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Grenades while grappling

Just to open this up for balance discussion: should you be able to activate a grenade while grappling someone? It makes it incredibly easy to kill anyone quickly provided you have the right equipment and they do not.
You need two hands to properly use a grenade....IRL that is.
You shouldn't be able to activate a grenade if it isn't in your hand. If that's not the case I'd @bug it because it sounds wrong.
Here is the proper Grenade prepping and throwing technique that you're probably not going to use in the streets of RED, but the prepping is pretty essential to making a point that you should probably need two hands and not be grappling someone,

The ability to detonate grenades on your person sounds like a great use of the explosives skill.
Rigging up a suicide vest situation is a pretty neat idea and would give the explosives skill more use, which is always good.

Nonlethal grenades going off on your person should incapacitate you or badly hurt you even if you have equipment to protect yourself from them.

Grenades should otherwise take two hands. ...and so should katanas.

While we're on the subject of grenades can you please fix it so that the other person doesn't go unconscious for only 0.002 seconds if they are moving to another room in the process of being knocked out by a sonic grenade?
1. How long you are KO'd is based on your stats and cyberware.

2. It used to be that when a grenade went off in someone, it effected only them. I thought it was still that way. Upon testing I see that it's not. You have to be holding a grenade to pull the pin now..

-- S