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Nutrient paste AGAIN?!

Mix apartments should not come with kitchenettes, but should instead come with a shitty version of this that can only be stocked with mix appropriate food. This piece of furniture should be for sale in the mix in place of kitchenettes, for a bit less money. Topsiders and mixers who have paid for a kitchenette from a furniture store should keep what they have.

An enterprising Mixer who can afford a kitchenette from topside should be able to have one, but all the stuff that came preloaded in certain mix apartments should go. Yes that means some mixers will lose their groceries. Life is hard.

A food outlet could be placed in the mix, maybe down where Ashlin Pawn is or something. Good food items would be like, krill buns, protein paste, plain rice and beans, soy mash, potato hash, some basic sandwiches/soups/etc and a variety of soda and candy items. These should be flagged to work in both the Mixenette (please don't call it that) and topside kitchenettes, but a lot of the existing kitchenette items should NOT be loadable into the Mixenette as it is just a shitty ThermoBake and hot plate. Some of this stuff could even be reasonably nutrituous compared to soyanuts and rat kebabs, just try to make it feel depressing.

Why bother with this? Because food is culture, and right now most Mixers with apartments have free access to food that sometimes costs thousands of chyen topside, and the fact that Mix food is segregated to street carts makes it seem like the exception rather than the rule.

Plus I want krill buns damn it. The kind that puff up when you open the wrapper!

post shitty mix food in this thread

Slimy seaweed salad with soyanut crumbles and vat grown waterbugs!
Pull tab ramen

pull tab soy cheese and noodles

soy tacos

sugared roaches

fried scorpions

yeast slurry

soylent pizza

slab-meat sandwich

mix stew (basically hobo stew, never ending pot of sludge)

sugar-o's cereal

This came up in xooc, but the Mix grocery store could be a really neat glimpse into how and why food gets distributed in the Mix. Like, does the corporate council subsidize it at the bare minimum just to keep the Mixer workforce alive? Has the local gang co-opted the whole situation like African warlords siezing UN food drops, or is it something TERRA keeps an eye on in order to keep the threat of bread riots down?
You take a large bite of the dry pizza, the chewy cheese and watered-down marinara sauce hiding the taste of the thin, brittle cardboard beneath.

You bite into the overcooked calzone, the gritty crust crackling in your mouth, the gummy cheese taking a while to chew, little hardened cubes of various vegetable matter mingling within.

You gnaw on the stale onion bagel in a manner of practiced strength and patience, akin to sobbing in bed while resisting calling up a ex lover.

You take a bite of the luxury onion bagel, the smooth outer texture mingling with the cool cream cheese that tickles your senses as you taste the onion weaved within the bagel, like a satisfying victory you deserve.

You pop a few of the dirt-smeared jellybeans into your mouth, a moment of pure disinterest glazing over your face, like a turtle receiving copulation.

You take a sip of the questionable fruit juice, the sugary flavor sliding down your throat in an instant, leaving you wondering if it's really worth it to continue down your path in life.

You scoop up a spoonful of nihilistic noodles and eat, but even this salty mess of soy won't matter in the end because no one lives forever.

You take a wad of the clumped up glass noodles, forcing it into your mouth and chewing in a manner that seems more work than it should be. The crunchy soy crystals bring tears to your eyes, but you narrowly avoid sobbing. You swallow the pasty mess, leaving you numb to the whole of existence.

God, I absolutely love this idea. It might be because I'm Italian in real life and my entire existence is based on what and when I'm eating next.

The fact that the mix doesn't have a shitty grocery store has always bugged me. Also, there are some kitchenettes that I've seen in the mix that have things they just should not have. Noodle bowls, pizza, maybe some mystery meat burritos? Sure. Steaks? No.

I do think the mixenettes should be cheaper than a kitchenette, but something to buy and the food offerings should be all the soy/rodent/bug variety. I think this could really enhance theme, since mixers need to eat and it should fit in with the rest of the sector.

You gnaw on your hairy steak, the charred mess creating an ordeal as you struggle to get a few climbs of blackened carbon into your mouth. You crunch down on the chunks of steak, leaving an ashy mess in your mouth that takes ten or so swallows to fully expunge the flavor from your tongue. You wipe the excess hair off your face.
*a few crumbs
@ynk I love those descriptions! Beautifully written, I'm getting a good laugh.
Also, because I can't read and didn't even post food ideas:

fried crickets

barbeque ants (snacks are important!)

soy burgers with processed cheese

soy-bacon with liquid egg substitute

yakisoba in roach broth

Earlier posts had my other ideas, so there you go.

You bite down on your soggy hoagie, the ingredients falling apart inside in your mouth and clumping up in your cheeks. The slimy chunks make your cheeks sag like the jowls of a toothless old you struggle to swallow the mess down.
You shake your carton of fried crickets, getting a brief moment of elation from the childish sound before you pop a few in your mouth and chew, the crusty insides a smorgasbord of limbs, heads, and bodies. You reach into your mouth to pick out a leg that gets stuck between your teeth.

