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Fix-It channel names

As the title says, the fix-it channel uses the name of the character. I don't think that should be the case, as it is an OOC communications vector.
Agree 100%
I've wondered about this for two years now. And never seen a sensible response. As it is, there's MULTIPLE reasons that you wouldn't want it to be character names.

Namely, meta in the form of channel joining and leaving, when I'm tired I tend to @xonly fix, but when I fuck that up and just @xsilence, it is MASSIVELY obvious both when I leave and when I join the channels again who I am and who my character is for those on Fix-It.

Beyond Meta, it makes no sense given the OOC nature of the channel for it to be using bit name and not account name.

It works the way it did because that is how channels work in general, they need special code to have this. If folks thought it was an issue, they should have raised it on here before now ;)

I have made it use the same name as Game-Help.