I don't know how you could do this, but it would be pretty gnarly.

IDEA: The back button should go to the last node/page you were at.

In both the current incarnation of the Grid and in the test version the back button goes to the last page, which may or may not be an actual page. It would be nice if you were doing grid work to have the back button go to the last actual Grid Structure you visited.

IDEA: Reveal-text via links for fostering grid game creation

I have no idea if this would be possible with Grid 3.0, but what if revealable text could be workable on the Grid? We'd see a lot more grid games pop up that can work with text revealing themselves only if someone clicks on a specific link.

This might be a lot to ask (I have no idea, I apologize), but if it works then it would reduce text game nodes to just one node that has all of its info for clicking around in. Game creation in SD can foster products and promote things.

IDEA: Cookies!

Let deckers get info about users visiting their nodes, or getting it from nodes they cracked maybe?

Info like: Grid acount, SIC id, kind of terminal used and it's location. Higher Systems level would give a better chance to stay anonymous (some versus check?).

Please forget my text game suggestion, Villa explained to me that it would easily be exploited with harmful code if it were implemented.

The 'chatter' system thread gave me this idea, but it'd be neat if deckers could write and install software that tracks data going through certain nodes, such as a bank, or something. Obviously, the software's ability to track and flag data would depend on how well-written the software was, and deckers could potentially save their skimmer software onto external drives and sell them to others.

To bounce off the previous mentions of ICE being dangerous, I’d say it would be -very- cool to be able to neural link into the GRID. This wouldn’t be as extreme as the Matrix, but would allow for you to interface with and process the data you’re getting from the GRID faster and more efficiently. I could see this as being a small cybernetic implant that would allow you to use a connector to connect your deck to your neural link. This, I think, would be an excellent way to balance risk and reward. The reward is better decking ability, the risk is that ICE is now a lot more dangerous, and potentially lethal. This could also lead to some interesting RP scenarios where a decker might risk having a medic around for a particularly shifty run, in case they flatline or something.

Also this could lead to inexperienced deckers getting killed because they got in over their heads, but also let them try and more rapidly make use of their meager abilities. I think this would also be fairly themely, as I’d imagine many residents of Withmore would love to see Matrix tech, or something close to it, come back to the dome.

I also would like to +1 the idea for taking multiple attempts into account. A hacker might try multiple times to break into a system, maybe making small amounts of headway, or learning more about the overall system, making successive attempts more successful. Doing so however, could increase the likelihood of getting caught, or getting zapped by the ICE. I also like the idea of multiple deckers being able to take on really hardcore ICE. In fact it would be interesting if you could perhaps get access to -part- of a node from a semi-successful hack, allowing the character to chose to either take what they could get and get out clean, or risk trying to get more.

I think all of these things would make decking interesting and less of an all or nothing affair.

Idea: Automated Job Postings

I think it would be awesome if hiring managers could automatically post jobs from employment terminals to the grid and potential hires could apply by populating a form available from said grid post. Employee terminals would need to be updated with variables for Job Descriptions, Salary range, etc for it to be turnkey but it would be nice to streamline the job process a bit and for the unemployed to have a constantly up to date listing of jobs available.

I think I have seen it on here, but just in case.

Having everything connected into one GRID seems a little unreasonable. There should be a level of challenge to break into a corporate intraGRID. Whether there is a firewall with implicit blocking, or something. This would also not only create challenges for the Decker, but also encourage RP, as now I have to hire someone to break in to a facility to install a piece of hardware, or may have to coordinate attacks with another Decker to create some sort of domino effect.

Now this presents a particular challenge for GMs, as to do it realistically, you'd need to entire infrastructures for each corp. Mail, financial, file servers, bulletin boards, etc would all make it seem like an actual network inside a company.

Also, adding things like online storefronts would give players more of a reason to access the GRID on a regular basis, provide a wider lane for runners and sellers, and give another attack vector for deckers, possibly to divert money or shipping manigfests.

IDEA: Meatspace payment terminals

One of the main issues with a person being able to make money solely off the Grid is that they might not ever leave their cube if there's some kind of automated payment for certain Grid work. Putting terminals in the physical world that deckers need to go to in order to get their payment seems like it would help make deckers seem less invincible.

@Baguette +1

Would definitely balance things out more.

A modified terminal that you can plug into anything electronic like doors, windows, etc, barring apartment doors, that'll be insanely OP. Anybody can just break into apartments really early in the morning while many people are asleep and win instantly.

Where was this suggested?

