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Hairstyle and Color in Corpse

Currently, when someone dies, their corpse only shows their original hair style and color.

Oftentimes, the modified information is really important in communicating the corpse's physical details to someone else far away when the person who is looking at the corpse doesn't know who that dead person is.

Perhaps this was intentional, and is something only a forensic would see, but it just feels like it'd make a lot more sense if the corpse only showed the most current body features.

For example:

Someone with pink hair gets killed, and now their corpse shows that their hair color is black because it was originally black.

Someone far away hires a fresh immy to check on the corpse, and the immy reports back to their boss saying that the corpse's hair color is black, and so the boss assumes that this dead person is not one of their many pink-haired friends.

This seems like a combination feature request / bug. We really should do something about this. Could you submit an @bug about it?