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Increase difficulty of tac-comp scans
plz no insta scan

As of right now scanning someone is as simple as point as click, as far as I can tell. If you wanted to resist one of these scans for whatever reason it would be impossible, which shouldn't be the case, especially if we're considering combat situations.

Making a scan take ten to twenty seconds would mostly solve the issue I have with them, but I'm unsure if anyone else thinks it's a problem or not. Therefore, this thread.

it is pretty easy. though im not sure how one would 'resist' what is technically just a laser. if you were to lengthen the scan time then I guess it'd allow people to disarm someone of their tac-comp though or walk away so there's that
That's what I was going for Ranger, the ability to walk away from a scan so that the WJF has to get more creative with IDing someone.
l also think it might be a little intentional to give more power to the WJF, but let me say that if you can type relatively fast it takes a really tiny amount of time to operate the tac and doesn't give much reaction time
How exactly would you resist a scan? Personally, I think there should be ways, but it shouldn't be based on stats or skills.

Perhaps we could add a nano or piece of chrome that interferes with electronic scans, allowing you to resist. But as previously mentioned, I don't see how someone is meant to resist a laser.

Shoot first, ID later
If the laser needs to be focused on someone for ten or more seconds then it gives a lot of time for someone to walk away, sneak away, etc. Insta-ID is an issue if we want people to take more risks up top.
I don't think a nano or chrome is the best way to go about it. For a fast typer you can do a lot of things in the TAC before the person can walk out of the room and it's done. Maybe extending the scan time would also make people rely on other PC/NPCs and not solo instaID people right off the bat on sight.
after all from a realistic standpoint you need to keep the laser pointed at the person and if they wanna dash away and sprint the fuck out, well, it's going to mess it up
IIRC tac-comps got a change a couple years ago to make them less powerful. I don't think the scanner time is an issue, but I'd encourage you to xhelp if you think people are being unrealistically aggressive with them and smallworlding.
Without going into detail about it, there are already OOC restrictions on the use of that tool anyway. If you think that it's being used unfairly or being 'gamed', then you should xhelp and report it to Staff. Being scanned and ID'd is part of the risk of going topside when you're someone who doesn't -want- to be ID'd.

I don't think that there's anything else that needs to be added code-wise to the scanner, unless you want to add something like I mentioned earlier.

I don't think they're complaining about being gamed or anything moreso that there's no way to get out of the scan when you use the mechanic command on someone.
Can't comment on OOC restrictions because I obviously wouldn't know what they are. What I can say is that having the scan take longer would open the door to more RP, rather than having someone scan you and walk off. Maybe you now need another jake to keep someone there, make sure they understand they need to stand still, etc.

I didn't know it wasn't a thing already, massive +1.
Aggressively smallworlding like standing on a corner and scanning every PC that walks by? Because that's a thing right now. So +1 to taking longer than walking through a room.

I can imagine a Judge standing on a street corner trying to scan thousands of people walking by them mid-day on Gold.

Isn’t it a selective process to join the WJF? Can someone just tell them what the standard is and what they expect (IE not scanning everyone that walks by?)
xhelp if that happens.

That exact scenario is what I tried to explain earlier. All you need to do to prevent this is xhelp, because as I said, and others have said, there are OOC restrictions to people doing that. We don't need to codedly act on this just because some people misuse it.


This doesn't have to do with the TAC-COMP being abused by PCs though. It has to do with the fact that the scan is instant and there is no way the person on the other end can react to it. Making it last long enough for someone to move rooms would be way more RP than just inputting a command without giving a chance for the person on the other end.

Yea, OOC rules aside, complying with a scan should be optional. And given how short they are, it's not so.
People should only be scanned if there's a reason to, not out of curiosity, IMO. It's like when you have a SIC tracker. If you're just going down the who data tracking everyone you're blatantly abusing the technology, that's the definition of small worlding. This sounds like the same problem.
What Ranger said. This isn't a complaint against anyone, more a thread to address an issue that may exist with the command itself. Without going into IC detail the scan is extremely powerful and maybe PCs should have a chance to avoid it.
“What Ranger said. This isn't a complaint against anyone, more a thread to address an issue that may exist with the command itself. Without going into IC detail the scan is extremely powerful and maybe PCs should have a chance to avoid it.”

