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Give tobacco products actual nicotine
Where's the drugs at?

That's a good idea.
I swear smoking a butt gives you some kind of fatigue/endurance modifier. Has anyone noticed this? It would be apparent in @stats after taking it. Not at a computer or I'd check.
Never noticed it if it does. I like this idea a lot. I RP needing smokes anyway, but an actual coded need for them would be great too.
I don't remember seeing it either, but I also RP the addiction. I would say (and I know this has been talked about a lot) that cigarettes provide an interesting RP partially because it adds a lot of character but also because the Drugs in the game have nonsensical reactions. Drugs should have an up and a down that is reflective of the high, the same would make sense with smoking. Clear your mind a little with something like a small PER or INT but reverse the bonus to a negative when the effect wears off.
Cigarettes are a coded drug. I am not sure what they do nor would I mention it here if I was, but they absolutely do have effects that can be tracked by certain means.
Having the ability to grow your own cigar/cigarettes from the same gear that makes other smokables would be pretty sweet.
Just because you never noticed it doesn't mean there isn't code.
If you smoke cigarettes in real life the effect is not very palpable. The cigarette messaging already tells you what you need to know IMO.
Sounds like something you can RP without needing to have yet another [!] on your sheet.
I think 1) you are asking to much of mere cigarettes, a ubiquitous item that exists primarily for fluff and flavor and 2) including status lines for every little advantage or disadvantage in the game gamifies things in a way that is not rp-friendly and 3) you seem to be arguing for withdrawal scripts for cigarettes, which will just make everyone not use them.
As a former smoker with past experience with lots of substances I'm just going to stop entertaining this discussion and wonder what planet you believe Sindome takes place on where cigarettes make you feel anything other than a barely perceptible mild buzz and are more addictive than hard drugs.
Cigarettes in the world in Sindome's universe have no nicotine if I recall correctly, that or cancer from them has been entirely eliminated, thanks to technology. What does this mean? Cigarettes are there to serve as an 'addiction' or a habit to fuel, in a consumerist mega corp future, as such growing your own CIGARETTE's seems incredibly silly and something that would be regulated by the major tobacco companies. Convenience vs. Realism, people will stop buying packs of smokes from the stores and making the drug trade more profitable. Basically, cigarette's are RP tools, they are not as we know them today. They do not make your mind feel clearer or heighten your perception, and cigarette's do the opposite of these for me. They are quite literally a habit to feed, and there's no need to begin giving them stat modifiers with their current IC lore and uses. Use it to enhance your RP but don't expect them to be anything like drugs, to run off it's system, or like Vera said, contradict their RP use by adding more conditions associated with them that are visible instead of subtle, and not communicated, as it should be with their claims on nicotine based products.
Ephemeralis, please read the wonderful lore created in the IC world for your viewing pleasure that also touches on these things, that and The Mind, before speaking without knowledge as if things sre not working as intended. (You assume you know better, when SD and RL are very different in many ways, as should be, thanks technology.)
Yes, I did read the entire thread.
Since you said I'm rambling and were rude, you may find the lore on your own. Thank you and have a nice day.
I think this is in reference to an IC commercial. And to be honest I don't think it matters too much anyways. Nicotine, the main addictive substance in a cigarette, does not cause cancer. So the idea that a brand of cigarette claims that smoking doesn't kill you does not mean that they can't be addictive - or even that they are telling the truth.

Further, I am against the idea that smoking should give you any kind of stat bonus. It makes no sense to me. And while withdrawal symptoms could make sense I am not sure if it's really worth it. I don't see how adding withdrawal symptoms would benefit RP. I believe that the main purpose for them being there for drugs to provide balance.

Lastly, I -believe- that it is the 'ht' command that will show the impact cigarettes have on your character and if it is, it is not super obvious. Not 100%sure though.

That would require my valuable time and effort to find the lore, and I'm also not allowed to post stuff from IC channels here. Seeing as my posts were described as rambling by you, I don't see why you would want to hear anymore of what I have to say. You also are assuming things as I pointed out and proceeded to assume I didn't read the entire thread for some stupid reason. If you actually read up and reread my original comment you'd see how contradictory your statement was. I've been saying of late how incredibly one sided suggestions to the game are these days but I haven't run into a player as rude as you on the BGBB Boards. I won't derail further, because talking to brick walks can be frustrating.
Guys they're just cigarettes.
On an unrelated note, I think Cucumber might just be the single most cringe-inducing individual I've encountered on any mud over the course of about a decade of play. I mean, you meet elitists like him of forums for games like ARM, but the mix of mutual sycophancy and narcissism dripping from virtually every post is made even worse when you realize the dude isn't in his teens. Dude's a genuine grown ass man typing like a 15 year old who just found his first thesaurus.
On-topic, I think having a cheap, plentiful and largely flavor-driven drug is actually how I'd prefer the drug system to work for most drugs, so I kinda like them as they are.
Alright. Yikes. Ya'll just need to calm down and stop getting all worked up about cigarettes and stat bonuses.

Slither already asked me about doing this and I am fine with like giving nicotine a little of a boost, but I'm probably gonna settle on like literally +1 to a substat, which will do approximately nothing for you in the grand scheme of things, but satisfy the need for people to feel like it's got an effect even if it should just be RP'd.

We decided to leave cigarettes alone. People seem overwhelmingly convinced they don't need any changes.