If this would even be possible, it would maybe require more than one decker, or just exceptional skill. Very exceptional skill. Like for co-ops with solos and shit.


I'm pretty sure they're taking the piss.


Wasn't suggested anywhere, just an idea that popped up inside my head. It encourages working with other people.

There is supposed to be Corporate Networks that have public access doorways that need to be breached, and multiple layers of defence that need to be accessed before corporate data stores are accessible.

The idea isn't to design it to resemble the current grid where NLM is represented by a singular hack on a singular node that has hidden text data on it, the idea was at the last brainstorm session that there are types of nodes, whether they're datastores, defence, or other types, and defence nodes of varying difficulties need to be breached in order to get further into a corporate network, and in some cases it's the designed gameplay requirement that a single decker is needed to 'hold open the door' so to speak while another decker extracts the data.

Again this is what I remember from the last brainstorm session/ town hall., everything is, of course, subject to change.

Also, knowing how much Johnny hates making workplaces for player operated businesses feel invincible or invulnerable, i am sure he intends to avoid any systems that allow people to just collect currency out of the grid in any automated way from their perma pads, unless he goes full bore on breaking and entering code first to make it so a decker can be assaulted during a hack and killed.

I wouldn't assume so without at least asking, I'm p sure BeepBoop tends to be constructive on the BGBB.

Ooh, interesting. I see more and more teasers from you, and it makes me even more hyped about Grid 2.0 tbh. I might just be missing things, but I don't think I've seen you around much on the BGBB. Again, I might just be missing shit, but your name isn't too familiar to me, related to staff and such.

Not sure if it's been answered before, but will the skills work different with Grid 3.0? Example being, if you're a better programmer than cracker, you can't even crack your own ICE, which makes literally no sense.

more hyped about Grid 3.0* I mean. Sorry, triple post :x
If my identity isn't readily apparent in my answers colour me extremely shocked.
You go by a different name in-game? Welp. I have to admit, I'm only focused on a few places on the BGBB, I never used xfree and only use xooc once in a while. I've been here since late 2017, with a single longer break, or so.

If I should know either way, I apologise. :X

Only staff I know of that has two names, is Slither/FengShui.

I don't see why the skill requirements or interactions would ever change but if Johnny did that he may have to consider letting all deckers respec.

All the 'grid or matrix' related skills have specific purposes. The two any decker cares about are the ones that calculate offence score and defence score. I won't say what those are, though, that's IC info.

I don't necessarily think of deckers as programmers. A programmer would write your loadout, their business as it pertains to Grid 3.0 would be selling software to deckers unless you spec into that as well, as a decker, you're just utilizing those tools.

I mean more like, I'd think you should be able to crack your own security at the least without such hindrance, since you write your own passwords et cetera.
Technically, if you secured your own node, you shouldn't -need- to crack it at all. You should be recognized as the user right away, since you wrote the security. If this isn't how the Grid works, I understand. Won't argue, it's Johnny's system, he makes the rules. But that's just how I see it from a logical perspective.

Yeeeah this has never made sense, and if you scroll up you'll see me complaining about it and suggesting this be changed in 3.0 and even band-aid fixed in 2.0 with a quick and easy fix to decking skill rolls because it's never made sense. But honestly decking skill rolls even as-is are....borked? Sometimes? This has been acknowledged to me directly by staff and also at townhalls with a shrug and 'we'll fix it in 3.0'.

For instance, a seasoned decking character (I can personally attest to this, and have heard multiple seasoned deckers reporting the same) can have the 'offensive' skill invested to a level 2-4x higher than the 'defense' skill, hack, edit and save a node even while using the holdback mechanic to hold their 'defense' skill as much as possible. They can then be unable to then hack the node themselves. I don't care how lucky the backend rolls were on that 'defense' check when the node was saved, there's no conceivable reason this should happen, but it's happened multiple times and can legit ruin plots (on the rare occasion a decker setting up a node is relevant to a plot, LOL), which is lemon juice and salt in the wound my dude.

If the above being able to happen is by design, and I can't imagine why, it's bonkers bad. Presuming it's not, I still don't know why literally gamebreaking bugs for an already neglected archetype continue to be ignored. The first time I asked staff, so that I could @bug it if it wasn't intended, I was told skill check rolls couldn't be discussed, or something. I asked again months later and the staff member said they didn't know enough about decking skill checks to tell me if it was a bug or not. When I brought it up at a recent townhall I got ambiguous something that it may or may not be bugged and would be smoothed over and 'made more clear' in 3.0 which is broken? maybe?