Makes perfect sense

That does make sense.

Maybe Judge PCs should be reminded not to scan people without RP leading to it, to prevent Joe Baka from small-worlding. And also the scanner should have a slight delay, to give Joe Criminal the opportunity to try sneak off.

Protect* Joe Baka, rather.
Yeah I have seen people literally stand there using it on everyone who walks past so maybe it should at the very least take a few seconds so that this isn't possible.

I have also seen NPCs doing this though so idk.

I think it's just beneficial for RP and the game more if you have a chance to do something before someone scans you and walks off.

Sure, you can sneak off AFTER you've been already scanned but by that point you're done for.

Like Necro said, it'd have people actually change their meta up to rely on their teammates more, hold them in place etc. etc.

Just like how other people with legal/illegal identifying tools can't do everything by themselves.

imo it's already a huge pain in the butt to deal with Obnoxious Crime-Doers. OOC guidelines for not small-worlding with the Tac-Comp are 100% needed, but making it easier to evade a scan will make life unnecessarily difficult for both player and NPC members of the Hall.
Em, you could aim at the person to make then not escape, and then have a buddy scan them. Or explain to them to comply. Or beat them and then scan if they try to bail on the stop and scan. Many ways to go around the non-instant scan to make it stick.

To be totally fair, it is also extremely difficult to do something up top and get away with it.

Shielded shroud that you can't be scanned through...


If it were meant to be easier, I think you wouldn't be expected to xhelp ahead of time to give staff time to respond to your actions.

I'm a little annoyed by the as well. I recently was scanned randomly without any RP while coming out of the HOJ and despite leaving the room was able to have my PC photographed from the tac-comp. Naturally, I xhelp'd accordingly. I received no response.

Was I shadow'd so they were able to complete the photograph process? Maybe but it didn't seem that way.

My expectation is that WJF players will police themselves. If/when I wanted to harass a random person on ground of suspicion as a dirty mixer - I'd aim at them, freeze them in the room, tell them to halt, and actually engage with them. Not just point my Tac-Comp at every baka who walks in off the bat.

We talk a lot about providing people experiences on the bgbb. I think the WJF should be the held to the highest standard in this regard.

@Necronex666 I think it SHOULD be extremely difficult to do something and get away with it topside.
@himble that's the whole point, dude.

the entire reason is to make sure the WJF actually have a challenge.

just like how it's a challenge to get away with the crime. why would Judge PCs or NPCs suddenly get a free pass and be spoonfed?

Let's make crime impossible topside. Just don't bitch when Judge PCs have nothing to do. It's already one of the most boring roles in the game.

From my own experience, unless I am wrong, even if you walk out of the room, it will photograph you the moment the NPC/PC inputs the command.

My expectation is that WJF players will police themselves. If/when I wanted to harass a random person on ground of suspicion as a dirty mixer - I'd aim at them, freeze them in the room, tell them to halt, and actually engage with them. Not just point my Tac-Comp at every baka who walks in off the bat.

I'm a little surprised they're not policing themselves too and maybe that needs to be addressed. Being a Judge involves a definite level of trust that you're not going to be meta/abuse the many tools at your disposal in ways you shouldn't for game balance.

If they're not policing themselves xhelp and report it to the GMs like others suggested already.
@villa I know what you mean and I'm not trying to discount your experience in this, sorry.

@necro I think they should be at an advantage already, what with being The Law and all, but I'm definitely in agreement that it can (and has) been used poorly for small-worlding bullshit.

I'd like to see how it changes first with a more OOC-focused policing of its use, because I think a coded change would increase tedium for both players and staff in situations outside of 'I gotta escape Steele before he scans me and sees I'm wanted for stealing baby carrots.'.


