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More 2H melee weapons
And how to balance them

A lot of big close-quarters weapons that I'd expect to be two-handers actually aren't (probably for balance reasons 'cause of dual-wielding.) In the interest of introducing a little more variety I suggest making some of the melee (and maybe long blade) weapons two-handed, and making 2H close-quarters weapons do extra stamina damage when parried. This would give big weapons some extra functionality to slowly wear down and break through parries by stamina attrition.

The stamina damage should be minimal enough that you can't rely on this to win fights unless your opponent has really bad stamina, or you've got a big health/armor advantage, or you're ganging up on them, but it should be enough to make people think twice about dropping into guarded when someone's swinging a huge sledgehammer at them. The trade-off of course is that you'd no longer be able to dual-wield with those weapons.

Two weapon fighting should be totally removed. It doesn't really contribute anything and just makes a certain way of doing things annoyingly common.

I think it would be hard to balance stamina damage in the proposed case as high level characters frequently have so much stamina between all the drugs and chrome and stats that chip damage to stamina wouldn't really matter in the same way that it might for low level characters.

This thread has a distinct lack of CHAINSAAAAAAAW!
Style over substance.
I do not understand why we can't have chainsaws. This is all I intend to talk about at the next town hall.
I don't see why you have to be fancy and have it do stamina damage. (Although specific weapons that do mostly/only stamina damage would be very cool. Think tranquilliser guns, tasers, pepper spray, cattle prods. Some really cool options. Joy who regularly works with dangerous clients? Introducing BegoneBaka Salivary Gland Replacement Nanogenic, for when your words TRULY need to be poison.)

Wistful rant aside, I don't see why not just keep it simple. Two-handers should do more damage and be slightly slower/easier to dodge. And I agree dual wielding should be looked at, I dunno about removed.

Chainsaw hands. Chainsaw tail. Chainsaw dick? Chainsaw.

When you talk about dual-wielding and two-handing there's also the question of paired weapons coming up, really.

From dual tonfas and dual daggers to dual pistols in theory you can have weapons that, while taking up two hands, actually represent two one-handed weapons that are exclusively used as a pair.

The question there is if people find it immersion breaking that they can't be seperated, e.g. you can't just use one of the pistols instead. The issue in theory exists with things like shoes or gloves, where generally people won't care that you have a pair of shoes that is stuck as a pair and you can't just wear one shoe, but when it comes to items that are more 'used' than 'worn', like weapons, opinions might differ.

If a review of two-handed economy is done I'd say it would also be worth looking at that kind of 'dual-wielding', since it adds another point to balance things out against in terms of, say, a damage vs. accuracy trade-off or what you can 'get' for sacrificing another hand.

I do find it unusual that there aren't more two handed melee weapons given there is an entire class and a bit of ranged weaponry which requires both hands to use. Presently only one two handed CQB weapon comes to mind by contrast. Higher tier swords and melee weapons in particular strike me as something that would and potentially should require both hands to wield wheras knives fit neatly into the category of small weapons that would never need both hands to use along with handguns.

The reason I suspect this is not the case at the minute is it would require the implementation of new weapons or adjustment of existing ones, which creates a balance shift. Weapons as they are are -roughly- balanced, although certain areas of that are open to debate. Adding new weapons or adjusting the existing one creates a burden on GMs to something that isn't super broken right now.