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Lower the stat/skill required for gossip
"What's the chatter?" "Nothing new."

I feel like the "gossip" mechanic should be open to more players. There's been a lack of interesting bartender chatter lately and I wonder if it's because not enough PCs have the stats/skills to get the bartender to accept their juicy piece of gossip. Bartenders in the Mix should accept chatter as long as you're not ugly as sin. If I'm not mistaken, the GMs already go through and choose the player-submitted gossip they want to add to the system, so there will still be some quality control.
How about setting up a specific NPC, Kenny Aspin, with a gossip threshold of any PC under three months. This would let new players test the system and seasoned players use immigrants to relay data to the domes biggest gossip: Kenny!

This would have to come with an expectation that Kenny rumors wouldn't be repeated with the same level of clout as a seasoned chatterbox talking to Rychek. How do we manage that? Is it entirely on the GM triage level?

I've made some changes to make this easier and more accommodating for lower CHR players. See the release note in the updates thread for more info.