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Medicine Dispensers
Medicine Kiosks in Stores

I feel like medicine vials should be sold in stores via on-demand kiosks/dispensers similiar to how some other license-gated products are.

Considering how common (and small) these items are, it doesn't make much sense to me that only one vial is stocked on the entire shelf of a medical supply store. More elusive/expensive medication could still be drip fed out in the current system, but all of the common stuff I feel is far too rare/hard to find at the moment.

This issue makes it very hard for a physician to do to their job and oftens ends in a PC who can perform the task IC scraping the the patient off with a @puppet-request to the resident NPC.


This is a fair point. Is there any feedback on this?
I don't fox with the medical system but provided people don't use infinite vials to stock up on blood samples every person they come across and it becomes a bizarre moobloat issue - seems like a solid solution.
People have complained about the limited "range" of uses for medical before and this would give them the opportunity to utilize more of the full scope.


same store but dispenser for appropriate commonalities.
Yeah, exactly what Johnny said.
When you have to pull an Italian job for some penicillin or Tylenol PM
Getting that way for insulin ...
Completely agree, great idea.
One aspect to consider is that the rarity of certain meds can sometimes be an aspect of a epidemic style plot. Making meds readily accessible can impact this in a few potential ways.
Ngl, really wish this was a thing. World seems a little odd with nice dreams dispensers but not something like this.

Since the mix is a place where people get hurt, STD's, and other ailments relatively often...

You'd sorta just expect to see something like this.

But I sort of think more vending machines in general would be cool.

@Grey0 For very expensive medication (I don't know if I can name an example here due to IC info, but you probably know what I am talking about) that is highly sought after, I could definitely see throttling the supply even if kiosks are implemented.

For things like z-pak and penicillin are extremely common and have been a staple for a century or more, it doesn't make much sense to have the stock be so unforgiving and scarce.