There are cooldowns in place for other things players are supposed to know they shouldn't do. Again, this is an issue with the command, not with any player.

There's a reason combat candy takes a while to use now.

+1, it'd be nice if there was actual code to prevent judge cuck mcfuck from scanning every PC they walk into instead of just a stern talking-to about it when it happens
Code solution to an IC problem.

You have no idea why a Judge is scanning you, and if you suspect foul play, then xhelp.

again, "dont fucking scan every PC you see, dipshit" is an OOC rule, not an IC problem. And xhelping doesn't un-fuck someone's plots after they've been scanned, their identity revealed, and whoops, that guy who's been in hiding for X amount of months is suddenly out in the open again.

but too bad, right, they should just xhelp about it and grow a pair :)

I think people are mixing things up

this thread has two sides to it,

A) the tac-comp has an instant scan, thus it does not allow counterplay or a PC to react and try to get out of that situation, considering the power of the TAC-COMP

B) current WJF PCs are smallworlding and abusing the TAC-COMP to scan whoever passes by randomly

the solution to add a windup timer for the TAC-COMP to scan people and allow someone to walk away if they want during the windup is not a solution to just problem B but A too.

they are two different topics and problems that have to be addressed seperately tbh

"again, "dont fucking scan every PC you see, dipshit" is an OOC rule, not an IC problem. And xhelping doesn't un-fuck someone's plots after they've been scanned, their identity revealed, and whoops, that guy who's been in hiding for X amount of months is suddenly out in the open again."

That's the risk of going topside. You got caught. That's the risk.

im not saying get rid of the risk, i'm saying give it a SMALL wind-up so whoever's being scanned has at least a small chance to fight back or run, instead of just instantly getting fucked over because "shit happens lol"
Hey here's an actual good idea.

Maybe require the tac-comp be 'aimed' at somebody so you at least have the chance to flee.

Y'all motherfuckers want to outrun lasers smdh
I like that. Makes it impossible to stealth-scan, and uses skills if you want to flee the scanning.
another thing, @HolyChrome, the risk of going topside shouldnt be PCs on a power trip abusing mechanics
The problem with aiming then scanning is that it still doesn't give enough time for someone to flee if the person using the scanner types quickly enough. It's not like there's a cooldown between aiming and scanning.
It's not about "outrunning lasers". Though even if it were, there are lots of things in SD that don't accurately match up to reality for the sake of RP and balance.
I mean, if in CP game where we literally dodge bullets the argument against something is "realism"... It's not a good argument. Lets focus on mechanics, then bend the lore for it to make sense. For example most portable lasers would not have the current required to run available right out of battery, so it will take time for it to accumulate in coils before it can actually be fired.


IMO, fast typing is a definite mechanic. It's like if somebody with a gun aimed at you and then immediately typed attack. (except in combat you can still flee, but i will be realistic here and say you can't actually outrun a laser)

i still think adding a quick 2 second delay of "RETRIEVING DATA FROM SECURE IDENTIFICATION NETWORK ... ONE MOMENT" wouldn't be a terrible idea

You don’t dodge bullets. The other person just misses.
If we are putting fast typing over character skills/reactions, that doesn't sound right, and automatically puts mobile/slower players at big advantage for no apparent reason. Let IC choices be IC choices, not be dependant on typing speed.
Can Deadpool it and deflect bullets with katanas though.
Not true Grizzly, some of the descriptions are very explicit that you've dodged that bullet by making a rapid last-time movement to get out of the way.
But you are not dodging the...ahh forget it
no you move right before the dude pulls the trigger
And then we devolved into this.


Learn to pronounce



avoid (someone or something) by a sudden quick movement.

"marchers had to dodge missiles thrown by loyalists"

synonyms: dart, bolt, duck, dive, swerve, body-swerve, sidestep, veer, lunge, jump, leap, spring More



expose (one area of a print) less than the rest during processing or enlarging.



a sudden quick movement to avoid someone or something.

synonyms: dart, bolt, duck, dive, swerve, jump, leap, spring

"he made a dodge to the right"

Doesn't mean it has to be after pulling of the trigger. While English is my third language, I can work the dictionary.