But yeah, IDK why we have to crack our own nodes. If a grid user is the last person to edit a node, there shouldn't even be a skill check at all, or it should be a highly boosted one.

And SB410 was until recently a recent staff member (obv) now posting under their non-staff member account. Nice to see the name again, haven't seen it since I RP'ed with them a few years ago. Hope it's a sign they're sticking around as a player, but I don't want to pry.


Thanks for the response, it's made me think a lot about my choice to RP a decker. I still feel very hyped for 3.0, but more demotivated about what I'm spending my UE on. Everyone's got different sides on this, and I trust Johnny's got the best point of view as he sees what no one else does. I guess we'll see what will happen.

You guys also need to understand that these skill checks are always a roll. Sometimes you might roll a 200 which is a critical success and you've done screwed yourself when it comes to that next hack cause you kinda gotta beat the score that was given to it by a critical roll.

Like you said though, this is something Johnny is aware of and it'll be fixed. Nothing can be modified on the existing platform as it stands.


A piece of cyberware that allowed a decker to "jack in" to their deck, using their CNS as additional processing power to give them a considerable advantage when decking.

Of course, this would also have several drawbacks. When jacked in, it would likely use up a large amount of brain-power, possibly knocking out senses like sight or hearing, and if an offensive hack failed, there could be a chance of brain damage, which could give the decker a temporary or permanent setback on their stats/skills, much like corpse cloning.


Allow deckers to set the level of ICE they want to put on a node, instead of always securing it to the best of their ability. This would be useful for deckers that're hired to just lower the security of a node, among other things.


A variety of commercial terminals, ranging in price from "pretty cheap" to "bitcoin miner". Cheaper decks would allow newer, less experienced deckers to get involved without risking the large investment that there currently is with decking, while giving them a disadvantage due to the presumably worse specs of the cheaper decks, while more professional deckers might use the more expensive models, which may give them an advantage due to faster clock speeds and other cyberpunk handwaving.

I need a Sino-logic 16. Sogo 7 Data Gloves, a GPL stealth module, one Burdine intelligent translator.Thompson eye-phones.

Flash suggestions Baguette.

"IDEA: Grids 3.0[/]

This is mostly a refinement of many of my prior suggestions. The idea is to make the Grid plural. As has been pointed out is is unlikely that Withmore would want to fully integrate things as much as many here might like it to be otherwise. But perhaps there is a way to increase integration that doesn't quite result in total integration.

The idea is that there would be multiple Grids in Withmore. The one we know today would be the Withmore City Public Grid. Then there would be the NLM Prvate Grid and the ViriiSoma Private Grid, and the Skywatch Private Grid and the WCS Private grid and Bob's Private Grid and My Private Grid.

Every grid starts as a Server. The server is can have modules installed to enable support for certain Apps. A Node App, a Mail App, a Feed App, a Security Camera App and all that. Servers come in various sizes and might vary on how many users/apps/whatever they support.

By default a term has to be in the same room as the server to access it. One can, however, enable Limited SIC access. Something like Wifi. This would allow access to a corps Servers from anywhere the corp wants (Typically the 'Employees Only' parts of their campuses). The only Grid available more or less city wide is the Withmore City Pulic Grid (Though this could change). Even f multiple grids have been extended to be city wide they are still separate grids. Perhaps, when one logs in they have to select which Grid they are logging into.

With this separation of Grids you might be able to have all the things connected to a grid. All the things on the ViriiSoma campus connected to the ViriiSoma Grid. If you want to hack in to it you have to first gain physical access to somewhere their Grid is accessible from.

Just another thought!"

-By Grey0 at Apr 2, 2017 12:49 AM

I wanted to quote the above. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS POST.

A hacker should not be able to just easily "hack a door" or "hack a camera".

Security professionals install these features on a closed network. There would be no way to hack into it via the general grid. If you wanted to hack into these, maybe you'd require an operative at the location to plant a device which has some software from a decker. And if you wanted to transmit data, then this device could be either be picked up later by an operative or the device could be outfitted with a transmitter. (but a transmitter could possibly be detected if someone does a sweep that can detect radio frequencies).

Companies/corpse/groups can have their own private grids. They can choose to link it to the grid, so that say a person given access could then login to the private grid from outside the physical location. Or whatever, a lot of rules people could govern for private grid use. And yes I strongly agree with needing the hack to be started from within the private network if its closed off from the grid. You can't magic this. Its realistic. Have a person plant some software, hook up a discreet cable connecting to the server, plant a bug, etc.

