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Expanded blood sport
Create a new league for fighting

Before I get boo's and hisses and things thrown at me for my idea, I would first like to state that the players involved in and involved in running the UMC are doing a great job and kudos.

This idea is about expanding upon that. Everyone in all classes of life enjoy blood sport. If topsiders didn't like it, they wouldn't air the UMC on TV. Since we can't ICly play Deathball, I think it would be spectacular to add another fighters circuit to the game only this one centered around a "Professional" tier of fighters fighting for way more chyen, stakes, and recognition. Instead of local shops sponsoring a fighter, Corporations can sponsor a fighter. All the Corpies can attend, hell, even the dirty mixers because their money is still money. You could relax the rules to let Cyberware be encouraged and used and sponsored right into a fighter. SK has a new experimental wired reflex it wants to test? Slap it in that cage fighter to show it off!

What I envision is someone who wants to follow the path of the MMA or boxer/cage fighter/whatever to be three tiered. The first tier is something a player can totally organize and run all on their own as long as certain NPC's don't take some weird offense to it, and if you old school players remember what went down on certain nights of the week behind a certain bar in the mix, then you remember this, and that is organized underground fights. This gives Immigrants a first step into blood sports, and other plays venues of making side money hustles.

The second tier: UMC. Change nothing.

The third tier: The corporate Idea

This could create a new job :((WHATEVER NAMED League)) Organizer, Corporate Security could provide the security, and people can place high stakes bets, progress up the real professional circuit, etc.

This sounds like something for you to start IC.
I'm getting a major Megalo Box vibe, and I'm liking it. (Show about futuristic boxing where a boxer from the slums gets a fake citizenship so he can fight in a professional league, very similar to mixer versus corporate.)
I don't see how the third level is something that can be achieved without intense GM cooperation and organization and approval. Nor is it likely my character can ever organize this so uh, sure.
It's super difficult to be the person that builds something like this IC. GM cooperation is definitely needed. But it's also healthy for the average playerbase to be able to take sides and help or hurt an IC initiative.

My first question to the staff is: if not here, how do you want Grizzly to seek GM support for his initiative?

My second question to the staff is, how and when do things get decided that are going to be staff run vs. player initiated changes? For example, (excuse my lack of accuracy here, just going off my bad memory) the latest town hall had two staff initiatives mentioned: import/export and some kind of other solo related support. Should we assume that once an announcement is made, the staff will make this happen and no IC player initiative is needed or wanted?

I like the idea of a corporate MMA league a lot.
In my experience, the best way to get GMs behind an IC change is to try and drive that change ICly. The simplest version of this is taking your idea to a character that is likely to be able to help advance your goal. This could be a PC or a NPC. If they like it, they will run with it or give you guidance to the next step. Just keep in mind that such characters are selfish too. They will want to profit from helping you.

Using the corporate tier as an example, a natural starting point might be NLM. So you pitch the idea to a big name producer. If the producer is an NPC the GMs will see this and will decide if they want to get behind it or not. They might love it and want to run with it. They might point you another way. They might flat out reject it. If the producer was a PC, they will talk to their NPC boss (unless they have a reason to try and sabotage you) and the same thing will happen.

This is just one basic example. I am sure that there are many other ways that could work. Hell, the underground sub-UMC tier could be completely PC driven. No need for any GM backing. There are likely to be many factors though. You need to work out a way for the venture to at least fund itself or poor PC flash into it. Ideally you will want to build it up to where it turns a profit.

You also need to prepare for the game world to react to it and it may not be a positive reaction. Maybe you end up doing micro fights (just one or two matches at a time) and keep the exact time and location secret until the last minute then rush to get the fight in before goons sent by a competing org get to you. Now everyone participating has this fun undercover vibe going on and there is an added sense of danger as each fight could be crashed if the prep and execution wasn't good enough. Like underground street racing as portrayed by Hollywood.

Lots of options!

Yeah, ok. Well, in a perfect world, right?

After the initial post I said hey fine challenge accepted knowing full well what was gonna happen. Maybe it is just me, or maybe it’s one of those things I can’t post about but will always be cosmically irritating about SD sometimes, I dunno. Lots of options I guess 😐

If anyone wants to give it a whirl, good luck. !

I like the idea and it's between tossed at around in the past. This seems to have gotten a good response and I think the disconnect right now is in of the GMs are interested in this. Like, this is obviously something that would require a good deal of support and infrastructure on these staff side. Interested to hear gm thoughts.
I think the disconnect right now is in of the GMs are interested in this. Like, this is obviously something that would require a good deal of support and infrastructure on these staff side.

As usual, you are able to word it better then I can. ;)

I definitely wanna see this happen!