And maybe lets not keep derailing this thread hm?

My point being you are not trying to dodge a laser maybe the laser shooter just missed you. I dunno. I am honestly uninterested in this anymore.
If the laser needs time to warm up before it can properly scan you then you're simply moving while it's aimed at you but hasn't fired yet. There are lots of ways you an BS this into making sense.
Being a Judge is a position which requires that the character has earned the IC trust of the WJF, and the OOC trust of the GM's.

Judge players who abuse things like this will not be judges for long.

I'm not convinced that Tac-Comps being used to scan as they are is a problem. Maybe Judges are scanning people you think should blend in. Maybe. But when you consider what it does, I am not entirely sure it's a problem.

If we want to tell Judges they can not scan people unless X because it's not realistic then maybe we should go back to everyone being auto-added to the tac-comp system when they walk through the gates because that's realistic too. Why wouldn't the guards record every SIC that they installed?

I have a feeling that most would prefer that there is a real chance that they will be scanned if they walk by Judges over having their info auto-added. Just a guess.

If we are going to set the narrative that as default on gold you are expected to be scanned, even if you don't have the verbose prompt about it (aka it can be done in the background), well, there won't be any crimes at gold. Although this, of course, begs a question of how massive is WJF force to actually make any sense out of that mountain of data.

Kinda why I like the scans to be not everyone-you-pass, but only when there is some sort of RP behind it. Otherwise, you would have an almost endless stream of scans to sort through, not just the selected players.

Nobody said that PCs shouldn't be scanned, just that there should be RP involved in one. There are some situations where a PC really doesn't want to be scanned and it ends up happening to them in under three seconds because they took a walk up to Gold.

Having someone wield the power to basically record you and use it that frequently and easily seems counter to any potential for RP that would've existed otherwise. It feels like they're doing it just to have you in the system.

RP in this context seems to be a by-word for 'anonymous crime'. Given the technology millieu presented in-game, the manual scans are a considerable reduction in theoretical capability, to enable exactly this: Players interacting mechanically.

You are literally never not under observation of some kind, and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

Isn't that the same case, Mobius? Having your information autoadded was unfair because players didn't have an option to opt out of being added to the system.

So right now the only way you can opt out is just never interact with a Judge at all if you can and avoid them, even if you're not really going to do crime and you're just walking on the street after updating your clone.

I don't really think that's very beneficial to RP and on top of the judge PCs being trigger happy it isolates factions even more. Why wouldn't the proposed changes be bad? What would a windup timer be bad? Sure, the current system is better compared to the old one.

But we'd like to know how the current system compares to the new one suggested on this thread.

Would be bad*

It's kind of like saying "at least now you can't look at disguised people's names to actually find out who they are now that we have actual disguised names, people sure would prefer what we have now over what we had!"

Yet we added disguised ambient pop on top of that and it was better for the game, ultimately, no?

I mean... It isn't impossible to do crime topside, it is very doable in fact. Having everyone taken out of the TAC was a huge change.

Without going into too many IC details, there are a lot of ways you can pull off crime and a lot of ways that you can get caught but I don't think it is unreasonable to get scanned if you are stopped by a judge. Last time I was pulled over by a real cop I had to give my license and registration. Same idea only much faster.

I think the major problem isn't jakes access to data, it is what they do with that data and the small worlding. Again, I can't go into specific details, but some of ya'll have a huge problem with it.

Again, it's not getting stopped by the WJF that's the issue. It's one of them walking up to you, scanning you, then walking away. Nobody is complaining about them having the ability to do this. If xhelping is the cure then this would be prevention.

It's not really about crime or being stopped by a Judge. It's moreso about the fact that the Judges -don't- stop people and just use the command on whichever PC walks by them on the street with zero RP.

Hence the windup suggestion, which'd actually force Judge PCs to talk to, engage with and RP with the people they want to stop on the street instead.