IDEA: Wrist-terms

Almost entirely just for corporate wageslaves that don't want to use a filthy QuickTerm, but a shiny, wearable terminal that has about the same functionality as a QuickTerm, without having to hold it in a hand.

For non-deckers, sounds pretty nice, @Baguette.
At first I was thinking you were talking about a LiteTerm chrome implant like a skinwatch.

So here I am to suggest a WristTerm. 😁

Well hell, why NOT a SkinTerm?
IDEA: Node Access Whitelists

An alternative to setting a password for nodes. Maybe when you get into the node, you can modify a whitelist of users who have access to the node, meaning those users will always pass the check when trying to get in. This would be good for shared data nodes, as the members wouldn't constantly be trying not to freeze eachother out.

IDEA: Cloud Storage

Since terms are just that, terminals, they likely don't hold much storage capacity themselves, relying mainly on the GRID service for their functionality. Users having a small amount of allocated storage space on NLM's servers for their wares, text files(?), and images(?) would both result in more usage of the Grid and help with my second idea. Since the initial amount allocated to a user would likely be very, VERY small, users could be able to pay a fee to have more storage space on the servers, allowing them to store more wares.

IDEA: Copying Wares

GRID users could be able to copy wares and data from their storage onto an external drive, although this would likely come at the cost of possibly pricey external hardware and, if the data is wares, a lowered efficacy in the copy, stacking each time it's copied, making it the best choice to own an original copy of wares, wether that be from buying it yourself, sending (not copying) via the Grid, or sending (not copying) via moving the original onto an external drive, which wouldn't result in the same loss as copying.

Echoing the Grid streaming suggestion, I think it would be cool if there was a camera object that could generate video files; in the simplest form, they'd just listen for conversation, emotes, and spoofs in a room and log them to a transcript. If you wanted to go a little fancier, terminals could play them back in sequence.

Media personalities and artists could use this to share journalism or performances. It could also encourage some oppositional dynamics between NLM and those horrible independent content creators. Fortunately for NLM, on Grid 3.0, they claim the rights to literally everything...

Some flavor text that tells the user where they're connecting to the Grid from would be fun.

"Welcome, Case! I can see you are connected at... The Orifice!"

I like this idea. Could be fun, and (if vague enough w/r/t individual apartments and other super-specific areas) could also be saved to the node as a trace hint.
ICE, ICE Breakers and Logs

If we do end using ICE and ICE Breakers, I'd like it if ICE and ICE Breakers where actual things created purchased from stores then modded, installed and used by deckers. ICE is installed on anything with permissions acts as an obstacle that must be overcome to circumvent those permissions. I think that anything a character uses should be protected by ICE and thus hackable.

For example, accounts, forum posts, nodes and all the rest should be objects with IC owners, admins, editors and readers as appropriate. They should all come with default ICE installed but the ice on any of these things should be able to be upgraded, repaired and hacked by deckers - if needed. The only time you ever have to overcome ICE is if you want to do something you don't have permissions for. Accessing things that aren't yours to access.

At the same time I think it would be very good to move away from the model of direct comparison of decker abilities and that ICe should not just have a difficulty number to overcome with a single check.

I think it would be better if ICE needed to be eroded over time and slowly returned to full strength over time. A piece of ICE might have XXX HP and recover XX HP per day. Maybe a node has ICE with 250HP and recovered 50 HP per day.

On the flip side ICE Breakers could be rate based. Like a low end Breaker might do XX HP per hour for XX hours. So a decker would load the ICE breaker, launch it at some ICE and the Breaker would chip away until the ICE is broken or the Breaker runs out of cycles.

Then even a rudimentary ICE breaker used by a new Decker only able to do damage 25 HP per hour for 12 hours could crack some ICE with 250HP recovering 25HP per day. Eventually (10 hours). And several ICE breakers could be launched on the same piece of ICE at the same time - maybe by the same decker or by deckers working together. Of course a seasoned decker who could use a Breaker able to do 150HP per hour could be through much quicker.

A decker's skills/stats determine what ICE and ICE Breakers they can use and how efficient they use it. So Master D and Script K might both use a 25 HP per hour for 12 hour Breaker but Master D might actually be doing 30 HP per hour while Script K might be doing 20. This is representative of the decker modding the ICE or ICE Breaker s they install or deploy it.