You tip your little box of barbeque ants up, the sound of them sliding into your mouth reminiscent of uncooked rice. You're reminded of how disturbing the world is as hear loud crackling sounds from within your mouth as the suspicious barbecue flavoring pops on your tongue.

You take a bite of your soy burger, the deflated bun and year-old processed cheese attempting to add flavor to the gummy burger within, leaving you satisfied in your abject mediocrity.

You rip off a piece of your stretchy soy-bacon with your teeth, the recoil causing a slap of wet egg substitute to spatter on your lips, reminding you of the worst kiss of your life, as performed by a dog.

You pour some yakisoba in roach broth into your mouth, the consistency both too loose for chopsticks and too thick for a spoon. You chew on the glob of slime, occasionally crunching on a particle of thick matter or biting down on stringy flakes. You swallow, feeling less at ease about your surroundings.

I love this idea. I think it would be better implemented by increasing corpie income, increasing the price of corpie groceries, and then having a Red grocery store filled with this stuff which is actually affordable.
Grocery store for Red would be awesome. Always thought it was strange that it's not only possible to eat with the best of them so long as you've got a kitchenette, but really the only option. So many awful food ideas listed in this thread that would translate well to making Mixers remember where they are.
I fully agree with this sentiment. IF mixers are going to get a taste of the high life, they should have to find ways to get around the heavy discrimination. Also, on this same topic, Mixers should not be able to run crates to green, and in my opinion, the checkpoint should turn them right around.
Mixers should not be able to run crates to green, and in my opinion, the checkpoint should turn them right around.

May not have fully thought that one through.

Broken reply, sorry.

Mechanically green stores get restocked the way all other stores do, and in a thematic sense Mixers still make up the bulk of the population on Green as commuting workers.

The whole IC "Mixers out of Green" thing is nice commentary on most people IRL having no concept of how their society functions, but you can't actually implement that unless there are changes to corporate/service/mixer status both mechanically and thematically.

This is a fantastic idea, thank you Vera!

Make it so that mixers who want access to high-end corporate food have to work across class lines to source it, and make it obvious to those in the know that they are doing so.

I'd also suggest tweaking the street vendor food so that it's mechanically better than what you would get out of a mixenette, because that stuff is expensive, and we should have incentive to send people out to go grab it or to be purchasing it in the first place. Moreso for food from 'dangerous' places in the mix.

Here's some food for though...

I think if there was a generic food items ala dynafiber and a "mix test kitchen" with a slot that could feed into the tailored clothing auditing system - we could churn 100 of these out in like 5 days.

@ynk, you took my gross ideas and brought them to life! Those descriptions are so good! The yakisoba one nearly made me gag and I think that's exactly what we're going for.
I am not sure if this is the appropriate place or not, but it seems relevant.

The cost of a kitchenette resupply is super out of wack compared to what food sells for from food carts or NPC restaurants.

That seems like one avenue to potentially balance things out.

If resupplies ran out on a fairly regular basis, we would see significantly less instances of MixRich characters handing out steaks and lattes and whatever other good grub they have in their kitchenettes.

In a year of playing here and eating daily, I have only had to restock a kitchenette once. That seems like a whole lot of value out of an inexpensive resupply.

Personally I don't think "bar supplies" should work for restocking a kitchenette. I honestly would just as soon see people restock at the grocery store.

Then, the price of ingredients, not the price of bar supplies, would dictate how costly using the kitchenette is.

Alternatively, if nerfing "bar supplies" is off the table, then make more expensive ingredients use up more supplies. A 9 month supply of Cup O Joy should equate to one meal's worth of filet mignon.

Just chiming in to say I love Vera's idea; make fancy food less available in the Mix. Broader changes like raising corpie pay relative to mixers / raising prices are still necessary, but flavor changes help too.

The Mixenette has a lot of excellent follow-on effects: nice food becomes mechanically more rare in a place where we wouldn't expect to see it, it's more of a special occasion when mixers get their hands on quality ingredients, and there's now the cool potential for an imports biz around them.

Renting a corpie apartment and stocking their nice kitchenette with a bunch of cabbage chips and potato gruel like an absolute gopnik.
Thank you, DoveCage!

I like beandip's suggestion that corpier food consumes more supplies. This gives incentive for shame topside if someone is caught eating mixer food.

In an early corporate lifestyle, you're supposed to feel like you have to bleed all your money just to not get scoffed at for not meeting standards. Imagine a corpie secretly eating mix food to maintain supplies. If ever anyone caught them, they'd be a laughingstock.

Breaking into a corpie apartment and stocking their kitchen with a bunch of cricket plov like a supreme comrade.
@Vera, heh heh heh. The amount of trolling possibilities of this are scrumptious (and yes, I meant that double entendre).