I think this is largely getting blown out of proportion. Judges are already not supposed to just scan everyone that passes, that's an OOC problem. If a Judge has a reason to scan you, I don't really know that it's fair to ask 'okay, but if I can just avoid getting caught at the last minute?' This sounds less to me like 'Judges are tyrannical smallworlders' and more like a desire to skirt repercussions when you actually get caught.

I hate RP. Never did it before in my life won't start now!


But yes, in that light, it makes sense, though it is still a little bit of a meta issue and the PCs doing that should be admonished first, but if a code change is required to force people to behave...

I do agree Zumini that it is a meta issue, but we have code in place to prevent people from abusing things that people could normally, theoritically, police themselves on. Like killing sleepers. Could PCs be technically dealt with by GMs if they do it, since it is an OOC rule? Sure. But WILL the players police themselves? Well, no, see why we have code that prevents people from killing sleepers.

Subconciously we're all open to doing meta and I think it just plays a role so a minor code change wouldn't affect much.


It's not really about getting caught doing topside crime. It's about walking on Gold after running crates or updating your clone and suddenly a Judge PC out of nowhere decides to scan you and do all the things to you without giving you a chance to react and then walks off without RP before and after the scanning. Do you not see how that's harmful to an RPI game?

People keep throwing around the notion Judges and Cadets are just scanning whoever whenever. If this is happening, and GMs have said they'll pursue action for people reported doing it, what scary boogerman is running around scanning people?
Well something has to be happening unless the players who posted in here are just lying and talking out of their ass about their recent experiences.

Like Necronex said, if xhelping GMs is the cure, then the windup time would be the prevention so that players don't have to xhelp a GM only after damage is already done.

I didn't know that we were meant to xhelp weird scans, I've had someone scan me and leave so fast I couldn't even ask them what they did. Just thought it was weird at the time.
I think people are getting scanned because of an increase of presence from the Hall ICly right now and they're up in arms about the frequency.

I think this is a made-up and inflated problem.

How many of the people saying ALL Judges are scanning EVERYONE are standing around and watching the person in question doing it?

s m d h

Get scanned? Know your rights!

Are you corporate? Yes(?)——report to your supervisor. No(?)—— whine on SIC.

Hopefully this helps.

Get in their face and begin screaming.


Was that really necessary, or productive?
Y'all are complaining about not being able to dodge lasers, and Judges and Cadets scanning more people -during a period of massively increased terrorism topside-?

The WJF already almost can't catch alias hoppers(even with the alias lock), and the guards at the gate just outright don't update the database so fresh chips are not in the database at all(which is what prompts WJF people to be fast on the scan in the first place, so they can actually enforce the Law and ID people).

Recent events have shown is that "no crime topside" isn't real, it happens. You just have to put a put more effort into it than "I wanted to walk up and shoot this guy."

It's not about dodging lasers and it's not about crime. I'm just gonna let the thread speak for itself at this point.
What you're saying is its an OOC/RP problem and you don't think the GMs are enforcing it enough so you want them to... code something instead?

s m d h

No, what everyone that's in support of this is saying is that xhelping after the fact is worse than having something to prevent the issue in the first place. Do keep dumbing things down though.
And you're also assuming you know why a Judge scanned or the frequency they're scanning other players.
This talk about how how tac-comp scanning is preventing or discouraging players from commuting topside crime doesn't make sense to me. If you are not willing to commit crime topside because you might get scanned or have been scanned, I honestly doubt you would commit crime topside even if tac-comps were removed entirely.

I've been scanned on several characters. One of them even arranged to get scanned intentionally twice as a part of a plan. Others have been scanned, then proceeded to insult judges and attack corpies and mixers topside now and then. At no point did I ever have a character think, "I really want to do X topside but it's illegal. And damn those tac-comps are scary!" Or even, "Well... I've been scanned. I guess no more topside crime for me!"

I don't see how this argument makes much sense at all. Maybe it's just my temperament. I don't know.