On the defensive end, I'd like it if a decker could actively repair damaged ICE (beyond the passive regen rate ICE comes with). This way if Bob the decker starts cracking a node and Sam the Decker notices, Sam can respond to it and try and repair the damage being done. Their abilities and the ICE in question would determine how often they could repair and how much it helped.

The rates would need to be adjusted for balance of course but the idea is allow deckers to work together and to make any and all unattended ICE crackable over time. No more having super decker lock a node so it becomes untouchable for a year until some new decker trains up. And make cracking take enough time that it's possible for a defender to notice and try to intervene.

I think that even the strongest ICE installed by a max UE decker super optimized for installing ICE efficiently should be crackable by a mid-level decker given time unless that max UE decker DOES something about it. Even then it should take some level of effort.

I also feel that ICE Breakers should be one time use. Even the best cracker in the dome should have a reason why they don't own all the things. I think that if we make it so that ICE Breakers are expended as used (success or fail) that even the best deckers would have a reason to be selective about what targets they hack. Why not hack just anything and everything? Because cracking costs and you want to be sure it's flash well spent.

This means Bob trying to crack that ICE as described above probably dropped good chyen for that ICE breaker. And they aren't even guaranteed that it will work in the end - not unless they managed to do some serous researching and planning beforehand.

But how would a decker know that Bob has been hacking at the Mammoth ICE they installed on a customer account for seven hours and is about to break through? I think logs are the answer here.

I think that each account should have a log file that lists things like when someone logs into or out of that grid account, when various services are accessed by that account, when permissions are changed on any services or nodes they own or admin, when they install ICE or deploy Breakers. AND when any ICE they own is attacked and status updates from any ICE Breaker's they've deployed (like, "The ICE I'm attacking is now at 93% capacity.").

This means any good decker would log in then go over their logs for signs of trouble and to get a feel for how things are right now. They'll be able to see that the ICE on a customer's node they admin is being attacked. They could then respond by repairing the ICE. If they want. Or counter attacking.

Of course, I would want logs to be like any other object with an owner that has permissions to view it and edit it and protected by ICE - thus hackable. So if a clever decker knows that Bob admins a node they want to crack maybe they first crack Bob's log so they can remove mentions of their attacks on the customer site as they happen and remove mention of the successful hack when it's done. Even see what they've been up to: what ICE breaker's they have out there. What node's they've hacked. What ICE they've installed and where.


I know that this is a lot of things coming together all at once but I really feel that it is important that the Grid be usable by all and that deckers fill more admin and hacker roles and leave the data sending and publishing to the users. That our protection and attack mechanisms move away from direct comparisons and single check pass/fail systems. That there is a way to track what accounts have been doing what and that this tracking can be messed with. That deckers can work together and that it's possible for defenders and attackers to sometimes go head to head.

IDEA: Weather Forecast

Weather forecasts exist already, pull this info and display it on the grid, let us know current and next weather states so we know how to dress appropriately before we leave the apartment :)


Sounds like a must-have feature for corporate users. ;)


And Mixers! They're all malnourished and prone to illness... they need to know when to wrap up in their trash-bags.

In addition to Forecast, how about current-weather conditions including a number for temperature.

I think someone already mentioned corpshares ticker. Deathball data, WCS Wanted data, CNC bounty data, maybe your own SIC balance data, hmm let's see, WSB balance, history of corpshares quarterly bonus performance,

There's probably lots more.

Also I recognize that some of the above could just be maintained by PCs. Not all though.

Make user's MasterNode the first node user sees after logging in.

This way people would care more about what is on it.

The implementation of corp-specific grid addresses would be pretty nova for flexing your corpo-pride/servitude:

Think [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]

I just wanna bump my idea about giving certain users write access to your node, so they won't have to steal ownership every time they want to make changes, if it's something like a corporate node or a collaborative project kinda thing.

In the current system, the menu bar (the area within the red oval in the image below) changes depending on which page you are.

It would be great if it remains static across all of the pages. Or at least all of the pages that normal, non-decker people access.

I'm going to go really off the rails here and post a mechanic breakdown on how I would implement/program nodes as a game mechanic if I were given access and design control. If you like this, please mention it here in this thread. I am interested to see what people think.


* Operator: A character using a term.

* Node: As it exists now. A server.

* Active Term (or just term): The term actively being used by an operator.

* Computation (or CP): An abstract measurement unit to describe the capacity of a Node or Term to run and maintain programs.

* Threshold: The point at which a node's defenses collapse, giving access to an operator.

