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Ideas to Improve Cloning
Open Forum for discussion

Hey All -

Opening a discussion for how we can make the cloning experience better, more interesting and more IC.

One idea that was put forward by Mephibosheth: "I think corpse cloning user experience flow needs improvement, if for the simple reason that it can just dump you into a public IC space for days at a time for no IC reason. I propose that successful corpse cloning gives a message (similar to a fail) that states the citizen has been cloned and is in cognitive storage under clone treaty law blahlbah. Then the person cloned wakes up in the equivalent of a coffin, just described as a fluid vat that they get discharged from. This is minor code recycling."

I'm interested in other ideas. We aren't trying to change the fundamentals of how it works but rather the presentation. A person who is asleep in the tank getting placed in a 'coffin' within the recombination chamber, for instance, is a good suggestion.


- S

I've wanted cloning to be a process, you wake up, you float through an assembly line, your 'tank' transported on a conveyor style system as you go, it takes time, you have time to sort through your memory loss, and then ultimately you get deposited into your 'New Awakening' room, which is a ambient location, and when you're ready to 'leave' you exit the room, unable to go back into it, and enter the current recombination chamber, under the protection of the room.

This allows people to log off without being forced ICly by corpse cloning. We'd need to modify the process of corpse cloning to not instantly regenerate the person right then and there in that room. Take the DNA sample, dissolve the body, and start the process of cloning them elseMOO and using the process to transport them into their awakening room.

This lets people control when they re-appear if they have OOC considerations.

I like Cerberus' idea, as while convenient, popping out of the vats 10 minutes or so after you die can make death feel very trivial, especially with combat characters who constantly die. I think adding this longer process would make it harder to be abused, though I think something in the Genetek building itself may need to be updated so perming isn't made easier by the process.
Semi out of the question - One of the things I've noticed, and I don't know if this is a feature, or a bug, but if you try and corpse clone someone too early, (e.g. still in the Death Funnel or something, I don't know how it works behind the screens) you'll get the same treaty message as if they already cloned out/went to chargen. I wouldn't mind seeing a different message for being too early. :p