I just have one thing to say, Barrien, about the alias hoppers. Unless the person takes the precautions to avoid being on the SICnal, no, the WJF can really easily catch hoppers if they're paying attention. Don't know what makes you think it's so hard.

Just because fresh SIC chips are not at the database does not really excuse people just spamming commands and walking away without a single RP interaction with other players either.

If we're gonna be using the arguement that during this period of increased terrorism that players should be scanned more thoroughly, then there could be actually RP behind it instead of "input command, instascan, walk away". That's actually a great RP and plot point. I'll list a few things you can actually do instead of doing this instascan walk away thing.

1- Gather up in front of lev stations as a semi-formal checkpoint. Scan people that come out of them.

2- RP you're also scanning ambient pop.

3- Stop people, look at them for signs of infection.

4- Stop people, frisk them to make sure they're not carrying any contraband.

5- Stop people, ask them if they have seen anything suspicious.

6- Scan them, and then RP with the person on the other end to FILL OUT the rest of the TAC-COMP data.

These are all things you can do before or after a TAC-COMP scan to actually provide RP experience to the person instead of just instascanning and walking away without any RP and like Reefer said, we are here to provide each other RP and experiences, right? The RP and experience you get is severely limited by the fact that people simply abuse the instascan thing and walk off without a need to actually RP with the person since when they DO input the command, it's all done, there's no point to further engage with them.


I've never argued this makes it easier for topside crime to happen. Just that it provides more roleplay and allows the playerbase to engage with each other more effectively instead of avoiding each other.

I think in a world where there are orbs, cameras, video feeds and millions of people crowding the streets, having the Law randomly walk up to someone that they consider 'questionable' is very CP. It's called profiling, and it a large part of societal separation. "You look dirty, and you don't belong on my streets. Who are you and what are you up to?" is a -normal- Corporate mindset that would trigger the Law to be acting on those biases, especially during a period of strife and malcontent.

I don't know if I agree that the response to this is either xhelping, GM intervention or coding. I think it is an RP opportunity, an IC event that can either be acted on or not acted on, depending on your POV for your PC (as the recipient or someone seeing it happen).

We all have a SIC chip with all of our data in it. That's available at a moment's notice. So, it's not unreasonable that a Judge/Cadet could scan passing citizens sporadically and quickly (at least if I understand how the tac-comps work). Now, maybe it takes a few seconds/minutes for them to react and you as the suspected person can run off into the crowd.

I think yes, RP should be involved in all this, but if it's a 'busy' street, the RP may simply be 'point scanner at X'. Because, people aren't going to stop and react - generally - or they may not even notice it.

But by your own words it is about dodging a scan. Your concern, boiled down by you, is that people have walked up to you, scanned you and walked off. Leaving no chance for RP or a chance to avoid it.

If there was RP, you'd might have a chance to avoid it.

I'm actually in agreement that people should not be randomly scanning anyone who walks by and shouldn't be doing so without RP. But we're all acting here like the 10-20 seconds you proposed in your original post isn't somehow going to make it so no one who doesn't want to be scanned won't be scanned. You can leave a room, come back and leave a room in that period. Multiple times if it's on the higher end.

That's not a good solution.

Even Ranger's post in the last post is that this really isn't about delay. It's people doing it without RP. That's the concern. If you think a delay will cause people to RP, I think you're wrong. The point of a delay is just an overarching bandaid 'fix', a loose term here, to cover the meat of the issue - lack of RP in you getting scanned. This is an issue that's handled through OOC training to people with access to these tools.

I think the point of the delay would at least -force- people to attempt to stop the person beforehand, as to execute some of the previous suggestions I listed instead of just using the mechanic and walking off, hence why I think it's a feasible suggestion and not entirely bad.

Also jade the tac-comp isn't just that, without getting into ic details.

Adding on I do have to agree that the mentality also has to change and the code delay, even though it could and would probably help by forcing people to adapt to the change, still won't change the entire mindset.


You're not contributing to this thread by saying "oh it's not actually happening, players are just complaining about imaginary boogeyman" because clearly by the tendency in this thread it is currently happening.

