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Gender neutral/opposite descriptors

Gender neutral/opposite descriptors for @shortdesc change based on charisma?

Unless charisma doesn't relate directly to appearance in which case nevermind.

Search first please. 'gender neutral' :)
Sorry, I'm an idiot. I read the thread but I don't understand, gender-neutral for the sake of name calling is fine and great and dandy.

But what if the character looks male but is not? or looks female but is not? Isn't using one of the descriptors that designates one or the other sorta metagame if one can't actually tell IC?

Just my two cents.

I'll post this on the original thread as well.

Femboy / Tomboy
Yes, but those still designate either gender, there's nothing vague about them. I don't see this as a, "oh I don't feel comfortable waah" thing, more as a, 'how would someone know given aesthetics, or appearance' thing.

If a character LOOKS absolutely manly, aka hirsutism, beard, muscles, etc, but has a VAGOO, I mean.

How would anyone know?

In Sindome gender is binary. You may look one way that blurs the line but you're identified codedly by your 'equipment.' That's all.

We don't ask people to identify sexuality, fetish, orientation, or otherwise, only anatomy based gender.

The problem I have had with this post and the one Johnny posted is the fact that people want anonymity based around gender when 99% of the time, you can tell the original gender even through sex change because of the hormones that went through the body before the transition. I like all the current descriptors and I think we don't need any more beside a few added ones for various languages (patron, the russian one Im too lazy to figure out how to spell, etc)
No I know that, my 'issue' per say is that visibly, it makes little sense to not have them because the ability to hide one's gender exists in reality. If you've got the correct facial features and makeup, you could fool anyone.

I suppose I see gender as more a thing to use in subterfuge then I do something that matters on a social scale, if that makes any sense.

Allow me to provide an example, in a movie-- The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, (one of the lesser Kitano flicks) a pair of geisha travel the land killing and maiming folk after enticing them into purchasing their services. One of the two geisha's is a man, who appears to be a very attractive woman.

If any of the people they killed knew that Geisha was a man, it is very unlikely they would have been killed at all.

Mama mia this is a bad thread.

People are going to look at your character and assign them a gender. They do this in real life, too. As the player, you get to pick which one people are going to tend to assume it is. You also have control over the degree of ambiguity through the use of shortdescs like dyke, femboy, etc. and players can decide for themselves whether they mistake your gender or decide to stick with a 'they'.

There are expanded disguises on the way that might allow you to present as a different sex (?). These are still being worked on.

There are many in-universe methods of gender transition and modification.

I don't see what the problem is.

@Hour I have an example from another from another form of media. In fact, one that actually fits squarely within the Cyberpunk genre.

Whiterose from Mr. Robot uses their presentation of gender as a subterfuge to mask their identity. They present a male persona (Minister Zhang) when acting publicly as the head of China's ministry of state security, and present a female persona (Whiterose) when acting secretly as the leader of the Dark Army hacker group.

Not trying to comment on anything else in this thread... just posting another example I feel is more relevant and immediately relatable than Hour's.
Ah, that's fine then. I wasn't arguing this with any ferocity btw, I just wanted to know the reasoning behind it, and didn't get much an impression from the thread (I'm probably dense). Thank you for explaining either way, feel free to delete my duplicate thread if you feel it clutters the boards!

Just to pour some cool water on this discussion. We're actively discussing IC objects that can be used to appear a different gender through the utilization of disguise related items.

We're aware that it's possible to appear a different gender at a distance, and we do have plans to make this possible.