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Explosives suggestions

I don't see explosives used a lot except as a HAHAH disruption by people. And if that's the goal of them fine. The damage they cause seems to be minimal, and I'd like to suggest some changes that might make them a bit more appealing and more significant threats without being necessarily needing more raw damage. These are spitballed suggestions and not meant to be considered completely thought out. Just ideas of how to add diversity and cool factor to the bombs we use out on the edge.

Molotovs should burn hotter/faster or create a bigger fire to make them better as a nuisance tactic.

Ethicol bombs rigged to entrances should spread fire and explode on both sides of the door they are connected too.

Pipe Bombs should cause a short stun and deafness period. But not an unconsciousness effect.

Any impact(Non fire causing) based explosive should share this effect.

Give shrapnel from frags a chance of damaging or disabling individual pieces of chrome temporarily.

Most other nades are pretty good or bordering on broken in terms of powerlevel for their role and utility, or I haven't experienced them enough to rationalize a suggestion for them. But there's some suggestions for making explosives feel boomier and be a bit better of an edge in combat.

I don't personally consider explosives to be a nuisance. They're actually extremely effective in a number of situations.
You might not be seeing why the explosives are going off to begin with.

Their target may not be the target.

Just want to throw out there that explosives were refactored recently-ish and that molotovs got a big bump in utility (at least in my observation) because of the kinds of fire they start when they're thrown. They're much more useful now.