* Executable / Program: The act of spending CP to do an action on the Grid.

* ICE: A program that continually runs in the background like a firewall.

* Root: To have access/control over a node.

Every week, an operator gets a number of CP to distribute in relation to their character skill. Additionally, every operator has a maximum number of CP they can allocate in a week.

Terms and Nodes each have inherent CP.

Example: I am a skilled decker, I have 6 CP from my skills, and can use up to 10 CP, and my Term has 2 inherent CP. So I have 8 CP to spend total for this week. This is my 'action economy'.


Running actions:

Operators may execute programs using their CP. Each action has a cost, when no more CP remains for the week, their systems are too busy to do anything else. This refreshes on Friday or something.

* Attack (1 CP): Puts an attack marker on a node. When the number of total attack markers on a node surpass its Threshold, that node gives root to the person with the greatest number of attack marks on that node. (It is not possible to see if other players have put markers on the node. All markers are wiped on Friday.) Taking root wipes all ICE.

* Scan (1 CP): Reports all markers currently on a node (who they belong to), and the node's threshold.

* Run ICE (1 CP): Runs ICE on a node. Raises that node's threshold by 1. Requires root. This program runs automatically every Friday, also passively subtracting that operator's CP.

* Terminate ICE (0 CP): Deactivates an ICE program. Requires root.

* Reset (2 CP): Blows away all active markers on a node. Requires a skill check (opposed) against each mark on the node (using the opposing operator's skill). Requires root.

* Spoof (1 CP): Renames all markers on a node, listing a name chosen by the operator instead.

* Watchdog (1 CP): Send a gridmail to the root owner of a node when an attack is launched on this node. Requires root. Doesn't include any details about who did the attack, just that it's happening.

Could add many other actions, including bank actions like transfer and the like as grid integration increases to other areas of the game. Up to and including eventually adding damage and attacks to terms.


What does this look like for the average user?

They can dump everything into Run ICE, and never think about it ever again. Assuming CP is a combination of intelligence and programming (or systems), this would lead to a nice variation of defenses across all nodes.

For deckers, control of information, spoofing attacks, and laying honeytraps becomes a huge part of the game.

You may see a node has a threshold of 5. So you put 3 attacks on it (3 CP), then tip off your 'ace cool' hacker buddy that this node is super easy. They're lazy and don't scan it. When they finish their second attack, Marks 5 == Threshold 5, and the node flips. But oh no! You had 3 marks and they had 2, so control goes to you. If only they had scanned first -- but those CP are precious.


More about nodes:

I'd suggest allowing it to be possible to link your grid account with your bank account. If you do this, you can pay NLM Gridworks for things like being able to upgrade the hardware on a node. (Giving it more CP, or better -- a higher base threshold).

As well as being able to do transfers straight from the grid.

With the downside that while connected, you are susceptible to CP actions that can tap out a random amount of money (based on skill checks like the pick-pocket skill).


Reasons for proposing:

I think this lays down a very, very solid foundational framework for game mechanics related to decking while not being too over-complicated. It becomes easy to extend this and the pattern for the design is very intuitive. Action economy is a thing present in a lot of areas of sindome already, and this is a natural extension that prevents anyone from doing anything too fast, while also rewarding personal investment in decking skills.

It opens up new sources for information trading, and different roles of deckers (defensive vs offensive vs info brokers who only do scanning.).

Some additional notes on possible levers / variants to this idea:

It could be possible to make all of the CP actions 'programs' that have to be bought. You need an attack program in order to do the attack action. Same for ICE.

It could be possible that programs have ratings that determine the efficacy of their effect. For example a Run ICE program that adds two threshold instead of one (for a great version). Or maybe takes 2 CP in order to increase by 1 threshold (for a bad version.)

It could be possible to add Trace programs. All marks are wiped when a node flips or Friday happens (whichever is first.) Lingering marks could be dangerous, as they could lead to a printout of the term's location if SICnal is available on that term and someone runs a trace on it. This provides a risk to laying honeypot traps.

Hardware mods could be added. It'd be nice if LiteTerms didn't need SICnal. It'd be nice if a mod existed that could make regular terms not require SICnal. Processor mods that add more inherent CP to those terms. So on.

It'd great to be able to use SIC on a term where there's no SICnal.

Re: Cyberware Integration

Johnny said maybe notifications could show up in your Cybereye.

