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Named Stickers
Find items faster

I propose letting stickers add aliases or append a word before/after the item name to make them visually distinctive on look.

Apply kitten sticker to e-note.

"take kitten e-note".


I want my porn puppets e-note!

I want my Sarz Shootin' PopPop.
I love this idea, however, I'd really like it if it were possible, through skills, resources, chyen, whatever, to get rid of them as well.

Aliasing items in a cool and themely way is awesome, but I just don't want to start running into issues with ordinals and verb usage because suddenly everything has a joke or 'this is bob's' sticker on it.

Just a thought about potential downsides to an otherwise awesome idea!

Solvent was mentioned by sr. staff (I forget whether it was Slither or Johnny) at Town Hall.
I really, really, really want this. It will definitely help especially in rooms with multiples of the same kind of items. It still bugs me trying to use MY progia in a room with a holoprogia, et cetera. Also, cutify and customize my tech? Yes, please.
Bumpitybump! I would love ti easily distinguisg between my work and personal phones and e-note and distinguish between mine and someone else's without having to pickup, toggle on, put my code it.
I would just like to point out that giving players the ability to make their own aliases for things may bring potential disastrous consequences, like being unable to properly target things for one, if said aliases are universal. This has happened before with a semi-obscure command which is recommended to be used sparingly because of issues of this sort.
Yeah, we kinda took away player control of aliases for a reason. :)
Players can already control aliases by naming printables, e.g. a flyer [Down With Everything!] can be referenced with "Down". Attaching additional aliases to objects by way of a sticker label wouldn't be that much different.

Progia-7 gridphone [Prank Call Burner] (aka Progia-7 gridphone, progia, gridphone, phone, Prank, Call and Burner)

to prank Is your refrigerator running?

Functionability of named flyers versus named utility items would be a -drastic- difference.