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Help Files
Help me, Help you, Help Yourself!

Help files are on my to-do list and so I'm going to be working on Help Files in the near future. If anyone knows of Help Files that need added or reviewed please let me know!

Try and structure your post like so;

Help <FileName> - <Add/Edit/Remove> : <Your suggestion>

For example:

Help Levs - Edit : Lev price is out of date and needs changed.

Help Mench - Add : What is a Mench and how do we fix it?


You're a real mensch.
Help style - Edit - "You DO NOT need to have skill in artistry in order to make your own clothing" Pretty sure this is no longer true (and caused me a LOT of confusion and misspent UE).
Help Vote - Add : About voting and links to each site.

Help Voting - Add : About voting and links to each site.

Help donate/donating/donation
Help Vote / Voting has been added.

Help Donate / Donating has been added.

Help Archetype / Archetypes has been added.
Help game-help has been added.
Great job on this!

Help shout

help emote - edit - Mention 'emote loudly' and

'emote softly'

I'm loving the help files, thanks for the hard work, Mench.
Help Emote - Edited to inform about Emote Loudly and Emote Softly.

Thanks for the suggestions and the thanks folks =)

help pose - Add : Mention that when you use verbs ending with sh, ch and tch, you have to add an e at the end for it to look right to everyone else.


".watch Jimmy closely." results in "Player watchs you closely."


".watche Jimmy closely." results in "Player watches you closely."

It is mentioned in the tutorial that 'help pose' links to but you have to dig through it to find it and a few extra lines in 'help pose' might be more accessible.

help pose - Modify : Explain the whole /all /everybody /everyone a bit more. I have no idea what they do and the explanation present doesn't help me very much at least.
Help Pose - Has been edited to reflect the use of "sh", "ch" and "tch" as well as provide more information on the use of /all /everybody /everyone.

Thanks Grey0!

I think it would be cool if help name came along with a suggestion that you should try to name your character object something that the character is going to regularly be called. Situations may come up where the person no longer goes by the name of their character object, but if it's a complete 100% secret that my guy's real name is Joe and he goes around telling everyone it's Steve right out of the gate, he should probably have been called Steve.

I mean it's still on other players to keep track of which names they know, but this would cut down on accidental meta-ing.

A help file for using a chef's island would be nice.
I second Vera's suggestion, as I feel I've made that mistake.
I also agree with Vera, though I think that this suggestion is best placed in the character creation process.

I suggest a comprehensive guide on where it is appropiate to install security tech. I've gotten many conflicting accounts from GM's across the years and a help file for this would help a great deal.

Updated the 'Help Name' File to include Vera's suggestion.

Let me know what you think, I wasn't quite sure how to word it.


I'll try and find out some definite answers and see if I can make a Help File about it.

'Help name' looks ok :)
Help kitchenette, please!
Help Lore

Include links into the timeline and lore pages. Give an idea of what is and isn't public knowledge on the website. Include references to help theme.

A help file on how to use the archives, exam here doesn't tell you how to use it at all.
How about help with triggers involved in macro creation? there is a slot listed for the help but it doesn't exist, unless I just had an odd issue with it.
Help File on healing, maybe very very vague, but I didn't see one when I gave a cursory look. And I'm finding out all sortsa shit through experimentation that I probably should have known.
help @default-weapon - Edit

Help file says you can specify something like martial arts but I don't think this is the case. I think this works with held items only.

help @default-htoh - Edit

This It might be more clear to use the term 'hand to hand style' than 'hand to hand weapon'. I could imagine someone trying to set their default-htoh to brass knuckles or something. Again, this is just to the best of my knowledge. There might be a reason why this is worded as it is.

It would also be good to mention that you can unset your default-htoh using "@default-htoh is nothing". This is mentioned in the @default-weapon help file but not here.

help @client-option - Add - The command is somewhat self documenting but it would be good to have a help file point out it's existence and how to use it.
help @default-htoh - Edit

Also mention that, when you die and come back as a clone, you will need to reset this.

Help Edge/jump - Edit: Jumping across an edge in a direction that has multiple roofs on the other side will result in you 'aiming' at the first roof on the list as seen when you look at that edge.

help ue - Add

I think it'd be nice to have how UE spending on stats work, because not a week goes by without one newbie complaining about how STR and LUK cost more.

Help Combat Skills - Edit :

I suggest we update the Melee section to say something like:


Ability to cause harm or disable an opponent in unarmed close combat using items or weapons (non-ranged) not covered by a more specific skill; example weapons include pipes, hatchets, bats and batons.

Help Voting - Edit : The shortlinks for the voting sites seem to just redirect to forums instead of taking you where they should.

Help Tattoo - Edit : Misleading because tattoos can be ICly removed. The current comments do not clearly answer an in-game mechanic which has come up on Game-Help. Good answers from staff and playerbase that can be considered for helpfile wording:"What is the command to erase a tattoo, rather than replace?", "You tattoo them as normal, then enter with no description made to blank the tattoo", "You may use a SkinWriter to remove a tattoo but you may never remove a Banishment tattoo without engaging the GMs. Even if it is technically possibly from a coded perspective, it is not not possible from an IC perspective. ICly a banishment tattoo is a special uber tattoo. You can not remove it using a SkinWriter so we would require you to engage the GMs with any ideas you might have to deal with them. But OOC mechanics do not line up with this yet. So we expect the playerbase to respect the IC reality and not take advantage of current code limitations."