I think with the recent changes, a Skinwatch going 'You've got mail' and the like might be appropriate and potentially standardizes a skinwatch as the new standard for the well-to-do corpie to flex on his Juniors.

bitMuse's idea post is wayyyy to long for me to read rn but I will totally when I have the energy for it. Tho' it looks good and very thought out!

@PCow I just wanna say, yes, please. Give. I want. :O


If restoring the ability for the poster to edit a forum comment isn't already on the roadmap, I'm requesting that.

Would be pretty cool if people's public profiles had a link to their node on them, since I've seen a few people getting them mixed up, and thinking the public profile is the node after clicking on someone's username, since that's how it used to work.
Maybe we should have a new thread post-update, with a list of the ideas that are already in the works?
The Activity feed should be removed.

Without getting into IC details, the ways to 'cover your tracks' on the grid are.....laughable.

This makes the AF an incredibly problematic layer on top of already problematic IC frameworks for the way certain 'crimes' can be conducted.

There's no back and forth, it's a one-way street that already is one, and it's severely stifling.

PayWall content in nodes.

Let's say I publish creative content in the form of writing, right now my only distribution method is e-prints and hand delivery. With the Grid so prominent, why not try to monetize access to literature?

So far my limited use of the grid makes a "node" seem very flat, a single page with formatting, and you need multiple nodes if you want to really categorize or compartmentalize your content.

I think if a node could have tables or something like sub-nodes linked off the primary node, that are encrypted and payment needs to be applied to unlock access to see the text (or hacked into to view the text) could be developed, this could be a powerful tool for IC content creators to flex their creative muscles and get more use out of the grid, providing more avenues for hackers to attack from at the same time.

Since Grid Logins seem to use the SIC to register, the paywall could be managed through SIC balance increases and decreases, and maybe a way to 'cashout' negative balances on your SIC. e.g, I owe 2000 chyen to the terminal to pay my SIC bill, but I make 3000 off of paywall content on my node, my balance is now -1000, and I can cash that -1000 out at the SIC terminal where I'd otherwise pay the bill down.

Since this is cyberpunk dystopia, I'd expect a percentage shaved off at every turn from New Light Media and whoever manages the SIC itself. 5-10% shaved off on payment for content access, 5-10% shaved off to cash out your negative SIC balance, so on and so forth.

Just a thought I had, thank you for reading!

At first I loved the discoverability on nodes with the archive and feed, it was fantastic to delve through some of the stuff that's accumulated over the years and was otherwise really hard to find without knowing it was there...

...but I have to agree with Jameson, the activity feed makes it pretty hard for anyone to work on the sly and it substantially advantages players who are online more since they can see second iterations which is pretty much the only way to hide anything.

It's still pretty cool to see what public nodes are going up in a general way, but it would make sense to me if deckers had the ability to post/update quietly through some mechanic.

Covering your tracks isn't that difficult if you know what you're doing, and you can do it immediately. There's a bug which makes tracing people easier than it ought to be, but that's a separate issue.

Recent Activity is the only way to see what's happening lately on the Grid. Removing it would spell the end of discoverability for new content, which is the only thing keeping the Grid alive right now. I am adamantly against getting rid of it.

Covering your tracks isn't that difficult if you know what you're doing, and you can do it immediately.

I strongly suspect this isn't true, or by 'immediately' you mean 'very quickly'.

I'm a non-decker and as a player as far as I can tell I can sit on activity 24/7 and scrape every change made, including hidden ones, and see everything that goes on.

Obviously that would be abuse of the system but it seems possible from what I've seen.

Yes, we all know about the activity page. It's not that hard to decieve.
For the people that you're actually scared of, 'what you can do immediately' doesn't help you. If you think covering your tracks in any real way on the grid is easy, you need to FOIC how wrong you are.

A change or removal here isn't even a great fix, it's just throwing a tiny bone at the issue, so either way I guess, eh.

Saying the AF is the only way to promote or have new content discoverability seems really unimaginative to my mind.

Left Online

I'd really like to see some way of people not properly logging out of their terms utilized. If someone manages to get their hands on someone's term, by whatever means, and the last person who used that term didn't hit 'Log Out', then I'd like the next person to access the grid from that term to find their screen open with all the credentials of the person who was logged in before.

I do think this one would contribute greatly to RP of all kinds and be the start of a lot of schemes.

The left online would be awesome. I routinely logged out over and over when I first started messing with the grid paranoid that someone would walk up and use the same street term and get my shit.

And honestly that should be a real potential issue.


