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Mics for radios
Radio attatchments

I know Radios arn't used very often in game, but I feel they should be used more often, alongside that suggestion i'd be interested in seeing jawline microphones and earpieces that could attatch to the radios so you don't have to hold the radio to talk to your buddy that's down the street on a mission with you. SIC is a good replacement for this but Radios seem very CP to me.
Radios are good low-tech party line styles of comms.

Be cool to see them used more, a cool headset attachment or radio cyberware would definitely make them more attractive.

There's something like this in game, but hyper specific to a faction and it has some design flaws with functionality.

I'd definitely like to see it expanded.

Yeah these do exist but they're specific to only a couple of factions in game and are faction gear.

Could be normalized maybe but that'd take away the purpose of them being specialized for factions.

I don't see how a civilian headset that doesn't offer the same protection/perks as that factions would take away from it imo
I think rather than insert new code - the ability to wear and/or transmit without holding them for freqman and Tac-Comms would be awesome.

There’s a lot of quality radio code that is sadly underused.

Well if it's just an addon to the radio item in-game then I can see it working, much like an e-print to an e-note.
Add-on a scrambler for encrypted radio comms, etc

already a thing

Encryption already exists
Well, that's good!
The encryption could use a rework as well, if radios got more love.

As it stands, they can fail easily and become totally worthless, as the faction item has this flaw and it's built in across each one.

Electrotech/Programming to create new or recalibrate radio encryption?

Without going to deep into how the encryption cards work - there should definitely be a tech guru element to them.

I think we should focus on things that contribute to overall radio use and adoption - then the archetypes to further it along.

Right, Reefer.

Just suggesting that if there was work done on radios, it'd hopefully be building/expanding a basis for a multi-skill platform.

Radio cyberware is neato idea.
People already do some borderline abuse with existing items to do the kind of stuff you should be doing with radios. Anything that makes them better, more accessible, more convenient, or more useful would be great.
I'm not aware of any borderline abuse people are doing with radios. If you could email me about that Vera, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to take a look at what people are doing and if it should be allowed and empowered.
I talked with Vera and wanted to clarify that keeping a phone line open and connected in your inventory is an acceptable use case and isn't an abuse of code. It could work that way in real life, and we are cool with people doing it.
Thanks for clearing that up. I'd heard a former staff member complain about the practice before and was worried it was one of those things that's mechanically possible but was bending the rules.

I'd still love it if radios were the more convenient alternative. Radios are neat!

I do think that we should be able to talk into radios without holding them. While it might be allowed I feel like whispering into your progia on an op is kinda lame.
Make headset > make command (xmit) to send transmissions > laugh at xooc kevlars