There is some ambiguity and a lack of clear direction on how to create a new encryption key. This can be cleared up by updating the help text for the 'ce+' command.

help sic-encryption

Current Text:

'ce+ ':

Adds a with the provided to your list of stored encryption keys. Keys must be 64 characters in length and composed of A-Za-z0-9+/ and no characters can be repeated. You'll generally use this when someone else gives you a key they have generated. Using this command incurs a cost which goes up for each additional key you add.

Edit Text:

(append the following to the end) Using this command WITHOUT a value will generate a new key. Generating a new key will incur a 1000 chy charge.

It also might make sense to move the following text so that follows directly after the 'ce+' command and before the 'ce-' command

After you generate a key, you'll most likely want to share that key with others. Your keyname/key pairs are displayed when you type 'chelp'. Share the keyname and key with your associates through alternative means (cell, radio, mail, in-person) and they can then add them via the 'ce+' command. SENDING YOUR KEY TO SOMEONE OVER THE SIC WILL RESULT IN THE INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.

Thanks for the feedback, the last two posts have been incorporated into help files for help tattoos, help vote, and help sic-encryption.
A small thing, but I just noticed that Trading is grouped under Computer Science skills in the help files which might be confusing to a new player, and seems out of place for sure.

I've also thought for a while there's an argument to be made for making the decking skill help files at least -slightly- more clear with regards to their IC functions. Cracking is straightforward but the other two aren't. There are IC 'guides' that may not always be quickly stumbled upon by a true newbie, and it's just always felt a bit unfortunate to saddle a new player with this kind of confusion (we all see how many questions we get / confusion there is with far more straightforward skill/stat archetypes from new players ). Just something to chew on.

help sic-encryption


Currently Reads - 'ces

Change to - 'ces ':

(Is missing the closing > after keyname )

The BB filtered out a few strings.

This is the important part.... (Is missing the closing > after keyname )

Looks like Mench took care of this!
Would... adding a 'detox' help file be out of line?

Maybe edit the skill files, like 'help Martial', for example, to... I understand they're supposed to be vague, but perhaps putting at least one keyword (Not highlighted or otherwise obviously noticeable, just... 'there') that either is a command usable by someone with the skill, or refers to another help file for more information in each skill description? Just where it's possible while looking like a non-forced sentence.

For example, 'help Stealth' could simply have 'move' be replaced with 'sneak' and look the same while being more helpful. Thievery has two such words that lead to the same place ('Pickpocket' and 'Steal'). Disguise... doesn't even go to the vague help file. It redirects to a quite useful one and it's a skill name, otherwise I'd recommend replacing 'conceal' with 'shroud,' which currently leads to the same help file 'disguise' does.

Below are some other examples. I haven't played with any of the skills yet, other than two... maybe three, so there may already be help file keywords or actual commands that can be used that I simply don't know and therefore can't recommend.

The ones below either don't seem to have help file keywords or have words I'd like to know more about in their descriptions. All I'm doing is pointing out words that might be useful to route to help files, but... if things already exist (As is the case of Stealth with 'Sneak'), minor rewording would do wonders for making them more accessible.

Forensics ('Investigate' or 'Evidence'?)

Cracking ('Matrix' explains what the thing mentioned is, which is useful, but nothing about the skill)

Systems ('Operating Systems', 'Networking', and/or 'Deck'?)

Programming ('Software' or 'Software Design'?)

Trading ('Haggling' or 'Bartering'?)

Piloting ('Aerial' or 'Mech'?)

Rigging ('Robotics', 'Drones' or 'Drone'?)

Aero Tech ('Plane', 'Aerodyne', 'Gyro', 'Aerial', 'Repair', or 'Maintenance'?)

Auto Tech ('Repair', or 'Maintenance'?)

Electro Tech ('Electronic Systems'?)

Munitions ('Ammunition' or 'Ammo'?)

Secure Tech ('Locks', 'Encryption Devices', or 'Number Generators'?)

Dodge ('Evade'?)

Medical ('Heal'?)

Heavy Weapon ('Rocket Launcher' or 'Machine Gun'?)

Long Blade ('Bladed'?)

Short Blade ('Bladed'?)

- Heavy Weapon, Long & Short Blade: They might be self-explanatory... if there isn't anything 'special' about them beyond improving ability to wield the respective weapon(s), maybe there's nothing to add.

Melee ('Disable'?)

Brawling ('Disable'?)

Martial Arts ('Tactical' or 'Disable'?)

- Brawling & Martial Arts: Adding 'style' and/or 'stance' into both descriptions would be helpful, too. 'Style' suggests the 'Combat' help file and if 'Stance' were added to 'Combat', that'd be a way to access that one (Incidentally... why isn't it there? It's a combat-only thing).

- Melee, Brawling, & Martial Arts: Does 'Disable' simply mean 'Disarm'? If so, could just redirect 'Disable' to 'Disarm' or change 'Disable' in each description to 'Disarm'.

Rifle ('Gun'?)

- 'Pistol' brings up an extremely useful help file about... pistols. It redirects to 'Guns'. 'Rifle' doesn't, nor does it include the keyword in the description. Maybe it's a no-brainer for most or maybe there's a reliance on having already run across it from 'Pistol,' but... Melee/Martial Arts/Brawling all have 'Combat' listed... just a thought.

And that's all the skills far as I could see. The rest either have (Really good) keywords or lead to a file that suggests another that helps tremendously.


I suggest kill having a separate help file from attack, right now help kill just forwards to attack.