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High Disguise and Crates
Having high disguise should let you turn in crates

Another bug report that is actually a feature request. Putting it here:

When disguised to the point of having a disguise name and desc using contacts and wigs, you cannot turn in crates even though you can receive them. It also outs you as being disguised when doing so.

Idea: Not sure if it does already, but people wearing disguises that hide their face should also not receive the benefits of being charming and attractive when turning in crates, much the same way you can't use the sleaze command while shrouded.
@TalonCzar: Is that not a feature already? I'm under the impression that CHA and APR bonuses are globally disabled when you're disguised.
It wouldn't be correct to say they are globally disabled. It's case by case most likely. In general we typically get around charisma checks by blocking disguised people from doing most things that might rely on it, such as delivering crates, selling items to shop keepers, selling items to NPCs.
Due to the OOC rules around recognizing disguises in Sindome, I find bgbb discussion around the meta to be extremely counterproductive. I appreciate the intent though.
Could I have an English translation, Reefer?
Due to ooc rules around recognizing disguises, I for one find bgbb discussion on disguises very illuminating on what may or may not be bad form. Thank you.

On topic, seems like another thing that should not be allowed while disguised and would be a themely change.

I have had a fair amount of experience with disguises and dealing with NPCs.

I feel like the current system works well. It seems to balance the ability to make chyen from automated systems with the risk of giving away a disguise very well.

WRT the original topic, I could see some benefit from making it so that characters who have the ability to change their name and description WITHOUT covering their faces can interact with NPCs without having to drop their disguise.

Yeah if I'm putting in all that effort to appear as a completely different person and the game just sorta goes 'Yeah drop your blatant disguise, chum' despite it, obviously not being blatant IC, because of some mechanical tomfoolery, it seems like an odd situation.

Honestly I don't see no issue with disguised folk running crates/delivering to gangers/whatever. There's even a few angles where it might be interesting to try and run things while pretending to be someone else. I don't wanna go into too much detail on the boards, because disguise meta already has enough issues, but 100% think people should be able to

You can[/] sleaze with disguise/shrouds on.
Butchered the italic script. MB.

I do want to say it's interesting that in a society where everyone is tracked electronically, that so many services rely on old fashioned facial recognition. Why should it matter if I'm shrouded or disguised when a crate service should be scanning my sic ID anyway?

I think things like contacts and wigs (compared to hoodies, shrouds, etc) should at the very least be considered not something an NPC would get on you about. They are meant to be subtle to the point of the average person wouldn't know you were disguised. Someone with the ability to disguise themself as not themself to do a task shouldn't be outed by someone not reading a SIC implant like a shopkeeper just receiving a crate (compared to something like the bank, where it technically would).

Hoodies, helmets, shrouds, etc is a grey area, imo, given that a topside courier service may not want their employees walking around with a crate while shrouded, for instance.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

I agree with that as a solid middle ground. If you're disguised like that, I don't see why the target would know it isn't your real face in the first place. For the same reason PCs wouldn't.

Or I should say shouldn't. Because a large number of players actually do this in my experience. But that's a different matter.