And yes, coded solutions are the best solution to meta or powergamey situations in Sindome because you can't expect everyone to policy themselves all the time no matter how many yellow walls of text you shove through.

I've been royally fucked over through meta assumptions by exploits in the code. The GMs looked at it but there was nothing I could do since the die had already been rolled. Guess what? These players were max UE veterans with years of experience and their malicious intent was all the same.

Forgive me for being a noob here - I don't even know what a scan is. But from reading this, I fail to see how this is any different from people dipping, attacking, robbing, kicking phones out of hands, whatever else without RPing and then running off. Common stuff that I see daily.
My hypothetical back to you is:

What do you do when you add a coded delay, making it so people have to stop to RP, but the person you're trying to scan, knowing they have a limited time to bounce, don't RP and just walk off.

There. It's the same issue only in reverse now..


The difference between that is one is in the Mix, and is usually a common occurrence done by any Mixer.

This is done by a role that's held to a very high standard IC and OOC, with very powerful tools to screw PCs over if they want to.


There is already code to stop people walking in their tracks and ensure they don't get away. Why can't anybody utilize that?


The difference being there's skill checks in determining whether you can attack, disarm, or grapple somebody in movement.

For tac-comps this is obviously not the case.

Even for cybernetic scanners and weapons detectors there's a "processing" period to which you can respond, get out of the way, disarm the person scanning you, etc.

Thanks for explaining, that does put it more in context @ranger @villa.

The "frequency of incidents" you're trying to claim isn't, at all, taking into account that a majority of them are hypothetical or people have no clue why they were scanned to begin with.

I am positive if this was an actual problem and people were xhelping about the frequency, which again implies these players have access to those sort of statistics, then the GMs would be working to circumvent that... which they said they would've..

And by that, yes, I am contributing to the conversation when it's totally fabricated and a bunch of players are just jumping up and down to unnecessarily neuter a part of the game.

I mean, someone already mentioned that they xhelped to no response and another mentioned they didn't even know they should xhelp if they thought the scan was meta. Maybe that's why?
So it sounds like this is a hot topic and it has kicked up a lot of dust.

Maybe we should all chill until Johnny, Slither, or Glitch have a chance to look at it.

Reading through this thread makes me think of the help file on farming that I just read.

Help farming

Specifically there is a mention in there that players should be targeting NPCs and PCs in roughly equal numbers. It seems like a similar logic should be applied to scanning.

The only other thing I want to say is that reading between the lines here, the sense I got is that one or two of the recently promoted Cadets has been going crazy with the TACCOMP. Fail them out of the WJF as an example to others of what happens when you abuse your power. Include this incident as training to future Cadets. Frame it in IC terms like, "Remember when Cadet Baka overwhelmed the scanning database with thousands of worthless cans? Don't be a baka."

Reading through this thread makes me think of the help file on farming that I just read.

Help farming

Specifically there is a mention in there that players should be targeting NPCs and PCs in roughly equal numbers. It seems like a similar logic should be applied to scanning.

The only other thing I want to say is that reading between the lines here, the sense I got is that one or two of the recently promoted Cadets has been going crazy with the TACCOMP. Fail them out of the WJF as an example to others of what happens when you abuse your power. Include this incident as training to future Cadets. Frame it in IC terms like, "Remember when Cadet Baka overwhelmed the scanning database with thousands of worthless cans? Don't be a baka."

I've spoken with Glitch and it makes sense for the scan to take a bit of time. The messaging has been updated and expanded, and it is now possible to run away from a scan. If you aren't in the same room when the scan completes, the Judge won't get results.

However, as Glitch, myself, and Kard all independently pointed out-- the guilty don't run. So, please expect a Judge to respond with lead the moment someone tries to dodge them scanning.

Thank you Slither.

This is the best solution.

Thanks Slither.
Much thanks, Slither.

Thanks, Slith-- I mean, I AM A LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN, I SWEAR.
We are all law abiding citizens.
Op Checklist:

1) Vee

2) Hemo

3) Complaint BB about OpFor