I don't know if it's because of cookies, or because of an intentional game mechanic, but being left on line is absolutely a thing. Given that it is already happening, that seems to indicate that it may be possible to tie the behavior to a specific device as well as a character account.


If you're talking about how the Grid 3 webpage keeps you logged in, that isn't something that's ICly exploitable, so, saying it's "already happening" doesn't speak to what HC is talking about.

Mail read receipts.
((Sorry for the kind of double post. Didn't know this was a thing))

Node Prominence:


Perhaps by design, perhaps not; nodes are really not very easy to find and not very presentable. The other features of the Grid (mail, feed, forums) etc. are clear in how to get to them and what to do to use them.

A simple solution might be to have a button on the navigational elements that says "Nodes". It could be right next to the search option and would serve two purposes. One it would give some kind of default list (lots of options how the list could be constructed from most popular, to most recent) of nodes for people to visit. The other thing it would do is highlight that the search option relates to nodes in the first place.

Node Permissions:


It would be great if you are the owner of a node to allow privileges to edit the node to authorized people. That would allow some more nuanced security that would allow more people to perhaps experience nodes instead of defaulting to the forums for updating information.

If this would be too hard, then allowing the voluntary transfer of ownership from one account to another would be a substitute even if it was a poor one.

Going to also give a big second to @Andromeda

Having the ability to put content out behind a paywall would be amazing. It would give reasons to hack things and give reasons to actually run a business. There are people now who sell information on various things and advertise them on SIC. That they can't use a node to that is a shame because that would be so much in theme. This would go along real nice with a Node Permissions update too.

Make the search feature NOT case-sensitive. It seems broken otherwise.
I'd love for the address bar on the Grid to actually be usable.

If it could mimic the web-client by automagically filling with potential options as you type based off a list of nodes - I think it would promote easier browsing and players would enjoy more exposure for their creative works on the Grid.

Idea: Cheap IOT-Style Grid Tech

This is not so much a single idea as a suggestion for an approach to rolling out decker-interactable tech while maybe offering some inexpensive toys for characters to use in the bargain.

The idea arose out of two conversations I had. The first when I was looking to buy a new TV and was basically told anything affordable was now 'smart' since the always-online spyware/adware system was a way for manufacturers to subsidize the cost.

The second was while I was working on GDPR things and was talking with a lot of sysadmin types. Quite a few of them were into this homelab idea, setting up home networks with commercial-grade equipment and smart appliances and security cameras and all sorts of other integrated stuff like lighting and HVAC. It sounded prohibitively expensive, but they told me that often these homelabs would run on second-hand surplus servers running free software, and be wired up with cheap tech from AliExpress.

This seemed like a privacy nightmare, wiring up a home with surveillance equipment from dicey manufacturers, but they explained the key was to run these devices on very tightly controlled networks under the assumption they would be vulnerable, and expertly monitoring them so they only do good things and not bad. In effect they were using their technical expertise as a way to offset the cost of hardware, by getting more out of a cheaper product that might be spying on an everyday consumer.

While I OOC loathe the idea of 'smart' appliances and digital privacy erosion, IC this may be a fun way to implement decking mechanics though a controlled rollout of new, very cheap tech. Essentially the idea being to have much less expensive variants of many already implemented tools, with the caveat that they have Grid-aware hooks of one kind or another in exchange.

For example, a very cheap Grid-enabled security camera which requires no hard wiring and no hub, that can be used to create quick and dirty ad-hoc networks, but would be (unless it was used by a decker who knew how to protect the backend) vulnerable to being taken over or co-monitored through the grid.

Or inexpensive Grid-cloud photo cameras with greater storage and no printing, but leaves photos Grid-accessible through the right means.

Or cheap cyberware, televisions, terms, scanners and detectors, storage, goggles, kitchen appliances, security systems, anything and everything technical could have low-cost variants which could sacrifice some kind of privacy in exchange for their affordability, and allow grid-accessibility to be tested and rolled out in a way that gives deckers an edge in using risky tools with confidence, and everyone else a reason to choose between cost and vulnerability to hackers.

It also avoids having to figure out the balancing of rolling out Grid integration to all existing devices, creating a sort of opt-in testing bed... though I recognize making 20-50 device variants is a big job.

Bumpity bump bump.

File attachment: Quickterms should accept e-memory modules and grid mails should be capable of file attachments.

Just something I feel needs mentioning - when you reply to a Gridmail, it keeps putting line break tags in the quoted message, when it doesn't need to, so long gridmail threads just end up with way too many spaces between lines.