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Make Dezraldin stop PDS outbreaks
More than just a stat boost

Dezraldin is our psych med/tranquilizer. It's cool but its stat effects aren't anything to write home about so it doesn't see a ton of use. What if it stopped PDS outbreak scripts (or brought them down one level) when taken? Other drugs might still be better for preventing PDS attacks but a Dizzy would be more helpful in the moment.
That's actually a pretty good idea. Would give it some further usage and makes sense that it would stabilize things a little.
As Endoprine is marketed for such, wouldn't it make more sense for it to stop PDS outbreaks?
I think the issue with endo is it stops it by defacto bonus if properly used but also acts as a net positive to a combat junkie. This mean hella chrome + endo would become the standard. Hella chrome + dez isn't nearly as ideal and provides more balanced consequences for being a metal robot of doom.
Not sure if using endo instead of dez will make that much of a difference here. If we're talking about ending an outbreak then it's safe to assume the character is already safe and away from danger before using w/e.

Probably more of a balance issue because you'd need to figure out how to stop people from going way over their max on chrome and just popping some drug to completely avoid the consequences. Maybe if this only works at the lower levels of PDS, as I had suggested in a previous thread?

Dez is not good for anything really, and it's a psych med. Endo used to happen to do the job because of its stat boosts but is no longer the best thing. You could still use endo/other drugs to fight PDS in the current way by preventing outbreaks.

Reducing outbreaks a step would be fine too. And this would get mega expensive pretty quickly, which is better than the current meta of people just making sure they never get PDS.

I like this idea. I think increasingly, adding different experiences to drugs makes them more useful outside of combat. I will look into this.