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Giving spray paints more use.
Spraypainting people in the face.

I've looked around for forum posts regarding spraypaints and didn't find any, will there be a possibility for us to use spraypaint to paint someone's glasses or visors, making it difficult for them to see, making it a requirement for them to remove their headwear or eyewear to fight or risk fighting blind. Spraypainting cameras would be useful for disabling them until someone with solvent cleans it off, etc.
This usage has never been discussed before. I'm interested to hear peoples thoughts.
Maybe one could even use a can of spray paint as makeshift pepper spray!
Cool idea, maybe could temporarily blind someone or lower their perception severely if the attack's successful.

I see it as something that's not necessarily used in combat, but if you catch someone unawares while out of combat, it could work?

I really like the idea of using it to temporarily disable cameras. It makes total sense and feels themely too. Of course, the easy disable should be easily fixed with solvent. Give those characters who sit around and watch their screen all day a reason to go out. Or at lease pay people to go and clean their cameras off.
+1 for anti-camera measures that force people to maintain cameras.

As for a weapon, I think they could benefit from some superior combat messaging on the melee side and maybe be ramped to super crap tier weapon accordingly. If they left a "stain" on a player & there clothes until they showered i hit - it would actually be a pretty cool way to -identify- people. As for any other stats effects, I don't think that's really balanced with the combat system but I could be incorrect about this.

I'm just a big fan of graffiti in general though and relish any/all ways to make corporate things less valuable or otherwise stained by mixer filth. Also, automated graffiti mural timed "bombs" that could be designed by a skilled artist then hidden in a room would be awesome. Bonus points if it makes people puke.

Instead of actually affecting people's eyes to some fancy chemicals that prevents eye damage but it affects inorganic items like facewears like visors on protek helmets, judge visors, goggles, etc. Cybereye as well? Also, I like those ideas on disabling cameras, someone wearing a disguise can step up, spray on a camera, and set up an ambush with their dudes. More expensive cameras won't require to have paint cleaned off but it'll take a while for the paint to be off completely. What about eyepods though? Sprayable? Windshields on vehicles?
*due to fancy chemicals
yes please make a ubiquitous and very cheap item the most versatile and powerful tool slash weapon in the game
Could have garden variety hardware store spraypaint for gangers to tag up rival turf, and then more expensive, harder to find spraypaint to fuck up cameras?
Multiple countermeasures for cameras already exist.
Making cameras super sturdy against being bashed but being able to spraypaint their lense is a spectacular idea.
There are other countermeasures and they're already balanced. Maybe spraypaint is fine as-is.
Yes, letting spray paint block the view of a camera would be a cheep way of TEMPORARILY ruining it without completely destroying it or requiring GM intervention. Which is why there should be an equally cheap and easy way of reversing the effect - also without requiring GM intervention. To be honest, I'm not convinced that cameras do much to promote RP and interaction between characters so I have little interest in protecting them from temporary loss of functionality.

Of course, I don't imagine that many cameras will get tagged topside while it will be a struggle to keep cameras functional in the mix (as it should be). And it could promote RP. Did Joe's hood slip while he tagged the camera and did the operator see it? Go get Joe! Is it essential that a particular camera stay operational? Pay an Immy to check and clean it once a day!

Hell I could see a lot of low powered RP surrounding the cameras. Faction A pays three fairly new characters to maintain their network of cameras and disable their Faction B does the same. Now you have low level PCs going at each other.

I'm not saying that this is a great idea and I'm sure there are flaws in it but I would rather not see it dismissed so casually.

There are already multiple cheap ways of temporarily interfering with cameras and not destroying them that dont require gm intervention.
I can't tell you people what the methods are, you need to find that out IC. Suffice to say there are many and this suggestion does nothing but devalue the more clever ones.
Yes to fucking up cameras. Why? Because it would be an easy immy job, messing and then cleaning them out. Generates RP. Helps the economy.

No to messing up head-ware. Why? 1k spray can vs 30k helmet, headshot, death, too OP.

I think this would only really suck for anyone with a network of camera's in the mix, and you know what? That's there problem for having a network of camera's in the mix.

I saw someone mentioned that these shadow factions within the game of whom we can't OOCly call out on here could contribute further to the immigrant economy by giving them some solvent and paying them to go around and clean up their camera's. A crafty immigrant could get a hoodie, go around spraying their camera's, then be first in line to go clean them. On the other end of the spectrum, your mediocre solo team that couldn't afford EMP devices or deckers (Here's hopes to 3.0) could just whip out the low tech spray can and tag up that camera outside their targets hidey hole. I don't think it should kill audio, so it could be interesting how that could turn out.

Furthermore, if you spray a camera out topside, I think that should be an immediate indicator for the WJF to respond.

Good points discussed here in this idea. With that said, perhaps repeating "This idea is not good/similar methods exist/ etc" is not much of a contribution to the discussion (albeit sometimes needed).

Allowing spray cans to take the visual functionality of cameras away with an easy fix to a temporary block sounds beneficial. Could even have rain-related weather effects clear the paint off if it's only recently applied.

Seriously though, +1 to tagging cameras. Back in my rebellious days (See: not that long ago at all) it was something we'd do just to get somewhere we couldn't be seen public drinking. It's more than themely, and even if there are countermeasures for cameras, there's countermeasures for a lot of things, but a THEMELY countermeasure is way more important.

The countermeasures that exist are much more themely than spraypaint.
Briefly thinking on it, spraypainting gear to look a bit flasher (outside of stickers of course) could be another use, I suggested paint jobs for weapons a while ago and it got a fair bit of support, just another alternative way of doing it.
Bumping this because all of the ideas suggested here sound pretty amazing.
Temporarily disabling cam/mics with spraypaint and cleaning that defacement up with solvent is now a thing, see the new game features post for more info.